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Attract Abundance And Be Spiritually Rich
Attract Abundance and Be Spiritually Rich Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

by Sylvia Browne

Is there really anything wrong with wanting a comfortable, secure future? No it's only when material gain becomes an obsession or a passion unto itself that it muddles our mind and soul. Should we like nice things? Of course we should. I can't believe that God would have put all these beautiful creations in this world if we weren't intended to enjoy them. But when making money for money's sake is our only goal, then we begin to head off track. In other words, if we have to spend cash to make us happy, to buy love or friendships, or to create some false image of ourselves, then we'd better adjust our motives and thinking processes.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Money has n ever been the root of all evil - in fact, even the Bible says it's the love of money that's the root of all kinds of evil. Only when it's hoarded and adored, creating greed and avarice, is it a bad thing. When used properly, it's a tool to make life easier, to pay your bills, and to help others.

Over the years, I've worked extensively with both the "haves" (those who are rich in terms of worldly goods) and the "have nots" (those who tend to struggle financially), and I've found that neither group is immune to material concerns. The folks that have money are often worried about keeping it, and the ones who don't have it are usually obsessed with getting it. I believe that you can always spot those who live paycheck to paycheck, not because this is necessarily such a terrible situation to be in, but because these people tend to hate their circumstances and it shows. You see, there's a spiritual light that emanates from us when we're dedicated to life and what it has to offer, and constant financial worries can dull this light.

Some anxiety about debt is bad enough, but when we become fixated on money to the exclusion of what's true, eternal, and lasting, then we're really in over our heads. There's a word for those who fail to value inner qualities and instead place all attention on outward wealth: materialistic. Webster's dictionary says that materialism is a theory that physical matter is the only or fundamental reality and all being and processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestations or results of matter, and a preoccupation with or stress upon material rather than intellectual or spiritual things. The problem with placing all our values on what we can acquire is that we'll never be satisfied, because we could always have more.

Sadly, not only have we become a society of "I want more," but now we want someone to give it to us. So many want to start at the top, without putting in the effort required to be successful -  financially or otherwise. Some people say that this excessive materialism is the fault of the family, the media, or the community, and perhaps there's a degree of truth in all the above. But the main problem is that we've lost our spiritual zeal.

People have said to me, I feel better when I'm buying things, even if I know I'll regret it later. For these folks, spending money provides a kind of rush or high - a feeling of excitement to cover up something inside that's lonely, frightened, or without any self-worth. Yet the reality of the matter is that no matter how hard we try, we can't improve our lives by adorning ourselves son the outside, whether it's where we live, the jewelry we wear, or the things we possess. We can try for a "quick fix" or a temporary face-lift, but the relief those measures provide only lasts for so long.

Money and what it buys can help us put up a faced to fool other people, but when we feel poor in spirit, there's no amount of cash that can fill that void. Ironically, we often hear people say that they were happier when they had less. Why is that? Maybe because they didn't get so wrapped up in "things" that they forgot about what really matters. There have even been surveys conducted among people who won the lottery, and believe it or not, a few years later, an overwhelming number of these"lucky" winners are bankrupt and alone. Does that mean we should all just give up and go live in a box? No, that's ridiculous. We all want to have enough to pay our bills, take care of our loved ones, and be comfortable. But aside from meeting those basic, needs, what would we do with a ton of money?

Some people use their extra cash to "buy" their children. For example, they'll say, I'm too busy to spend time with you, so here's a new video game. Now go entertain yourself. This gives our kids the message that we don't want to be bothered. Others do the same with their significant other: "Here's a Rolex - now you know I love you," or "Honey, this new car shows I care." It isn't wrong to give gifts to the people we love, but things shouldn't take the place of communication or intimacy.

We all need to ask ourselves why we spend any of our time worrying about how we'll keep up with the neighbors, how we're judged by our salary or who we work for, or whether we're from "old money" or "new money" (whatever that really means). As I stated before, most of us have more than we actually need, and we buy more than we can ever eat or wear.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By Jacki m, Friday, November 14, 2008 10:11:22 AM
I don't often get the time to stop and read lately, actually for quite some time and I'm glad I stopped to read this one today. Then to see Ashlie's comment, actually made me smile and remember many more lessons I have learned in my 56 years. One, being blessed with a gift of knowing is not used well in giving the answers to questions. In every situation for me it always comes back to "in my mind" these are the things I see. God/the Universe gives each of us everything that is needed for this lesson. True it is much easier to not worry about money when you have more then you need. This last year for me has been about the poorest year of my whole life. I had some very deep lessons to learn. It is funny as I think about it this morning. This year 2008 for this double leo born on the first in the year of the dragon was to be my luckiest year for finance and business. Here it is now the fourteenth of November, the part of my business I worked on for over a year has no results, still rebuilding that. My income has not matched my expenses as I worked to build another part of my business to bring income in so I could continue the first part. I've gained much in productivity and knowledge so it was not a total lose and certainly a lot less then I've over spent in previous years. My health is good, my weight is good. In fact the best it's been in years do to this low calory diet this year. (couldn't afford to eat much). My back condition is holding and as I look around I could be in worse shape with that. I don't have very much in the way of things in my life and I'm scaling those down as I get ready to move south again when the finances come. In this moment I see more clearly why I am where I am, and reminded, Ashlie, by your comment, of how to come into a fortune in this life. Place that piece of paper on the table and draw a line down the center. on the left side write all the things I don't have and perhaps wish to have. Then on the right side list all the things I do have, have had, will have. The article title says "Attract Abundance And Be Spiritually Rich" I have much Abundance here in my own little poor world that lacks money that I will give to someone who can not even afford to buy these things. I know then that I attack back to me everything that I ever need. LadyJtalks
By Stacey, Friday, November 14, 2008 10:02:41 AM
Dear Sylvia, I believe you are right. You have to be happy with what you have to bring forth more. If most people would look and see how much better they actually have it than some others they would be more grateful for what they have. I am not a rich person saying this. I have worked for 30 years and fought to keep everything I have, but I can say that it is mine and I am proud of it. Sure it would be nice to have more and I do pray that it will happen, but for now I'm ok and I am proud of myself. Keep the faith. Love You Sylvia, Stacey
By Debbie, Friday, November 14, 2008 09:57:58 AM
I love reading and listening to Sylvia. I do understand the difference of using money to be comfortable and to be greedy as so many of the wealthy people are in this world.I see how wealthy people treat others which is unkind.I do have to wonder about the prices as the lady mentioned earlier about the cost of a reading, cost of the lectures, and the books. I know there is overhead with the books and lectures. I know churches have right offs and do not pay tax's on church affiliations. I wonder where is the comfort then it goes to richer and more and more. I was in Fresno lecture, and along with the books there is now jewlery for someone elses wealth growth. I also has a reading with Chris, and it was informative but it was not at the 6am scheduled time, which I picked for quietness in my home, I had to call about 1pm. Then it was not a good time but if you read the fine print you pretty much give up the $400. if you do not keep the date. I did not get all my questions answered but did get some interesting information about me. I now pray that I win a reading because I am one that lives from paycheck to the next and saving that money took time. I still have things I struggle with but for the over all I thank goodness for Sylvia helping me understand and learn some of the things I already felt in my heart. I will continue to ask mother and father for enough for my needs. I truly love Sylvia for everything she shares with all of us that beleive.
By Ashlie, Friday, November 14, 2008 08:28:59 AM
Ok sorry to rain on everyone's perade, however I find it funny how this didn't actually tell us how to attract more abundance like it said it would. As much as I have always enjoyed listening to Sylvia Brown such as on Montel and on here and all, it's easy for someone sitting pretty with money to tell other people money is not the solution to happiness. You don't see any poor people writting about that. Syliva, you charge like 500 bucks for a phone reading, I couldn't afford one if I wanted one, which I have but I have bills that I could pay 500 bucks on instead of a reading. If you really wanted to help people you should tell people how to win the lottery so they could get out of debt, if they go back in to it well that's their problem. atleast they had a chance. Some of us don't know how to come into such fortune, and by they way old money is when families have always been rich and pass it down and new money is when you aquire it yourself in your lifetime. shouldn't a psychic know that and anything else they wanted to know? arn't you pyschic?
By joanne, Friday, November 14, 2008 07:18:05 AM
By chauncey, Thursday, November 13, 2008 08:54:46 PM
Dear Sylvia i have asked GOD and Mother GOD for a certain gift to hopefully assist others find answers to their longing will i know if this desire would even be considered?
By chauncey, Thursday, November 13, 2008 08:48:35 PM
nicely put sylvia,i to am one who prays for guidenance and direction to obtain financial comfort for my family and siblings to ease their financial stress.and enjoy the gifts god has created for stimulation of our minds as we travel along this journey.
By gayle, Thursday, November 13, 2008 10:23:32 AM
Hi C.J.-your English is just fine and you did a great job writing your comment. I think that when your life is going great and everything is comfortable, its almost like some people live in their own little world and they don't think about what other people are going through in their lifes because they have never been there. But then it happens and the economy goes bad and there are job losses and then its really hard to pay your bills. And then everything else that happens that use to be easy to take care of becomes difficult to deal with. But some people don't stop to think that maybe all of this might be happening because God wants us to learn something from it. To maybe realize that we need to be grateful for everything he has provided us and to not be greedy and want more of something that we don't even need. That when you see someone troubled by something, it might be all it will take to make that someone feel better is to smile at them with a friendly hello, or there might be someone that just needs a little support in whatever they are going through. I just which more people would be more caring and stop just thinking about themselves and really stop and think why we are here on this earth.
By Clelia, Wednesday, November 12, 2008 02:11:01 PM
My Dear Friend i just finiz reading these Article and you know all is the Trued what you say. Most of the People Trye to get or bye love withe gifts and that is Rong. we should Ecept Eache Other as we are, and help the Ones that Realy need's Help, and God would Bless us More wen we do that, and be Proud of what we are. Rich, or poor, we are all the Same, we are all God's children and He love's all the same. And abaut the Kids Family please show more love, and give more of your time to theme that is what thay Realy need'it. Sorry for the way i write my Engles is not so good. and i am sorry if i hurt any body's feeling's God Bless you all and take care... Love of a friend C.J.

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