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Baking Cupcakes to Bring Good Luck
Baking Cupcakes for Good Luck Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Cupcakes are more than a confection. They are creative good luck charms that you can eat! Think of them as edible positive affirmations.

Cupcake Ideas That Might Bring Luck With Money

For this type of cupcake, you should use a mold that is square shaped or round shaped. This is because the square symbolizes secure foundations and the circle symbolizes coins. The more ornate the mold is the better – look for ones with cornices or that look like little buildings.

There are certain cake batters that are more symbolic of wealth than others. Red velvet, chocolate, spice, pumpkin, carrot, coconut and cherry batters all symbolize wealth.  If you are able to make a pistachio or peppermint batter, that is even better. For a bit more kismet, you can also add a few strands of saffron to the batter, as saffron is a spice that symbolizes wealth.

Cupcake fillings – cherries, blueberries, apples, peaches, cinnamon, green jell-o, yellow jell-o, and any flavor of custard help bring prosperity. Pomegranate also brings good luck.

Icings and toppings – Cream cheese symbolizes wealth because it is so rich. Royal icing in colors like green and yellow are also wealth bringing. Consider sprinkling gold edible glitter on top to help enhance the bringing of money. You can also crush any type of green candy and use it to make designs on a cake. Leaf shapes, turtle shapes, elephants, and frog shapes also help bring money into a house.

Themes: You can make a cupcake that looks like a big coin or put dollar signs on top with green icing. You can also use gum drops or green icing to make lucky shamrocks on top of the little cakes. Chocolate coins wrapped in gold make a creative topping for this cake as well. If you have baked a fruit-friendly batter, pomegranate seeds look splendid arranged on top of a cupcake.

If you want to make this a lucky money cupcake, you can also bake money right inside of them. Some people believe that baking a dime inside of a cake can be very lucky.

Cupcake Ideas That Might Bring Luck With Gambling

For this type of cake, try using confetti type cake mixes (sometimes called birthday cake), red velvet batter, yellow batter, or green batter. Square cupcakes are the best shape to attract luck with gambling.

Orange, cherry filling, pineapple, chocolate, or mint fillings are most likely to bring you wealth. Orange and cherries symbolize wealth and joy and pineapple symbolizes great wealth. Mint symbolizes great communication or being in sync with the world.

Icing flavors that bring luck are pineapple cherry, strawberry, orange blossom, chocolate, and spearmint. Vanilla icing sprinkled with multicolored, gold, or silver decorations also lucky.

Icings and toppings – A fluffy whipped topping topped with mandarin orange slices or pineapple brings luck in gambling.

Themes:  A nice idea is to make a square cupcakes that look like dice out of red velvet cake and ice with bright red icing. You can embed peppermints on the side of the disk to symbolize the number on the dice.

Another nice idea is to make a cupcake with lucky numbers on it, such as a Lucky Number 7 Cupcake. You can use hard crystallized cupcake glitter to make very glamorous looking confections.

Cupcake Ideas That Might Bring Luck With Love

For this type of lucky cupcake, you can use any type of mold. Round shapes, heart shapes, and butterfly shapes are best. You can also get molds that have a swirly or conical shape. 

Both chocolate and vanilla flavors have long been associated with the art of love, so they are both good flavors to use for a love luck charm cupcake. Consider swirling the two flavors together to make a real treat. Red velvet is also a really nice flavor to use when it comes to love.

A white vanilla cake that you intend to decorate with fruits is also a good choice for this type of cake. A really nice idea is to take a person’s favorite chocolate, such as a Mars bar, and drop it into the center of each cupcake batter so that there is a wonderful surprise inside.

Fillings – Cherry, strawberry, blueberry, peaches, apples and chocolate or vanilla puddings are all symbolic of live and make great fillings for a love cupcake.

Icing – Whipped cream is a very sensuous food and nice to work with on this airy type of love-attracting confection. A butter cream icing is also very sensuous.

Toppings – Pink and red sprinkles or edible glitter looks beautiful on this type of cake, as do red cinnamon candies, red jelly beans, red licorice, and any kind of candy.

You also cannot go wrong with fruit.  A nice idea is to top a strawberry cup cake with whipped cream and then put two heart shaped slices of strawberry on top. You could do the same with two cherries.

An interesting approach is to use flower petals. Many flowers are edible and symbolic of love. A good example is rose petals. You can make the cupcakes with batter in which a touch of rose water is added. You can then add rose or geranium petals to the whipped cream.

Of course, part of making a lucky charm cake is intuition. It is about knowing what someone else likes. For instance, if you know someone who thinks that spiders are their lucky charms, then there is no reason why you can’t make chocolate cupcake spiders out of chocolate batter, fill the center with cream, and use chocolate sticks to build the legs.

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By Darlene, Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12:18:31 AM
Baking a dime inside a cupcake sounds incredibly foolish to me - can anyone say 'broken tooth' ? or 'choking hazard'?
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