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Have A Pet? Share Your Pet Psychic Adventures
Pet Psychics Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Pets seem to have the amazing ability to sense what we cannot, and, in ways that we don't understand, to communicate with us...perhaps even after death.

Evidence of pets’ psychic behavior is shown to pet owners on a daily basis. Stories of puzzling animal behavior can only be explained through psychic abilities. Such stories tell not only of remarkable homing behavior, but also of other equally extraordinary feats: pets that find their masters in places where they never travelled; animals that predict impending danger, including natural disasters; dogs that seem to sense their own death or that of their master's, hundreds of kilometers away.

We're looking for true life psychic pet stories from people just like you!

If you have a story, please submit it to We're looking for stories about extraordinary experiences that are submitted by people from every walk of life and from all over the world. Post your psychic pet experiences in the Comments section below.

Your story could include pet ghost encounters and vistations, pets saving you from danger, sensing illness or death, lost pet stories, pets sensing spirits, etc.

These stories - told in your own words – are testimonials of our bonds with our animal friends. So please share your stories with thousands of animal lovers around the world!

We encourage you to share your psychic pet experiences for the entire world on Post your angel experiences below right now.

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By sylvia, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 07:04:37 PM
My black lab kept following me around very sad and licking me. He wouldn't stop. Somerthing was wrong. I couldn't figure it out so just had a feeling so took him to dr. He had a tumor growing and we got to it in time. He was trying to tell me he needed help. I love him. We got himpills that decreased the growth.
By Art F., Wednesday, October 13, 2010 05:24:47 PM
My 9 year old German Shepherd named Ringo passed away on December 9th 2008. He was almost human because he was so talented and loving. He had a special talent. I knew he could actually see things I couldn't, either ghosts, entities or souls. He would howl every single time this particular person would arrive or leave here. His domain was the back yard and it was big. Even if the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and this particular person would show up, he would still howl. I figured souls, ghosts or some type of entities followed or follow this person around still, because I was told that children and dogs can see spirits. I think Ringo was one of them. All the dogs in the neigborhood would howl when the siren of a train, ambulance or police would go by, but not Ringo. Only when this certain person would come or leave and never when this person was not here. Ringo died a very unpleasant death. According to the symptoms and the vet, he was poisoned, I know and I only wish I knew who did it. What a goofy, funny, lovable, smiling dog he was. Thanks for being my companion Ringo... Art
By Barbara, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 05:21:26 PM
my beloved terrier Teddy "visited " me 3 days after he passed from cushings disease.....he came to show me that he was just fine and happy where he was...something that gave me so much comfort as I was so sad when I had to let him go. 3 weeks before I "found" my new dog Bonnie in a dog shelter, I "saw" her. One night I saw her in a pen and I reached in and picked her up...I remember waking up and still being able to feel her soft coat. I thought she was my Teddy visiting but I couldn't work out why she was a grey colour and not white like my Teddy....when I finally met Bonnie she had a grey coat....and she is now a treasured member of our household.
By Terina, Thursday, March 18, 2010 03:34:31 PM
I went to visit our daughter and granddaughter. The trip lasted longer than expected. After staying 7 weeks, I got to see my husband for 10 minutes. See he's a truck driver and was able to stop and see me. That was the shortest 10 minutes. Any way our dog BooBoo went for the ride to see my husband. The following day was Valentines Day. I was feeling down because this would be the first time we hadn't spend valentines day together. I know BooBoo was feeling it to. To my suprise BooBoo had made a prefect shaped heart in the snow for me. I guess he thought if dad couldn't be there, he'd do this for me. I took pictures before anything happen to the heart because I know when I told someone aboaut it, they wouldn't beleive me. So happy Valentine's Day to me.
By Beverly, Thursday, March 11, 2010 06:26:27 AM
We all grieve for a beloved pet that has passed away. Many of us want to still feel the closeness we shared in life if even for one more moment, to feel our pet is ok and to know it is looking over us. I experienced this right away in 2005 after I put to rest my 18 year old female kitty Bucky. As just one of many examples, it was on December 1 that year, following her passing from a brain tumor, I was feeling particularly sad and missing her. I thought to challenge the universe with a request. "Bucky, if you are here with me, send me a sign of...butterflies", I impulsively said out loud. I thought for sure this would be impossible due to the time of year--winter. I believed this spontaneous request could definitely not be fulfilled but wanted it to be. It would be a true sign of hope for the signs I'd seen and experienced since her passing if this one request were met. Before starting my at-home chores, I checked my online mail. In one email I received something as never before--butterflies! They were beautiful butterflies displayed in a piece titled "Rules from God". I was astonished and overcome with emotion to say the least. Immediately I contacted the Sender to ask when she had received that particular piece and learned she forwarded it to me IMMEDIATELY after she'd received it. No one in this world had known about my butterfly request of Bucky that afternoon. Once I put out my request to my little kitty, I got a very quick confirmation of butterflies (within 40 minutes according to the email time) and I took that literary piece to heart. I now live by "Rules from God"; the words sustain me still. It is a framed, daily reminder of life on the other side as well because I feel it came from Bucky, along with the butterflies it contained. I have felt her presence many times before and since, especially the rare time I do see a butterfly in nature. The most recent occurrence of this was no less on Mother's Day, as my spouse and I sat having dinner at our backyard bistro table placed near to her grave marker. We were chatting about our beloved Bucky, when suddenly a cream colored butterfly flew right past us! I immediately said, "Hi Bucky!". That Mother's Day was, by the way, the third anniversary since another kitty joined our family since my kitty's passing eight months earlier. Not only that, but Bucky was only one of two entities that knew the type of kitty (in looks and personality) I wanted to pursue in the future and I've always felt she guided the next one, Missy; she joined us on Mother's Day 2006. That fleeting butterfly during my backyard conversation was a sure sign that Bucky was still with me nearly four years after her passing, and it was and remains a very assuring feeling, added to the butterfly "Rules from God" email. Thank you for allowing me to share this personal story. I'm enjoying reading all of these pet stories shared here by each of you. Bev Bev
By Judy, Sunday, February 21, 2010 12:34:10 PM
My father-in-law past in November of 2001 and my daughter bought our first puppie. He's a PUG. When he came home he would play until he got to my husbands china cabinet. The puppy would sit there for hours just staring up at the china cabinet,and cocking his head from side to side. He would make the funniest noises and just get foolist. He would go get his ball and bring it back to the china cabinet. I know my father-in-law was playing with him and talking to him but my husband wouldn't believe me.My father-in-law was very much an animal lover and I know he will take care of the strays in heaven as if they were his own.
By Rochelle, Tuesday, February 09, 2010 12:45:06 AM
In March of 2004, my daughter, brought her sisters cat Vlad to stay with us until after she gave birth which ended up being June 9th. Well our dog Mocha wasn't to happy about a cat living here. So much so we couldn't have them in the same room together. We were able to keep them apart and safe. Mocha got very sick, and the Vet said she had cancer, this was in January of 2005. On Feb 7th it was pitiful, and we had to take her and have her put to sleep. The worst agony we have ever been through. Anyway we were letting Vlad and her now 6 month old daughter, have a run of the house. All was peaceful as far as the cats were concerned. Several weeks after putting Mocha to sleep my husband was driving by the Vets, where we put her to sleep, he said he had an urge to roll done the window and call to her, so he did. When we were eating supper that night, he told me what he did, within a very short time, Vlad started to have a vicious fight with nothing it was scary enough to make us leave the kitchen. It seems to start with something that irritates her then she starts this circleing around and scratching the air.The noise that comes out of Vlad when this fighting goes on is hideious. We do believe that my husband brought Mocha's spirit back with him that day. This has been going on for five years. It has calmed down now, the fighting is not as vicious. However we believe thats how she lets us know she is here with us. Last week I was lying in bed about to talk myself into getting up, and the loudest bark just about knocked me outta bed. One sunday afternoon, my husband and I were watching a movie. Then it started right in front of the tv a really bad fight. I decided to try something. So I called to Mocha to come up on the couch with us, and leave Vlad alone, just like that Vlad lied down and was calm. A friend was over one day and I was telling her about what was going on. So I called to Mocha and then the fight started, and Vlad got very upset with me, at least I saw it that way. Vlad left me a nasty present on the middle of my bed. So I don't do that anymore. Rochelle
By Georgia, Friday, February 05, 2010 09:21:31 PM
my dog passed away on 1/7/2010 and on 1/11/2010 her head appeared in my livingroom window. I was taking pictures of the inside of my house and when I was veiwing them on my camera, there she was. My dad is passed and so I ask him if he recieved her on the other side, if he did to give me a sign by one big orb (him) and a small white orb (my dog) in the center and two days later again the two orbs appeared on my bedroom wall in a picture. That is validation enough for me.
By Lana, Monday, February 01, 2010 03:03:19 PM
My husband and I lost our dear Mastiff dog two years ago and we just couldn't get over her loss. She had cancer and got to the point that she couldn't get up so we had to have the vet come to the house and put her to sleep. She was our constant companion and took great pride in helping out on our farm. Her main job was helping me put the horses up every night. We knew she was in pain but she tried not to show it. She sleep every night on a bed (on the floor)in our room. After she died I could hear a dog barking outside but when went to the door nothing was there. I also heard sounds like she would make trying to get into her bed at night (sighs) and a thump. I could always feel he around me. Then my daughter and I went to my friends son wedding in Florida and she took a picture of me sitting at the table by myself except it had the distinct picture of a hand caressing my cheek along with an image of our Mastiff in the background. I have the picture and would love to send it to you. I showed it to a psychic friend who told me that she regretta that she didn't get to tell me goodby. My husband was with her when she died I just couldn't bear it. We waited over two years before we adopted another Mastiff who is just as much loved but can never take the place of our first Mastiff. I am sure we will see her again along with our other dear pets we have loved and lost. Please let me know if you have somewhere to post a picture of the ghost photo of our Mastiff.
By katondra, Monday, February 01, 2010 02:52:47 PM
This past thanksgiving my son and his girlfriend were at our house for dinner afterwords they decided to watch a movie.My chocolate lab harley all of a sudden decided to lay down with them as he lay their he rested his head on jamie's tummy not wanting her to move he just lay their and fell asleep and when she got up he got up and followed her everywhere in the house pawing and sniffing her tummy well on new years we got the news she was pregnant harley knew all along and now when they come visit harley is very protective of her and will not leave her side.

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