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Have A Pet? Share Your Pet Psychic Adventures
Pet Psychics Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Pets seem to have the amazing ability to sense what we cannot, and, in ways that we don't understand, to communicate with us...perhaps even after death.

Evidence of pets’ psychic behavior is shown to pet owners on a daily basis. Stories of puzzling animal behavior can only be explained through psychic abilities. Such stories tell not only of remarkable homing behavior, but also of other equally extraordinary feats: pets that find their masters in places where they never travelled; animals that predict impending danger, including natural disasters; dogs that seem to sense their own death or that of their master's, hundreds of kilometers away.

We're looking for true life psychic pet stories from people just like you!

If you have a story, please submit it to We're looking for stories about extraordinary experiences that are submitted by people from every walk of life and from all over the world. Post your psychic pet experiences in the Comments section below.

Your story could include pet ghost encounters and vistations, pets saving you from danger, sensing illness or death, lost pet stories, pets sensing spirits, etc.

These stories - told in your own words – are testimonials of our bonds with our animal friends. So please share your stories with thousands of animal lovers around the world!

We encourage you to share your psychic pet experiences for the entire world on Post your angel experiences below right now.

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By julie, Thursday, January 28, 2010 09:33:29 PM
My boston beagle Callie had been going through a very hard time. We went to several vets trying to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally, on a Sunday she was obviously pained and I knew deep down that it would be our last day together. She started dragging her hind legs. So I pulled her onto the bed and we spent the entire day in bed, talking and snuggling. She was my best friend and had been with me during a terrible time in high school. As soon as I could after college she came to be with me permanently and no longer at my parents. The next day I called the emergency vet and we went in only to be told the sad reality of her condition. We mad the decision that she should have a peaceful passing, and it was. But, it was also the worst moment of my life. I loved her so much. My husband and I didn't say a word on the way home, our puppy Sophe was in the car and must have sensed something was going on. When we got home, I went upstairs and into my bathroom. I had cried and cried and decided to wash my face. After doing so I looked in the mirror and there was Callie dog, wagging her tain at me in the mirror. She looked healthy and happy. I turned my head and she was gone. I think she wanted to say goodbye and let me know she was all right. I cherish knowing that she wasn't in pain anymore and her sweet and loving energy is still around me.
By Brenda, Thursday, January 28, 2010 09:30:13 PM
I live on a beautiful beach in Southern California where we love to play on the beach and sail the beautiful ocean waters. Sharing our life with us was our beautiful white Standard Poodle , Lilly. Lilly loved to sail on the boat and would actually sit on the rails just like her human family members. She loved to romp at the beach and was an all aound good girl. Lilly suffered from chronic ear infections and we were always battling the infection. At nine years old, in 2003 My husband took Lil (as we called her) to our local vet. She was scheduled for her ears to be cleaned as well as her teeth. They would administer General Anesthesia. I was really upset since I hadnt said goodbye to her that morning. I had an uneasy feeling and thought of her all day.The Vet put her under and cleaned her ears and her teeth. All went well or so this is what the Vet stated. We were instructed to pick her up the following morning. I was VERY anxious to go and see her and get her back home, I missed her so. We were to pick her up at 11:oo am. Minutes before we were to leave, the Vet called and said that our girl was "dead", yes in those words. We raced to the "hospital" and witnessed our beautiful girl. We were told that she bloated that morning... no one saw her. Of course you can only imangine the rest. We sent her body off sadly. When the ashes were ready to be picked up, my husband took Lil's favorite car to retrieve her, a 1975 convertible Mercedes. I stood at the window waiting for him and sure enough around the corner sitting as proud as she always did was Lilly. She was sitting as elegant as a poodle sits, letting the breeze blow though her beautiful face. She rode this way all the way to the driveway. She looked at me and I knew she was ok. she gave me one more chance to see her. I will never forget that wonderful brief moment that my girl said goodbye to me.
By Janet, Thursday, January 28, 2010 09:04:05 PM
This was a couple of years back, it was close to Christmas. I was waiting for my husband to come home from work. I went out to the kitchen to wait for him to come. Bandit, my pomeraian, started growling, kinda of low, he was lying to the entrance of the kitchen from the living/ dining area. Within a couple of seconds he started barking, by now he was up, barking and growling at something he seemed to see near the end of the hall. He was really worked up and I said "what's the matter Bandit, do we have a visitor" of course I did not see a thing, but it was making me pretty nervous, but I remained calm. Whatever Bandit saw must have been coming towards him as he started backing up, still barking and growling until he was right in front of me...just at this moment my husband pulled into the driveway,(thank you God) and I said "Daddy's Home!" and whoever it was that came to visit must have left, because Bandit calmed right down. I like to think it was my ex husband, as he had recently passed away, and my kids said he had asked where I was, so maybe he was trying to say goodbye. I have not had anything happen since that evening.
By Jayne, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:50:43 PM
I have had several pet encounters...My first was with my collie, Spoofie. He was ill with a brain tumor and it was his last day with us, he was lying on the floor and I had to leave the house for a few hours, while I was out I prayed that he would greet me at the door just one more time, when I got home, he was standing at the door wagging his tail in greeting....he then went and laid down on the floor and it was the last time he stood again..he passed in my arms on the way to the vet a few hours later. About a year after loosing Spoofie, I was blessed to find a wonderful little beagle terrier mix, Jakey. Jake was a terror puppy and would take off and run in the middle of traffic, but never did he ever get hurt, we always said he had a Collie riding on his shoulder. This was proven true when Jake was 3 years old. I had just gotten to my front door and felt fur brush by my side and my keys to the door were knocked from my hand....I picked them up and went into the house to find it ransacked...Jake was stuffed into a closet with a broken rib and tranquilized by some unknown medication, but alive. The police said that by the signs left that the thieves were in the house when I got home...I know it was Spoofie that brushed my side and knocked the keys out of my hand that day. Jake lived with me until he was 14 yrs old, when he passed I would feel him sitting on my lap and I would hear his tags jingle in the house. When I got married, we had 4 dogs and I would sit and pet the air on my lap and my husband would say, time to stop petting Jake. I never even realized he wasn't there, I could feel his little body. Sadly I lost my husband 3 years ago and I still have 2 of our wonderful dogs with us now....I will know when he is visiting me because they will wake from a sound sleep at the same time, look in the corner of the room and wag their is such a gift and blessing to know that he visits us and watches over us. My Shepherd, Prince, ran off a few months after my husband passed. I was in the hospital recovering from a surgery and he took off on the friend watching him. I didn't know he was gone until the 4th day he was missing. I left the hospital and against doctors orders went looking for him daily...friends, family and neighbors had been looking for days and were now bracing themselves to find his body and not him. I had an amazing friend who was a psychic medium and I called her and asked if he was okay...she told me that my husband was with him and he would be home by Easter Sunday...the Saturday before Easter my niece took me to look for him was the 7th day he was gone....I asked my husband to help us find him. We were in the car 5 minutes when animal control called and said they had spotted him and to come to where they were. when we got there, he had disappeared again. I got out of the car and yelled for him and 2 minutes later he was standing in front of me looking at me with this very angry look that I swear if he could speak in words would have said, "where have you been? I have been looking for you!" 7 days on the road and he was a little tired but no injuries. I know that not only did my husband walk with him, but so did a Collie and a Beagle. I have no doubt in my mind or heart that those we love, animals and people, don't leave our sides when they pass over. They always look in on us and watch over us. Proof that love never dies.
By susan, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:31:44 PM
We moved to a new house and soon after got a little beagle we named Bugle. I always felt that the living room was the "heart" of the house and at times sensed a presence there whom I believed was my father who had passed away 30 years before. Our beagle would go to the door of the living room and stand in the doorway and bark until we made him come away. It was always dark when he did this and there was never anything in the room but there was a portrait of my father sitting on the piano. I had felt his presence in the room several times and felt that Bugle sensed it also. When he would go to the door and bark he was always facing the portrait of my father. Also, one night I was in the kitchen and heard a distinct knock 3 times on the wall. The living room was on the other side of that wall and when I walked into the living room, there was absolutely nothing that would have caused the knocks. When I returned to the kitchen, my cat was standing there looking at me with his hair standing on end and a very frightened look on his face. I think he sensed something there also.
By gail, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:21:23 PM
The first week of June 2008 I had a dream that I saw a black puppy in a cage being wheeled off a truck into a puppy store. I said to my friend, I must have this puppy and took it. The next morning I woke up and was so sad because it seemed so real. Later that day my friend called us to say she had a litter of puppies that her son found upstate, they were going to the pound if homes could not be found. I asked what color, and she said black! I could not believe my dream came true. It had never before happened to me. Of course we took one, and all the rest were adopted too. She is now turning one and is beautiful. Her name is Liza and she gets along great with my yellow lab, Hailey, who is one and a half now. Gail from East Hampton NY
By Karen, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:09:55 PM
My little dog, Gigi, saved my life in 1997, she woke me up howing and clawing at my chest..I had had 2 silent heart attacks back to back and didn't even know it. Then on 12/31/03 I went out of town for 2 days...and she disappeared, I think my cousin killed her. I was out of a job and homeless, staying with a relative who was very evil hearted, I was totally devistated at her disapearance and looked for her for days on end. Then one night I looked in my dresser mirror and there was her image, it gave me such peace. I had to live in that situation for 6 months until I got a job and got my own place and her image stayed in my mirror until a week or two after I got my own place. I feel she stayed and watched over me until I was back on my feet and safe again. I would still like to know how she passed to give me some peace of mind. I still miss her and her pictures are in my bedroom and I say goodnight to her every night.
By Sara, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:08:31 PM
My dog was a miniature schnauzer, I had her 17 years. Back in 1994 my Grandfather passed away a month later my Grandmother had a stroke a month later. When she finally came home and had a nurse visit her, she alerted on something. The house had a small den and my Grandfather always would stand right at the door and lean against the door frame.Princess(my dog), started growling low and with a low bark and refused to move. It took her about 5 minutes before she would even go up the steps. My Grandfather and her had a funny thing going she would bark at him even though she knew him, until he gave her a treat. When she growled like she did I knew that my Grandfather was there making sure my Grandmother was fine. Since, I have had to put my dog to sleep(almost 2 years ago), I have had many dreams of her and know that know matter where I am she is always watching over me.It has been her way of telling me, she is still taking care of me like she always had.During the course of time that I had her, she was unique and always knew before hand how things would go and work out. For instance, when we looking at our first home, when she was in the car she got all excited and acted like she belonged there and knew where she was, telling us this is the house.
By Deianera, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:06:36 PM
I have a lovely cat, a blond tiger, who is psychic as well as very smart. His name is Kimba. He's an indoor cat; I've never allowed him outside- he's free of fleas & disease & I want him to stay that way. Our neighborhood is going downhill, & sometimes it seems to be full of bad energy. He always knows when something is about to happen- he starts to meow oddly & literally tears about my apartment, literally bouncing off the walls, trying to warn me. I'll burn some frankincense at such times; he calms right down when I do that. Frankincense dispels bad energy. One night when Kimba became agitated, a man had been shot dead and dumped right on my street, practically on my front doorstep! I found out soon enough- the street was full of police & even had their copter out, looking for the culprit. Another time, shots rang out on the street; yet another time, a man started beating his wife in my driveway. In each & every case, Kimba warned me just before the crimes occurred- he always seems to sense that something is about to happen. I don't know what I'd do without him- he's saved my from stepping out of doors at the worst possible moment so many times!
By Mary, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:04:30 PM
We had a Shepherd/Lab mix for 16 years that contracted cancer. We helped with the pain until we could no longer put it off and had him put to sleep. That night when we let the other two dogs in from their backyard play, I glimpsed a brown shape come in with them. He was home again. Also when I had to be in NY because my Father was in the hospital, I began to get uneasy being alone in the house. I came into the living room from the kitchen and there he was laying on the living room floor. Protecting me just as he had for the last 16 years. I know it was just an apparation, but at the time it seemed real, and I felt at ease knowing he was somewhere near.

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