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How Numbers Relate Can Affect Your Wealth
Numbers Related to Wealth Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Have you ever wondered how numbers affect your ability to earn money, give away money, and just circulate wealth in general? Numbers have many general meanings, but symbolically they can also have an impact on how prosperous you will be in a certain areas of life.

This is an article about how numbers impact your wealth. You can use the interpretations below to analyze anything, including your own birth date. Simply use the usual formula of reducing the number to a single digit. Double digits are not necessary for this kind of reading, as it is very rudimentary.
For example, you could just use your birth date. Let’s just say it is July 20, 1975. That would break down to 7 (for month of July) plus 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 9 plus 7 plus 5, which equals 31 which equals a 4. You would read the interpretation below and divine that this is not that luckiest number for wealth garnering and you may have to work hard for every penny you earn.

You could also apply the interpretations below to any ventures started on a certain date. For instance, if you wanted to start a business on August 1, 2009, you would add 8 (for month of August) plus 1 plus 2 plus 9, which equals 20 which equals a 2. In this case, you would notice that this is not the greatest money gathering number because it is very dependent on your relationship with others. It works best for charities and philanthropic causes, as 2 is a number about sharing.

Each of the first nine numbers has a corresponding energy to it that has can tell how a person will deal with wealth, prosperity, and money-making in the long run. Learning the energy of each single number is a good way to begin to get a picture of your potential to make money.


If you reduce to a number 1, you will definitely come first somehow when it comes to money. You will be a priority when it comes time to dole out the prosperity. However, as it is also a number of beginnings, you may find yourself repeatedly starting things, but never finishing them. Luckily, this is not a number that tends to get deeply into debt. The number 1 is a leader and is excellent at building wealth. Often, the prosperity attracted by this individual is enjoyed by others as this number loves to build empires. However, they do not always last.


This is one of the less profitable numbers, just simply because it does not have the ability to accumulate resources and wealth. The money made tends to flow out to others. It does come back, but often in even amounts. It is hard for a 2 to get ahead in life because they can’t resist using that credit card. The 2 is also generous to a flaw and they love presenting their loved ones with the most expensive gift money can buy. The number 2’s love of luxury often shoots them into debt. A 2 can spend their whole life trying to pay off one mortgage or credit card.


This is a naturally lucky number that easily and expediently acquires wealth. However, one of the famous characteristics of a 3, is that this personality spends money almost as fast as it is made. So it is not a great number when it comes to the accumulation of property or wealth. However, it is a very happy-go-lucky number. The 3 tends to always be a bit short of cash because they can be very impulsive with their spending. Their greatest talent is the ability to make a great deal of money using their talents as well. They are also very likely to get into debt, yet at the same time they get out debt faster than other numbers as well.


The 4 is not necessarily destined to be poor for their entire lives but this number must work very hard for every single cent he or she makes. This number can struggle to make a living for life. Often the number comes with some kind of disability or setback that makes it difficult for them to make as much money as others. It is the number that is the very least likely to ever win the lottery. However, it is also voted one of the most likely to be make money from investments, as the number 4 has a “slow and steady wins the race” type of vibration. There are a lot of 4’s that can boast rags to riches type stories. The problem is that often once they make money everyone is also after it.


The Number 5 is good at math, analyzing situations, and making lemons out lemonades in general. This number is entrepreneurial and good at business. However, they can be absurdly extravagant and adopt the “you only go round once “attitude to money. They get rich as long as they stay organized and keep within their budgets. Every now and then, they blow a lot of money as they are always confident that they can replace it. It is naturally lucky money and many number fives build empires. They have a streak of philanthropy and they get along well with others. They really value gifts and can be very materialistic. The Number 5 often believes that money must be given away and it always returns to them. Fate rewards them with everything they need in life, as a karmic reward for the good attitude.


This is a very fortunate number financially that symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and abundance. The 6 sometimes inherits money, as it is a number that is associated with gifts and family. Wealth is often acquired through marriage or even bestowed on them by a philanthropist or patron (this can be very true of a six who is an artist). This number almost never has to worry about cash flow. They do not become really wealthy, but the cupboard is never bear. They are great at paying mortgages and credit card debt on time. They are excellent parents and providers. There are usually no extreme financial highs or lows for a 6’s personality, as they are very wise when they come to their finances.


This number often has financial challenges just because 7’s are eccentric and spicy. Usually, the individual earns significant prosperity, but just does not care about it. The 7 is also most likely to make millions from one eccentric ideal. It is a number that is also very likely to win the lottery. The downside of this number is hoarding or using wealth for less than ethical purposes. The 7 can go wacky and get a “mission” or give money to a charity or cause that is like a black hole that eats up every available cent. 7’s also have a bad habit of signing contracts or agreements that are not that lucrative financially. Many inventors, artists, and writers have this number and they are not often capable of taking care of themselves financially.


The number 8 is the one that symbolizes big bucks, but it can also symbolize extreme losses. It is the number that means “you have to spend money to make money.” Very often 8’s live well among their means. They can get deeply into debt because they must be better than the status quo and have the right shoes, the right car and the right house. The 8 is also the number that is voted most likely to steal money from others. They are also great when it comes manipulating others into giving them money. This can be used for selfish ends or positively to build a community or benefit a charity.


This is a number that attracts money easily and effortlessly, but it also spends it as fast as it comes in. 9’s are prosperous, but they find it difficult to hold onto wealth for long. They are the impulse buyers in the numerology pantheon. Many 9’s don’t like or respect money, as it is not that spiritual. The philanthropic part of them just gives money away. Unfortunately, this is not a number that recovers financial losses that easily, so they are best off to try and save during times like the recession. This is not a naturally lucky number either, but as it is a compulsive number, gambling is often on the agenda. They are also quite bad at business and need a lot of steerage from a financial expert to do well.

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By Heidi, Friday, August 07, 2009 03:56:33 AM
Hi Kathleen, your date of birth is 7-30-1959? so... add all the numbers together, like this... 7+(3+0=3)3+1+9+5+9= 7+3+24= 7+3+6=16 1+6=7 so your number is (7)
By Heidi, Friday, August 07, 2009 03:50:27 AM
what about master numbers, 11 and 22? These two numbers can not be reduced! Hello Maria, your birthday is 4-11-1963? 4+11+1+9+6+3=34, so 3+4=7! Your number is (7)...
By Kathleen, Friday, July 17, 2009 11:32:22 AM
Hello, I just did my date of birth 7-30-1959 = to 34, now what do i need to do? I'm just alittle confused thanks please help GOD BLESS..K.T.S. FROM SAINT LOUIS MO,
By patricia, Wednesday, July 15, 2009 10:22:18 PM
i am a 1 and yes i begin things over and over. patricia
By Maria E., Tuesday, July 14, 2009 03:51:53 PM
Hello there,okay this article is very interesting.Also, it confused me a bit.Okay,I did the basic adding to it, for my 4-11-1963. Equals to a 25, so what's next? Do I just divide the 25? Or do I use my month of birth? I wondered, how numbers can affect my ability to earn money. Overall,I think my number is 4? Thank you, God Bless...M.E.C...from Fayetteville,N.C.
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