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Charms That Prevent Bad Luck
Charms to Prevent Bad Luck Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Do you feel like there is a bit of negative energy in your life? Here is a look at some of the charms that exist for warding off bad luck and the “evil eye.”
What exactly is the “evil eye?” Traditionally, it is thought to come from someone who is looking at you too closely and thinking negative thoughts about you.

Here are some traditional remedies to ward off for resentment, jealousy, and all of the other sentiments that result in misfortune in your life.

Amber – If you carry a chunk of amber, it will help transform any negative energy sent to you and transform it into positive energy. It is a very calming and healing stone!

The Archangel Michael – Wearing or putting up an image of the Archangel Michael protects you against misfortune, but in particular accidents caused by carelessness or malicious acts.

Bast or Bastest – This is an Egyptian image of a black cat and it symbolizes a powerful female Goddess. It is good to get in black onyx. You can buy it as statues, jeweler, or as a graphic to hang on your wall. In ancient Egypt, Bast was thought to protect the home from negative spiritual influences.

Bell – Wearing a bell around your neck is said to keep bad energy away. You can also tie bells to your doorknobs for good luck. One way of clearing your space is to walk through it, ringing a bell that rings in the key of C. Balinese temple bells were created exactly for this purpose.

Celtic Cross: A crucifix within a circle, this ancient symbol is thought to protect from spiritual dangers of all kinds.

Copper Pennies – Carrying or wearing a copper penny shields you from negative influences, as Copper belongs to the loving and protective energy of the Goddess Venus. Placing four copper pennies in each corner of your home is also thought to be very protective.

Coral – Wearing a carrying a piece of coral is thought to connect you to your spirit guides, who in turn will help you make the right decisions and also protect you from evil!
Evil Eye – This is the classic charm against the evil eye. It looks like a big blue eye and is often made of glass. This charm is a traditional Greek talisman against bad luck. It is reputed to send bad luck back to the sender.

Devil’s Snare or Trap – This is a circle of Hebriac writing that spirals inward in a counterclockwise direction. The idea is that evil spirits become trapped in the coil of writing. It is Assyrian in origin and thought to protect against sorcery and all evil.

The Elk – A symbol of psychic self defense and protection, the rune of the Elk (Algiz) is worn to defend against spirits and make one brave while facing fear of the unknown.

The Eye in the Triangle – This is usually a pendant featuring an eye in the center of a triangle. It is thought to repel the usual causes of the evil eye – jealousy and envy.

The Falcon – The Falcon is a North American symbol of perception and represents the high perch of elevated spirituality. It enhances astral abilities so one is able to perceive negative energy and avoid it.

Fish – In North American Indian cultures, the fish represents a refusal to recognize the power of another’s magic. It symbolizes the protection of Christ in Western culture.

The Griffin – Most Griffins feature the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. Some versions have wings. This mythical being, that is Grecian in origin, is said to protect the psyche from dark forces.

Jaguar – The Mayan symbol of the jaguar is thought to protect against control freaks, evil thought forms, and increase one’s own shamanistic abilities.

Mannaz – This protective Rune resembles an M and represents the higher self. It protects against the cruelty of interference with one’s connection to their gut instincts and God.

The Lucky Hand – There are many variations of this from all cultures, but this usually features the palm of a hand facing out. In the center of the palm may be a pentagram, an eye, a gemstone, or signs of the zodiac. It is thought to protect against all forms of astral invasion and attack. It is especially effective against ritual abuse.

The Mitzu Domo – This symbol is Japanese and features three whirling swirl shapes. It is thought to protect against the impatience, greed, and ill wishes.

Mother Gaia – This is usually the figure of a Goddess with her hands reaching in a circle above her head. She protects against disturbances to our auras and helps ground our energy against attackers.

Obsidian – Carrying or wearing this shiny black stone is protective against negative thoughts and obsessions.

The Om Symbol – This ancient Sanskrit Symbol represents the syllable “om” that is used in meditation. It raises one’s vibration so that the aura cannot be reached by the baser energies associated with psychic aggression.

Pine Cone – Carrying a pine cone or a symbol of a pine cone wards off bad financial luck.

The Seal of Solomon – One of the best known of protective symbols this features two interlocking triangles that form a star shape. It is used to invoke the Archangels and protect against black magick and the power of all evil.

Shell – The image of a shell of any kind, including crab shells or snail shells, is thought to be protective because they are a symbol of the “house of the soul.”  Mother of pearl shells are very protective because their pearly sheen is thought to reflect back any evil sent to you.

Turquoise – Carrying a chunk of turquoise improves communication and protects from bad energies caused by misunderstandings.

The Turtle – This is a charm to help you remain invisible to those who would harm you (at least on the astral plane)!

The Wolf – A Northern European and North American Indian symbol of protection against astral attack.

The Yew Tree – This increases endurance and power and is thought to protect against deception, betrayal, delusion, undesirable influences, and thought forms. The rune that symbolizes the Yew Tree (Eiwaz) is worn as a protective talisman.

You can also wear lavender perfume. It is said to cleanse, protect, and shield the wearer from bad vibrations and negativity!

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