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Are You Psychic? Check Your Zodiac Chart!
Are You Psychic? Examine Your Zodiac Chart! Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures If you examine the zodiac charts of famous psychics (including Sylvia Browne), expert astrologers have noticed that there are some commonalities that possibly designate enhanced intuition, clairvoyance, and other talents. If you have ever wondered if you are psychic, you might want to look for the following astrological configurations in your chart that signify you have these abilities.

One indication of psychic talent is a lot of planets clustered in the ninth house. The ninth house is the House of Spirituality. If you have many planets in the Twelfth House, you might also have psychic abilities as that can indicate an interest or abilities to do with the occult. 

The planet Neptune is associated very much with psychic powers. It is especially associated with powerful dreams, altered states of consciousness, and near death experiences.  Water itself is a metaphor for psychic abilities.  If you have Neptune in the ninth house or the twelfth house, chances are that you are very psychic. If Neptune is exalted in its own sign of Pisces, which means the planet is favored because it is in the sign it rules, then that is also supposed to be another indication that you might have the gift of prophecy.

The moon is also a planet that rules psychic ability, dreams, and the subtle undercurrents of the unconscious mind. Once again, you could be talented psychically if you have the moon in Pisces or in the ninth or twelfth houses in your chart. Yet another indication that you could be very sensitive is if you have the moon in Cancer, which is a highly intuitive combination. Cancer is ruled by water as Pisces is, but the difference is that the visions of the Cancer native tend to be more subjective than the objective Piscean.

Many astrologers also maintain that psychic abilities are indicated when the moon or Neptune are located in the seventh house or third house of a chart, as they are both houses that are about how we relate to others. If Neptune in the third house is conjunct any other planets in Pisces, then that might be another indication of psychic talent.

Have you ever noticed that many psychics with real talent also tend to be a bit flaky. This can be due to their Neptune being in a harsh aspect to Venus or Jupiter. If Chiron or Pluto is in the picture as a conjunction, the psychic can come off as being a bit out of touch with reality. They may indeed be great channels or mediums, but because their endeavors are not support by pleasant angles to Venus or Jupiter in the chart then they can end up leading unpleasant lives.

Many psychics who have inherited their abilities or have the ability to talk to the dead have the Sun, Moon, or Neptune in the eighth house, which is the house of transformation in other worlds. This type of ability can be particularly enhanced if this eighth house planet is in opposition to twelfth house planets such as Venus or Jupiter. If Pluto or Chiron is in the twelfth house, it could mean that the individual is completely obsessed with the occult or too morbid in nature to be successful as a human being.

To be famous as a psychic, Neptune must be in the tenth house and preferably trine the moon in the seventh or third houses.

The other big mystical sign in the horoscope is Aquarius which is the sign of the visionary. Neptune in Aquarius could define you as a psychic as could having the ninth house in that sign. Having Aquarius in the twelfth house could also signify tangible psychic talent as the twelfth house is the house of “what is hidden.”

If your chart is predominately water signs (meaning that you have a lot of planets in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), then you might have psychic ability. However, if there is not an abundance of earthy influences or planets in earth signs, you could be perceived as that kooky eccentric. The same could be said of the individual who has occult related planets in the fifth house yet in the water signs.  This could indicate and individual that is very hard to take seriously no matter how psychically talented they seem to be.

However, if the watery planets such as Neptune and the Moon, are in the water signs and balanced nicely with earth and air signs then chances are that you are a real psychic. The Moon or Neptune combined with Jupiter or Saturn in the tenth house can mean that you will become famous for your psychic talents as can a stellium of Neptune, the Sun, and the Moon in the third, seventh, eighth, ninth or twelfth house.


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By KHALEIL, Tuesday, April 23, 2013 05:19:10 PM
Hi, my name is Khaleil and I would like to know how to properly interpret my zodiac chart. My birthday is 4/22/86. Growing up, and to this very day, I have always had strange and powerful dreams about weird occurrences and mostly water and spirits. Once I had fire on my fingertips, another time i was praying in front of a haunted house on a dark but green stretch of land. Lately I have been dreaming of my boyfriend's deceased grandmother that I adored so much. Sometimes my dreams, when interpreted correctly do play out in waking life. I also sometimes feel as there is a presence close by when I am alone. Sometimes I will break it down as being tired and sleepy. I know I'm not loosing it. Is it possible that I could be psychic?
By susan, Saturday, August 04, 2012 06:03:16 PM
this is Susan again my birthday is DEC 15TH 1958 Born at 950pm eastern standard time, I use to dream of grandparents and my own parents my dad passed away in 2007 1 yr and 13 days after my mom went Home, mom was sick with Cancer and daddy had COPD,for over 25yrs, he was suffering , mom hid her Cancer from us, it was found to late, I blame my self as a care giver I should of seen it,But i DIDN'T AND I am so so SORRY, ,Susan,
By susan, Saturday, August 04, 2012 05:56:24 PM
I use to be able to do some of these things you are talking about, but haven't been able to do much since a tragic thing happened in 2006,I put my own needs on hold , I am trying to get it all back, and some where I think I gotten lost in my life, loosing My mom in 2006 , really taken a toll on me, I love her so much.and I will always love her , she was my Best friend too, I still dream of them but not as much as I use to Do, not sure how I can get it back, can some one please tell me what I need to get it back ty , Susan,
By Cindy, Wednesday, May 05, 2010 09:33:07 PM
I have some psychic abilities, But I want to be sure I really do and I'm not just can anybody give me my chart analysis please. This is my birthdate information... Born: Sunday May 8th 1988, Time: 10:28pm Eastern Standard Time, City: Fairview Park, State: Ohio. I do however know that my Moon is in Aquarius, and that my Rising sign is Saggitarius, but thats all I know about my chart.
By Sheila, Wednesday, April 21, 2010 07:43:39 AM
In July of 1992 I had a horrible dream about my firstborn Son. He was 22, and I dreamed I saw him lying in his casket. October 28, 1992 he died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage. I was destroyed physically got down to 78 lbs, and mentally I just wanted to die as well. One night I felt I could not take anymore, and took several sleeping pills wanting to just sleep for a longer period of time. Sleep was my only escape from the pain. Having taken these pills before I never ever dreamed, or would remember dreaming on these pills. Well, that night my Son came to me, and he was perfect, and beautiful in appearance. My torment was believing I took him off of life support too soon, although he was proven brain dead twice with EEGs, and other high testings of the brain function. As my tears fell into his open, and dialated eyes while I was putting in eye drops? I knew I had to let his body go since his spitit was no longer there incased in that young, and perfect body that was his earthly vessel. In the reunion dream he told me how much he was learning, and how happy he was? How much he was learning? The dream, or vision was so real I could feel his arms around me hugging me so tight. I was not the same person when I awoke that morning, and my husband, and remaining young Son noticed the change. My despair, and suicidal feelings were gone. My son had saved me from the guilty torment, and the last words he said to me before my waking? Mother, I love you for not keeping me on the life support as I was no longer there, and you made the right decison in letting me go. Another strange remark was please contact Dr. Carpenter's family, and let them know he is happy too. Dr. Carpenter was the Neurologist who had taken care of my Son, and I had no Idea he had just died from Lung Cancer. I'm not sure if I'm Psychic, but my Son has talked to me, and given me warnings of dangers ahead of me since his demise. Sylvia, Could this really be happening to me, or does this sound like some mental illness I may be suffering from? Please advise me if this is really happening to me, or is it just wishful thinking? My Firstborn was so special, because he taught me how to love like a Mother. He knew he was going to die, because he told me several years before this happened to never let him live as a vegetable should anything happen to his brain. Have you ever heard anything like this Sylvia? When My Mother dies? We were very close, and she told me if she could she would let me know she was happy. This was 2001, and I've never even dreamed of her? Now I'm beginning to wonder If this was all some kind of mental defect in myself with the incident happening with my Son? Please advise as I'm becoming more, and more confused.
By Joshua, Thursday, April 15, 2010 10:28:39 AM
wow, my doctor tells me I'm crazy you now you say that I'm Psychic wow i love the web lol thanks
By janey, Sunday, June 14, 2009 09:45:28 AM
Wow. I know I'm psychic and have known this all my life. After reading this article I realize just how much potential I have. 9th house: Sun, Venus, Mercury (Aquarius) in conjunction. All trine Jupiter (12th) and Mercury trine Neptune (5th) and ascendant. 12th house: Jupiter (Gemini), conjunction ascendant, trine Neptune (5th), trine Sun, Venus, Mercury & midheaven (cusp 9/10th Aquarius) 5th house: Neptune (Libra), trine midheaven (Aquarius), ascendant & Jupiter (Gemini), Mercury & midheaven (Aquarius) Moon is also in Scorpio (6th).
By maria, Friday, May 29, 2009 11:09:32 PM
Hi Naomi Hamm. I like your prediction for Sylvia Browne. Is it possible for you to give me one. Hope you say yes. Betty
By Naomi, Monday, May 18, 2009 03:33:57 PM
my predictions for you Sylvia Browne, Your life now seems at a standstill and you are turning corners to find yourself, your own little niche in life. You want to retire, or at least semi retire, for up to a year or so. Take a long sootheing, cruise to the mediterranian, and seek absolution for your wounded soul. You have helped others, now it is time to help yourself. I see that relationships haven't always been good for you, and you may try to shy away from them. But don't. There is someone out there soon you will be placed next to, your spiritual guide has said so. Go with it and don't deny it. People in your life have passed on but are never far behind and they walk the same path as you and hold your hand constantly, even if you are not aware of it. You will have a much long and prosperous life, filled with good health, love and mercy. Your angels even know your favorite color. Know that they are beside you every step of the way. Take up a new hobby or new relegion. A change is much needed and overdue. May your guiding light stand forever strong. My Best, Naomi Hamm
By Belinda, Wednesday, May 13, 2009 02:46:27 PM
Thanks for posting the link Nancy. I'm sure that is will be helpful for Liz, and others as well.

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