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How To Read Tea Leaves
How to Read Tea Leaves Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Reading tea leaves is also known as “tasseography” or “tasseomancy”.  It is an ancient Chinese practice that spread to Europe with nomadic gypsies in the mid-1800s.

Any reader in a psychic parlor will tell you that the key to a successful tea reading is to make the tea correctly. First of all, you need to make tea with loose tea that is any flavor. This means not using a tea bag. Teas that are made of fine-grained dust work best.

The teacup you use is also very important. Make sure it is white or a very light pastel color and that it has a wide brim. You also need a wide saucer and a teaspoon.
To initiate the reading, boil the water and pour it into a teapot. Have the person who is to perform the reading toss the leaves into the teapot. Brew the tea without using a strainer. Pour the cups of tea and let it cool to room temperature.

Have the person to be read concentrate on a specific question while sipping the tea.  Tell the person drinking the tea to leave a tiny bit of liquid at the bottom of the cup.  Take the cup from your subject and, using your left hand, swirl it around clockwise three times. Then cover the top of the cup with your right hand making sure to swirl the leaves up the side of the cup.

Once you have done this, it is time to look into the cup and make your predictions!

Examining the patterns in the bottom of a tea cup is a truly intuitive art but here are some ideas of what various symbols and patterns mean.

Acorn: financial success

Angel:  good news

Ants: an unpleasant trial or challenge

Apple: money is coming

Arrow: bad news in love

Axe: danger to you or a friend

Bell: good news

Bear: bad luck

Boat: a visit from a friend

Bull: arguing with friends

Butterfly: unexpected happiness

Candle:  luck in the future

Cross: a sacrifice will be made

Daisy: A new love

Dog: a good friend

Eggs:  assured success

Eye: caution

Face: a new friend

Flag: impending danger

Foot:  walking away from the past

Fountain:  great happiness

Fruit: hopes

Grapes: happiness


Hand: help is coming from a friend

Hat: promotion on the job

Jar: pregnancy

Kettle: a sign of peace in the home
Kite: wishes that will come true

Ladder: success in business
Leaf: a new life

Lock: obstacles will stop you

Mushroom:  a disturbance

Necklace: you will have many admirers

Oyster: an impending marriage

Pig: greed

Question mark: uncertain future or questionable morals

Rabbit: bravery or an impending pregnancy

Rat: a dishonest person

Ring: an upcoming marriage

Rose: popularity

Shoe: success in business or travel

Snake: an enemy is near

Shark: bankruptcy

Spider: reward for work

Sword: future arguments

Teapot: good times

Turtle; criticism from others

Umbrella: protection

Vase: a secret admirer

Wagon: hard times ahead

Waterfall: abundance

Witch: a strange occurrence

Wolf: jealousy

In general, triangles bring good fortune, squares the need for caution, and circles bring great success. Letters that are formed can be the initials of friends and numbers can reflect an age or a span of time!

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By Marie, Friday, December 03, 2010 03:04:19 PM
No, its not a typo. It means that the tea leaves need to be very small so that they stick together. If large tea leaves are used, they won't stick together to make a good symbol. Hope this 'splains it.
By Happy, Friday, December 03, 2010 01:56:55 PM
Is this a typo? "Teas that are made of fine-grained dust work best." It makes no sense to me...I always thought you read tea LEAVES. Right?
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