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Does Your House Need a Ghostbuster?
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Does your house need a ghostbuster? Sometimes, a house is mildly haunted and not really disrupting anyone who lives there. Other times there is real occasion for concern. Ghosts can do everything from create bad smells, cause drafts, and even cause objects to disappear.

Here are some indicators that your home might be in need of some ghost-busting...

You seem to have really bad luck. Even the smallest of chores or tasks turns into a federal case every day because things constantly go wrong. You just don’t seem to have any protection from Murphy’s Law.

There are always leaks in your home. Once one is fixed, then you get another. Spirits like to play with water. Water is a conductor of psychic energy.

You constantly have insect infestations. Insect infestations are signs that a negative spirit is around, or even that you are under astral attack.

Unexplained bad smells are also evidence of a haunting. However, even though rotten egg and dank earth smells are common in haunting, you might also smell strong odors such as perfume, after-shave, tobacco, cooking, flowers, and other things. An overwhelming odor with no cause is sign of a haunting.

Your animals seem too always reacting to a presence that you cannot see. It is particularly important to find a ghostbuster if the animals seem to be getting sick or in distress because of what they seem to see. Animals that are always hiding might be hiding from spirits as well.

Yet another symptom of haunting is things going missing. Spirits like to take jewelry, cutlery, and anything shiny and hide it.

Spirits also like to relocate objects. You might put an ashtray down on one surface and then find it placed somewhere completely different within five minutes.

Another disturbing symptom is objects falling. Hearing pots and pans falling in the middle of the night is common. Sometimes glasses will seem to fall off the shelves and smash.
Some people actually hear whispers, singing, threats or heavy breathing, as if the spirit was trying to tell them something.

Yet another manifestation is the television or radio turning on and off all by itself. This can be very upsetting if you keep hearing the same song again and again.

Mechanical objects can also malfunction. Clocks might stop and refuse to work. Music boxes might start and stop for no reason.

Yet another manifestation of spirits is the sighting of lights of any kind. It is very common for people in haunted houses to see a blue light. The actual electrical lights on the premises can start flickering on and off as well. Swinging or spinning light fixtures is the sign that a malevolent spirit is on the premises.

The frequent breaking down of appliances can also signify the presence of a spirit. If the dishwasher turns on and off, or if the dryer starts for no reason, that could be spirits playing tricks.

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Many people feel ill at ease. Their intuition simply is telling them that something is not right. This can get so bad that a person experiences a panic attack and wants to leave the premises.

Physically, many people get an upset stomach in the presence of spirits. Yet another symptom is a rumbling in the lower belly. This is a way the body rids itself of bad spirits.

Emotionally, you may always feel on edge, upset, and irritable. You may find yourself thinking thoughts or feeling emotions that you do not feel quite belong to you. You might also see family members saying uncharacteristic things or behaving in unfamiliar ways. A good example is the five year old who is behaving like a thirty year old.

A very disturbing symptom is feeling touched.  You could be tapped on the shoulder or brushed against. One of the worst manifestations of this is the feeling of some kind of entity sitting on your chest.

Yet another common experience is feeling like cobwebs are trailing across your body. Some people feel electricity. In the presence of ghosts, some people do get Goosebumps and can feel their hair standing up on edge on their arms. Yet other people start sweating profusely.

In severe haunting you may be waking up with what looks like mysterious bites on your stomach or elsewhere on your body. This means that you have a “succubus” in the house that means you harm.

Even if you have only two or three of these symptoms in your house there is a very big possibility that your home is haunted.

Sometimes you do not need to hire a professional ghostbuster. Sometimes all you really need to do is make the decision that you will not be recognizing the presence of these spirits anymore. Once you decide this, simply say out loud and forcefully that you want them to leave.

You might also try smudging your place by using a sage and sweet grass bundle. You simply light the bundle and walk around with it cleansing every nook and cranny of the place where you sense of spirit.

Another suggestion is to try and cleanse it by sprinkling holy water around your home. This is an age old remedy to get rid of spirits.

One problem that many people with spirits in their homes seem to encounter is a kind of a flashback of activity, particularly poltergeist activity, electrical failures, and insect infestations when they try to eject the spirits from their home.

Sometimes you just cannot seem to get rid of persistent spirits and that is when it might be time to hire a real psychic or witch to get rid of them for you. The ghostbuster will usually charge you $200 or more for this service and the techniques that are used vary from some “kind asking” of the spirit to leave to chanting spells to getting a whole team of people involved to basically beat the spirits up and throw them out of your house so they will never return again.




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