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Discover Your Past Lives
Discover Your Past Lives with Sylvia Browne Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures

by Sylvia Browne

There are many phobias, everyday fears, and incessant worries that don’t relate to this lifetime. Many times I’ve worked with people who were baffled by anxieties that seems to have no basis – in other words, they couldn’t be tracked through therapy or by their own investigation into their past. In these types of situations, we’ve had to go back even further and do what I call a “deep search” into a person’s overall chart, because the cause of the uneasiness resides somewhere in the cells of his or her mind and body.

Uncovering Past-Life Traumas

I once had a client who drove under the same overpass every day for 20 years on her way to work. One day as she was approaching it, she broke out in a sweat and felt as if she couldn’t breathe – she was sure she was having a heart attack. She turned around and headed for the emergency room, where she was told she was “just having an anxiety attack.” (Those words, “just…an anxiety attack,” just make me crazy. If you’ve ever had one – and very few people haven’t had a form of this at one time or another – then you know that it can be the most frightening and debilitating experience you’ll ever go through. Usually it comes out of the blue, unbidden and without warning. You can’t “cause” one, it just happens, But back to my client…)

When this woman came to see me, I directed her via meditation to return to another time. When she did, she remembered being trapped under an old bridge in Pennsylvania back in the early 1800s. She was buried under heavy beams and rubble, and she died there. The amazing thing was that in her previous life, she passed away at the same age she’d now reached in this life – which explained why the phobia hit when it did. After we did the guided meditation, she lost her fear and could go under the overpass again.

Life is like a record with different grooves, and sometimes the needle slips. What we have to do to keep the soul safe from a negative fear that’s no longer relevant is release it. This is called “pulling the plug” on a negative past-life implant. When my own children had night terrors, I did the same thing I instructed the woman with the three-year-old to do: I just went in and told them that they were in this time, and what they were afraid of was in the past, long ago. When you do this, it isn’t necessary to go through gruesome details. The soul mind knows exactly what you’re talking about, and it will surrender the offending fear that blocks it from being free.

Resolving the Past, Healing the Present

You can and should explore your memories – both from this life and any past lives – and be investigative to see what you learn from them. But analyzing isn’t enough – you also have to neutralize any challenge by asking for release. By doing so, you may even discover how you can turn negative events into opportunities for positive growth. (Let me also say here that I’m the first one to recommend that you seek therapy if needed.)

Let’s say that you’re dealing with physical or mental abuse. In fact, I’ll use my own life as an example. It’s no secret that my mother was a master at insidious emotional battery. I had a choice: I could have adopted her behavior, but instead I went 180 degrees so I’d be different from her. I often thank her – and I even did so when she was alive – because without this negative example, I might have not been the caring mother I am today. I never told my mother why I was thankful for her, because it was enough that God and I knew.

The hurts we carry in life can’t be covered up with Band-Aids. Like physical wounds, these sore spots can only heal when the air hits them. Yet while it’s important to acknowledge and let out the pain so that it doesn’t fester, it’s equally imperative that we adjust our behavior to release the past and move on.

Don’t get me wrong – there isn’t anything easy about mulling over the painful parts of your life, but you do have to ask yourself: “Do I want to be enslaved by my memories, or do I want to simply see them as episodes that, painful as they are, have helped me gain strength and become who I am today?” If you do the latter, you’ll be able to gaze into the mirror and know that you’ve survived the good and the bad, and you’ll be freer and ever stronger for it.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By cindy, Friday, September 03, 2010 06:08:55 AM
why dont you post all te answers to the questions? why did my son really die? could it of been prevented by his doctor? is he safe on the other side or is he hanging around because of unfinished bussness and the crap his wife is pulling?
By sarah, Monday, May 31, 2010 12:06:53 PM
hm,...How does someone get in touch with their past lives? Certain clues, certain feelings or dreams? Who are you in a past life and who are you today? What motives or direction did you lead in a past life that makes you who you are today? The desire burns deeply for an answer to these questions. I had one dream in which I think I might have been experiencing a past life situation but how do you know for sure? -Struggling to find out who I am in the past
By Katrina, Sunday, September 27, 2009 01:34:25 AM
I remember 4 of my past lives becausethey came to me pretty clearly.Although I cannot pin point te exact place and time, I can come pretty close. One I have dreamed abou is being a male in what I thought was ancient Mexico in ajungle laying stones on the ground like trying to build a road. Another I vaugely remember was being a native woman from an island owned by Spain, I was in a fortress on the ocean I was a cook and I wore early 1800's dress.In this particular dream I was fighting with my husband (in that life) and pushed him into a pot near a fire (he wasn't hurt). Another was when my sister,my father (who are preasent in my current life, in the exact same rolls) we were all together enjoying a day at the beach.I was about 5 and I was Asian or part Asian and it was the 1940's.My sister and I were playing by the beach diggin' in the sand, my father was sitting reading a paper and we noticed the water kept creeping farther back.I looked up and we were taken under by a wave.I have to mention my sister and I have had the exact same dream. The worst most vivid life I remember, which at times still brings me to tears impacted me for weeks after I had it.By the way all these past lives were dreams in sequence. I was a Russian male soldier in about 1935 assigned to look after a foreign person who was in allot of trouble.Apparently this person was tricky and no one trusted him to be alone so I spent my time keeping an eye on him in his cell.He couldn't be around the others for whatever reason.Every cell was cold and bleak, they each had a brick taken out of every wall.The room next to mine was filled with elderly peasents.The bars were wide, and I would frequently joke with the guards on top of the walls around the prison because I thought we were friends.I got a knock on the door and I was told I had to see somebody, apparently I'd talk to much to the "foreign guy" that they didn't trust me.So when my back was turned I was grabed and drug down stone steps I felt each step in my dream.I was drug into a court yard and shot in the head, at this point I seen the people I talked to, who killed me in and out.I kept screaming because I wanted to know why the my eyelids were sticking together, and I knew it was blood.That dream was the most traumatizing experience I have ever had, I couldn't snap out of it for quite sometime
By Cassandra, Tuesday, May 12, 2009 05:23:57 PM
Sylvia, I don't know why but I am extreamly afraid of death, for me and my family, I actualy think about it every day and I don't know why. Could this have something to do with a past life.
By Desiree, Monday, May 11, 2009 11:42:47 AM
I have experienced several very physical, painful things in the past. I realized while I was pregnant with my daughter that her father was "the one" and that he and my daughter were saving my life. I had gone down the wrong road and I was headed back towards the right road. I know that every single one of those awful things that has happened brought me to where I am today. Without them, I would have never met my fiance, I wouldn't have my daughter, and I could be living a very BAD life. Now having said this, I can't figure out why I have awful nightmares of what has happened. I look at what has happened as a past experience that has help mold me. I am no longer afraid or living in the shadow of what happened. So why do the memories haunt me?
By Kimberly, Wednesday, March 18, 2009 03:45:36 PM
I feel like I have an old soul. My mother tells me that when I was a small child, I would tell her I wasn't going to live to be old. I have always felt I will die young. Can you tell me how many times I have been on this earth? Also I have dreams of things and within a couple of days, they happen. There are alot of things going on around me that I don't understand and I was hoping you could help me.
By Rosalie C.A., Wednesday, March 04, 2009 10:49:39 AM
Silvia, I`ve know as a child that I was different, don`t know why, feel out of place, depressed. 1. nightmares, 2. panic attacks, 3. anxiety, 4. siezures, 5. travel in my sleep, 6. see things that later happened or read, 7. recognize places never seen before 8. friends & family pop into my head 9. wake to find a person or image in front of me 10. witnessed incidents, accidents 11. have incredible need to sing/perform, create & many more. Believed I was crazy & put on meds for these feelings. Have health problems & now damage from these meds. Divorced once & left an abusive relationship with another & fought to protect my children. Feared what I was seeing & feeling. Ignored them for yrs after my 20`s & now late 50`s theyre returning. As a child, kept seeing a dream, a night club singer during the war. Knew it was me & seen others. Recently had a panic attack to my 1st visit back east in a forest. Hearing you I want to know more & past lives. Found my mother has them too. Rose
By cindy, Wednesday, February 18, 2009 08:19:44 AM
sylvia,i have major depression,panic attacks,p-t-s-d, and agoraphobia and absolutely no reason for any of it!how do i get to my past lives to stop them from messing with me now---without money? im on s.s.i?
By hortencia, Saturday, February 14, 2009 12:11:06 PM
By Katrina, Thursday, January 22, 2009 02:21:45 PM
Dear Sylvia, my Mom and I both love you! We had an interesting conversation yesterday about past lives. I made a joke and said, maybe one of us girls (I have 4 sisters) used to be your Uncle Mike or Grandma. As soon as I said "Uncle Mike" she got chills all over. My Mom was sure he looked over her when she was younger. They were very close and he died in a car accident at 19. He used to come to her and she could feel his presence, but after I was born it stopped. My Mom had me at the very young age of 16. It could be just a coincidence but after thinking about it...I think it is possible. I realized after talking with her that I used to have terrible fears of dying young in a car accident. I even wrote it down in a journal I kept! The strange thing is, after I got into college those feelings stopped. I was so afraid of driving that I didn't get my license until I was 18 years old. I am now 29 and I love to drive! My Uncle Mike grew up in the 1950's and I have always said to my husband, "I feel like I used to live in the 1950's." I love the way they dressed, how they lived, the music, and even diners to this day. I also feel very connected with my Grandparents (Grandma is Mike's sister). I seem to always know when something bad is happening to them. Is it possible I used to be my Mother's Uncle Mike? Before I go to bed, I ask Mother and Father God to please show me a sign of who I used to be. I'm hoping to find an answer, can you help me Sylvia? Thank you for all that you do, you are truly an inspiration and blessing in my life. Light and blessings to you always, Katrina.

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