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Have A Pet? Share Your Pet Psychic Adventures
Pet Psychics Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Pets seem to have the amazing ability to sense what we cannot, and, in ways that we don't understand, to communicate with us...perhaps even after death.

Evidence of pets’ psychic behavior is shown to pet owners on a daily basis. Stories of puzzling animal behavior can only be explained through psychic abilities. Such stories tell not only of remarkable homing behavior, but also of other equally extraordinary feats: pets that find their masters in places where they never travelled; animals that predict impending danger, including natural disasters; dogs that seem to sense their own death or that of their master's, hundreds of kilometers away.

We're looking for true life psychic pet stories from people just like you!

If you have a story, please submit it to We're looking for stories about extraordinary experiences that are submitted by people from every walk of life and from all over the world. Post your psychic pet experiences in the Comments section below.

Your story could include pet ghost encounters and vistations, pets saving you from danger, sensing illness or death, lost pet stories, pets sensing spirits, etc.

These stories - told in your own words – are testimonials of our bonds with our animal friends. So please share your stories with thousands of animal lovers around the world!

We encourage you to share your psychic pet experiences for the entire world on Post your angel experiences below right now.

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By Deianera, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:03:14 PM
I have a lovely cat, a blond tiger, who is psychic as well as very smart. His name is Kimba. He's an indoor cat; I've never allowed him outside- he's free of fleas & disease & I want him to stay that way. Our neighborhood is going downhill, & sometimes it seems to be full of bad energy. He always knows when something is about to happen- he starts to meow oddly & literally tears about my apartment, literally bouncing off the walls, trying to warn me. I'll burn some frankincense at such times; he calms right down when I do that. Frankincense dispels bad energy. One night when Kimba became agitated, a man had been shot dead and dumped right on my street, practically on my front doorstep! I found out soon enough- the street was full of police & even had their copter out, looking for the culprit. Another time, shots rang out on the street; yet another time, a man started beating his wife in my driveway. In each & every case, Kimba warned me just before the crimes occurred- he always seems to sense that something is about to happen. I don't know what I'd do without him- he's saved my from stepping out of doors at the worst possible moment so many times!
By cynthia, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:02:01 PM
I raised a german shepard his name was spooky. I would chain him in our backyard. We lived in the city very close to houses. One day when he was chained outside,he started to howal like a wolf,I thought what was wrong with him, well come to find out, there was and older woman that lived next door all by herself, and the people that lived upstairs from her didn't see her for awhile .You guessed it she was found dead in her apartment.After she was gone he stopped the howal.
By Janine, Thursday, January 28, 2010 07:40:44 PM
My orange tabby named Morris had been gone for over three days. He was originally a stray that had 'adopted' us, but couldn't adjust to being completely indoors and needed to go out a couple times a day for potty business and occasional 'hunting trips'. He'd never been gone away so long; I was getting pretty worried since we're in the country right by the highway. In my dream that night, I was in the woods, talking to my mother (who had passed away four years ago)as she stood across a fence from me, asking her to pray for Morris' safe return.As I turned to walk away, I saw a pile of leaves rustle, and Morris emerged from it. I woke up right after that and went to the front door to look again for him, and sure enough, he was right there! Where he'd been, heaven only knows, but goose-bumps and all, I was overjoyed to have him back.
By Bonnie, Thursday, January 28, 2010 07:23:37 PM
Just short hours after my cat Timmy passed,my husband and I began to hear a faint sound like that of the blinds in the bedroom window being moved. Timmy liked to sit in that particular window and look into the yard. We continued to hear the sound multiple times day and night for the next several days. The sound abruptly stopped the day we brought his ashes home to rest. It has not been heard since.
By Angelina, Thursday, January 28, 2010 07:09:14 PM
I have four stories which I will talk about that deals with my lovely cat I named Bella. She's almost a tabby, but I think she is considered to be a calico. She also has a little white strip down her back, which always makes me think of the skunk in Bugs Bunny. She'd be the cat being chased by the skunk! :) My cat didn't want me to go out one night. I was sick but tired of being in the house for the week. I should not have gone out. I got into a very bad accident, which gave me a brain injury. When I got home after being in the ICU for 4 days, and a regular room for a night and day, did she ever squawk up a storm, like she was say"see I told you!" After I was settled she never left my side until she had to eat, drink, or go to the cat box. The other story is that whenever I come home, or call home she knows before I get there. She wait's by the door for me about one minute or so before I get there. Or she will jump on the lap of who ever is on the phone, and starts meowing! When we lived with my Grandpa, she would wake him up. He has diabetes and she would jump on him if he has too low or too high blood sugar. She never let him sleep no matter if he just shrugged her off. When we are at my parents house, they have a dog made out of ashes and clay from one of our other dogs that we had that died. She sits beside it trying to look exactly like it, then she looks at it, as if the dog is talking to her about something. It really looks cute.
By Corinne, Thursday, January 28, 2010 06:39:01 PM
Our dog Angel passed away suddenly at the Vet's office getting her teeth cleaned at the young age of 8 years old. We were devastated when the Vet called me to say she had a massive heart attack during this simple procedure. That night, I prayed to God that please give me a sign or a dream that she was o.k. In my dream we were riding in an elevator. When the elevator opened, every breed of dog came running towards her. I said "Angel don't go", but she turned around and happily joined them awaiting her animal souls. I still hear her chain sometimes or still feel her against my leg when I am sleeping. This dream was a great comfort to me. Corinne from Canada January 28, 2010
By Sharon, Thursday, January 28, 2010 06:19:16 PM
I always had a close bond with Opie, my Siamese cat but I didn't realize how close until after she passed suddenly in April '09 at the age of 15. The following month I went to see a Pet Communicator. Opie told her she was very worried about my health and was there something the communicator could do to help her "Mama". She was really on top of my health issues and worried about me falling in the bathroom which I had done just before she passed. She was afraid I would fall again. She was also concerned about a family member who visits from time to time that upsets me emotionally. She went on about how bad it is for my health situation for me to get that upset and how I should just stay calm and avoid this person when he visits. The Pet Communicator told me "she's really got your back". It made me feel good to know she had paid so much attention to my situation and was trying to get help for me but the poor little thing didn't need to be sp worried. I'm ok. I was better knowing she was still around me. Another thing, she described something I had that could be used to communicate with her. The Pet Communicator described two long things with handles and I thought about it and realized she was talking about my dowsing rods. I haven't been able to communicate with her but I can locate her when she's here for a "visit". She's always right in her spot next to me. I miss her so much and it's a comfort to know she hangs out here now and then.
By Cathey, Thursday, January 28, 2010 06:13:37 PM
I had a pomeranian mix that came to our home when I was 5 years old. She died shortly after I left home after getting married, so should have been about 13 years old. My dad called her the old maid aunt as she never had puppies and mothered everyone in a bossy way. She always checked on all of us at night when we went to bed, getting on the bed with my parents, then me and my brother. My dad swore years later that he thought "Prissy" was still around, as he thought he could feel her jumping on the bed at night as though still checking on him & my mom since they remained in that house long after we kids were gone.
By Mike, Thursday, January 28, 2010 05:50:01 PM
When I was in about the 7th grade we had a little male dog that was half chihuahua and half peekenise. He was the runt of the little, so he was very small. I love animals, but must say that was the smartest dog I have ever seen. We lived in an old house that had window unit a/c's. Well, sometime during the early morning hours our house was struck by lightening....and the strike went directly into the power breaker box. We had some floor lamps that caught fire and the television burnt up. But, the main concern seemed to be the big window unit in the living room. Well he went into mom and dad's bedroom and got in bed with them. He then pulled all the covers off of them and got on my Mother's pillow and started nuzzeling her in the ear and on her face....she woke and told him to go back to bed. He got on his hind legs on the floor and grabbed her by her nightgown and started pulling. Then he would let go and run to the bedroom door and bark and then come back to Mother and repeat the whole process. He did this until Mother got up. When she got up he took her straight to the air condidtioner that was on fire. I am 51 years old now, but I believe had it not been for that litttle dog we would have all perished in a fire.
By Nadine, Thursday, January 28, 2010 05:40:29 PM
I am the owner of four Shih Tzu's and unfortunatley one Passed away at the age of six. She never crossed over we feel her at our feet and hear her digging in our dog crates when the others are not in there. She passed away young and we took it really hard and I believe she has always stayed with us and her friends that she left behind, she is waiting for them to come home and then she will be with them, and can be at peace as there is no one over in the heavens that she knows right now so I truly believe she is earth bound till one of us or my other ShiH Tzu's crosses over. I have taken pictures of the kitchen floor where our dog dishes stay and I feel her presense and sure enough an orb comes up on film. I truly believe she is waiting for someone here. But her memory always lives on in this house constantly.We built a beautiful monument for her in her memory and we have never forgotten the love we had for her and still have as I still tear up thinking about her. God bless her little soul. Love you Mindy. MOM

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