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Animal Spirit Guides
Animal Spirit Guides Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures There are animal spirit guides in almost every indigenous culture from the Nordic to the Celtic to the North American Indian civilizations. Animal spirit guides are also channeled in cultures in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the South Americas.

The idea is that these animal spirit guides can help guide us on vision quests and help heal us and give us guidance. The energies that they offer are primal, basic, and educate us about our own drives and our purpose in life.

In many cultures, it is the animal that threatens you or frightens you that becomes your spirit guide. In some cases, it is the animal that bites you or that you kill and wear somewhere on your body that qualifies as a guide.

The modern individual does not have to be so primal about choosing a spirit guide. It may simply be about seeing the animal in a zoo or on television or being struck by the way a bird, butterfly, or cat crosses our path. 

There are thousands of spirit guides that you can channel for guidance, protection, and spiritual solace. Here are an example of just a few of them and what they can mean.

The Bee – A symbol of prosperity, duty, and feminine power.

The Cat – A universal symbol of healing, as in “the cat has nine lives,” and in some cultures connections to the other world or alien worlds.

The Coyote – A North American Indian symbol for channeling our masculine, wild hunter side.

The Crane – An Asian symbol of fidelity, longevity, and connections as well as guidance from dead ancestors.

The Eagle – In many cultures, this majestic bird helps us to understand the cycles of time and honor the dead.

The Elephant – In Africa, this is a creature that symbolizes family, memory, love and honoring ancestors.

The Cougar – A North American Indian spirit guide about using power wisely.

The Hummingbird – They teach us how to fight, as they are very violent little birds. They also symbolize detachment from emotions and artistic excellence.

The Jaguar – A Mayan symbol for protection, survival, good health, and being grounded to the earth.

The Otter – A North American Indian spirit guide for channeling feminine wisdom, peace and happiness.

The Rabbit – A spirit guide that relates to Celtic fertility goddesses and helps us stay in touch with feminine energies.

The Shark – An animal that helps guide us through situations where we are required to be ruthless because our survival is at stake.

The Snake – A spirit guide that teaches us about psychological transformation and helps us deal with issues of sexuality.

The Spider – In Greek mythology, it symbolizes the Goddess Athena and how she weaves her stories. The spider is channeled as spirit guide for the healing of psychological problems.

The Swan – A universal symbol for the evolution and awakening of the true self.

It is also common to have more than one spirit guide during one’s lifetime and a new guide may appeal to us depending on the circumstances.

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By Robin, Tuesday, August 23, 2011 11:19:56 PM
I had a reading tonight from a psychic(for the first time) and I had to tell her things that I feel that she should have felt. She read tarot cards and it was okay, but she didn't feel anything from me at all. She said so in her own words. Her # is 337657. I don't recommend her to anyone. I was very disappointed with what she had to say. I had to tell her everything that was going on with me before she would give any information. Bad reading.
By Debra, Tuesday, October 06, 2009 04:17:36 PM
I think my animal spirit guide is a cat. I seem to worship cats,I love how independant they are. I have two cats, but I used to have Three cats. Our cat snowball had to be put down because he couldn't pass his stool.
By mark, Monday, October 05, 2009 07:39:29 PM
hi i found out that my friend is a grizzly bear and his name diesel,i can tell that he is with me alot of the time, the funny thing is when i go up on the mountain i can tell if he is with me cuz you can feel his weight in the truck, it is so wierd to have that feeling. he always stays with me and protects me,i have been told that he sometime wants to take a bit out of some of the people that i have ran into, lol
By Lori, Sunday, October 04, 2009 09:47:40 PM
By Layla, Sunday, October 04, 2009 12:54:23 AM
Hello everyone, I love animals from the tiny lady bug, to the majestic elephant and everything in between. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to get a reading from our wonderful Sylvia. It was the most exciting phone call of my life, and when I heard her voice at the other end of the line I was elated. I asked her if we had animal spirits around us, and she said "Absolutely"!!! In fact, your Animal Spirit is a Cheetah. I was blown away, since I have always had a big soft spot in my heart for this beautiful, fearless, tremendously fast Big Cat and keep a beautiful painting of a Cheetah in the Library. A very long time ago, I followed a TV documentary about a female Cheetah, who was young, beautiful, an agile hunter, and always pregnant. Several years passed, and this gorgeous Cheetah, had one litter after another. Caring, protecting, training, and feeding them until they matured. And then, while on patrol for a meal, the unthinkable happened. Cheetah damaged one of her front paws badly, and experienced great pain with each run. Needless to say, it became infected and at one point, all she could do, was resort to small rodents, and unable to make it to the water hole. Was Cheetah pregnant at that time? I'll never know... But when she died and stayed under the hot sun, it broke my heart badly enough, that I have never forgotten this wonderful animal. Many times when I feel I am not up to the task at hand, I remember her steadfast determination and will to survive until the very end. I learned a valuable lesson from Cheetah, "Never give up, believe in yourself, and keep on trying". My daily prayer, always includes my gratitude to my Animal Spirit for being with me always. And one day, will meet again. LAYLA October 4, 12:50am
By Layla, Sunday, October 04, 2009 12:03:45 AM
By Laurie, Saturday, October 03, 2009 10:07:59 PM
I was told that my animal was a hawk, a young one that was learning. I thought this was strange and I was disappointed. I had thought a cougar, horse, tiger, wolf, something much stronger and with a large presence. I then doubted that he was telling me the truth. I thought that he was only telling me a line as he liked me romantically. When I asked him the name of this hawk watching over me, he told me the name "Isis". My mouth fell open. He did not know that I had just named a friend's kitten "Isis" because of the male cat they had named Pharaoh.This was a sign of confirmation to me that it was real, he told me the truth, and I had a hawk as my spirit guide. When I told him of my disappointment, he told me that hawks are able to get up very high and see trouble coming from far away. I felt reassured then but still wonder why I have a young one that is learning when my life has been so very emotionally hard.
By Barbara, Saturday, October 03, 2009 02:40:01 PM
There is a tarot deck that deals specifically with spirit guides and totems that can be used to figure out what your own are. However, the easiest way to learn which animal is calling you for whatever reason is to watch who shows up in your life. My own are simple, Raven below, Hummingbird above, wolf and bear to each side, hawk and spider to my front and back. Add to that the racoons, oppossum, and peregrine falcon who've visited me and my daily lessons are clear. Ted Andrews has a book out called "Animal Spirits" and a website called, "" that allows you to access information regarding the majority of animal kingdom. I believe that we are here to protect them, that we do ourselves and them a disservice when we don't. They are part of the reason we're here in the first place..
By Becky, Saturday, October 03, 2009 06:26:15 AM
I found out my animal totem is an elephant. Which for me makes total sense since I have always been drawn to african animals, elephants in particular. What magnificent creatures they are, but then again all creatures are magnificent in their own way. I shudder to think what this world be like without this unassuming little (or big) angels.
By Victoria, Wednesday, July 01, 2009 11:05:37 PM
"The fact that a man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot." MT

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