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Apocalypse! The Mayan Calendar And 2012
Will 2012 be the end of the world apocalypse? Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures There is a distinct system of calendars and almanacs called the Mayan Calendar that projects a rebirth of the Earth's cycles on December 21, 2012. It will, according to these chartings, be apocalyptic, yet not the true "end" of the world.

In pre-Columbian Mesopotamia, one of the oldest known civilizations to man, these records were produced. They are all interlocked and synchronized in such an efficient manner that they have stood the tests of time. Now, if they are correct, the Earth will undergo many devastating changes that will totally reset the balance of all life in 2012.

The writing system utilized to record these calendars and almanacs dates back into the 6th century BCE. It was Mel Gibson's major theatrical release Apocalypto which has drawn mainstream attention to Mayan civilization recently. Since its release, there have been several major book releases that cover all aspects of the Mayans, especially the foreboding 2012 deadline for dominant life forms.

Of course, there have been numerous other impending world-ending or transforming scenarios suggested to the human race throughout time besides 2012. They include the various predictions of the notorious Nostradamus, Y2K and several others. In essence, it seems that these are take-offs of distorted mass consciousness, based on unjustifiable, non-scientific proclamations that simply never seem to pan out.

You see, the Mayans did not follow the modernly-accepted Gregorian calendar. They couldn't; it didn't exist. Instead, they lived their lives based on a combination of information presented by three separate calendars:

- A solar calendar based on a 365-day year;
- A ceremonial calendar based on a 260-day year;
- and a "long-count" calendar that based all time frames on a series of five numbers that always individually totaled less than 20.

The 365-day and 260-day calendars coincided every 52 years. If that isn't insensible enough, the second to last number of the long count calendar was always less than 18. The first number on the long calendar was:  That number corresponded to August 11, 3114 BC (as close as can be determined). Every 144,000 days was called "baktun". 144,000 days is roughly 395 years. Like the Y2K hypothesis that predicted unruly chaos when the Gregorian calendar rolled over from 12/31/1999 to 01/01/2000, the Mayan calendar predicts chaotic devastation when it rolls over from to a new

Here is what is supposed to happen then:

- Asteroid 433 Eros will come within 17 million miles of the Earth in January;
- In April, the US will grant renewed control of the Korean military back to Koreans;
- An annular solar eclipse will transpire in May;
- The Summer Olympics will be held in London;
- The population of our beloved Earth will top 7 billion;
- The new Freedom Towers in NYC will be completed;
- November will bring a new US president;
- A new 11-year sunspot cycle will begin, flipping the Sun's magnetic poles;
- and the Mayan calendar will officially complete its pre-designated 5125-year lifespan and the end of days will be upon us.

What will follow is said to be an apocalyptic world where everything will be chaotic until natural forces restore the balances of life - if ever. That is the basis of the 2012 predictions of the Mayan calendar. Make of it as you will. Be prepared to live to the fullest of your potential in any case!

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By arlinah, Friday, April 01, 2011 02:16:16 AM
The explosion you year in the doomsday bunker industry is business booming. Rather than the nuclear Armageddon scare of the 1950s, the doomsday fortresses craze is being fueled by fears of economic collapse and the a title="Doomsday fortresses income sky rocket as Mayan apocalypse draws near" href=""Mayan calendar/a. Somebody holed up in a doomsday bunker from the 1950s could only dream about the underground utopias being built today in preparation for the fall of civilization.
By Steve, Tuesday, November 03, 2009 07:45:15 AM
Well, another year is about to close and have any of good old Sylvia Browne's predictions come true? Nope! Same old story....... Sylvia said the economy was going to really pick up in the summer; it hasn't. Unemployment is growing, inflation is on the horizon, the value of the dollar is dropping, etc... Wow Sylvia, how come you didn't predict all of these failures? Now that Mr. Socialist Obama is spending and spending and taxing and trying to take our freedom away for socialized medicine; what's next? Sylvia needs to seriously consider dropping her annual prediction lists. It's certainly a damning quality to any psychic who's habitually in error.
By Melba, Wednesday, October 21, 2009 02:32:29 PM
Please, live your life and educate yourself more on how to become more soul conciousness. One more thing that we have to do, we most clean our planet our glaciers are melting down, this is a devastating problem, our planet is getting warmer and warmer. And this ir urgent for all of us that we live on this planet. Thank you, this is someone who is concern about our planet!
By marilyn, Monday, October 19, 2009 10:44:14 PM
trust that god has us in the palm of his hand.the rides bumpy but he has us kind help if you can.put your fear aside life is difficult but look at it as a flowing river sometimes a storm dont give power to the negitive to fear. you are part of god heavenly father i ask in the name of the master jeasus the father son and holy spirit mother azna lift our spirits let the embodyment of gods love surround us and and let fear die show us what we need to grow
By Tzvia, Monday, October 19, 2009 05:54:14 PM
We are moving from a male energy world to a female energy world. Sure there will be earth changes just as there will be human energetic changes. All apocalypse means is change not disaster. Keep a calm head and quit listening to all the fear based stuff and you will pull through the changes very well.
By susan, Monday, October 19, 2009 03:49:53 PM
Hi iam susan, the reason I am writing is to say , IF THE WORLD WOULD END THEN IN 2012,then God would have a years full of people wanting in to heaven right ? our lords prayers, , SAYS A WORLD WITH OUT END, SO WHAT ARE WE TO BELIEVE A WORLD WITH END IS IN HIS WORDS in his prayer, the aposal creed, i am a catholic girl raised that way, to believe that the world won't end, BUT NOW reading that chance has made me confused, thanks lost angel,
By Glenda, Monday, July 06, 2009 01:44:24 PM
MAry you should not worry about President Obama having a Heart Attack or being assinated he and his family will have a healthy eight years in office and fulfill everything he has stated to the country Obama has been second guessed since he was sworn into office..stop fearing the obvious, besides fear is fear its self! You have already witnessed Obama being rallied and winning his Vote over McCain/Palin less than 2 hours in poll vote..Everything that is today with Obama in office has already been predicted..go to Google and look up the Templers or the Star of Sirius..then maybe your fear will lesson with President Obama. Good Day to ya!
By Glenda, Monday, July 06, 2009 01:36:30 PM
I wish Novus Spiritus would STOP the glitches and interference in changing of the prediction that Sylvia Brown is posting to us..for the longest time someone is coming aboard and changing her print that she has stated regarding President Obama, he is NOT having a HEART ATTACK and it's not been predicted from Sylvia Browns she has menetioned before last year when this was printed over her [rediction to us all..she would never put such nonsence in print and further more the Heart Attack is nothing more than rubbish. Someone is playing with these prediction because either they are really lonely and insecure with themselves or totally against our Beautiful President and family living in the White house.SO BE IT.Glenda TJ annonamous
By Glenda, Monday, July 06, 2009 01:27:37 PM
In my opinion I know that we are in a Polar Tilt as we speak, 2012 will bring devasting weather as we are experincing now,It will worsen in years to come I do not believe in a New President coming, Obama will lead this Country stright thru the 8 years coming in a positive way for all around the Globe. We have come to learn our lesson on Earth being it's our school of thought but many of us are not excepting these challenges and are taking it on as chruch filled stadiums in stead of individually..The world will not end in 2012 but for some they will probably think it coming to that, being they already live in fear of themselves.Live eachday as it comes and project what you feel with your spirit, remain calm and remember everything you think in a negative manner will manifest ten fold. Live in the moment and allow life to expand your daily horizon.Emaho
By Zorana, Friday, June 12, 2009 08:54:25 PM
I don't believe any of this cr@p. I believe the media and History channel and all those people lie to us. It's all about ratings. Same thing they did with Y2K. I believe the media is exaggerating. There might be some winter solstice or something, but poles shifting? And end of world? Nah.

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