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How To Use The Healing Touch
How To Use Healing Touch Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Healing Touch is an "energy therapy” that uses gentle hand movements and the psyche to help heal the body, mind, and soul. It is based on the conviction that every human has a field of energy that interacts constantly with the environment. The goal of it is to use the interaction between the practitioner and the patient to restore harmony and health to the person’s energy system.

There are many different types of healing touch sessions, but for the most part they all have the same type of spiritual process. First of all, the practitioner tries to calm, center, and ground the person being treated so that any channeling or thought projections will be received positively by the patient.

The practitioner, depending on what discipline they are using, will also channel or access higher energies, try to connect with spirit guides, or try to connect spiritually with the higher self of the individual being treated. In general, the goal of energy therapies is to bring energy into the patient or balance the energy within a patient. Some healing touch practitioners call themselves light workers because of this. Many of them envision the energy itself as light.

Sometimes, the healing touch does not involve the hands. Practitioners may use stones, crystal wands, sacred objects, light, sound, and magnets to treat a patient. However, for the most part, these therapies involve the manipulation of the hands above the body in a fluid, flowing motion.

Healing Touch, Reiki, Qigong, and therapeutic touch are all therapies that employ this type of treatment. Most of these treatments find their origins in Asia. Sometimes, the chakras are treated – the seven energy centers in the body.

In some, the person being treated is actually touched and in others the patient lies on the table. In Qigong, the individual may be required to perform movements as well that complement the psychic energies being projected by the practitioner.

Many people swear by energy healing, but science so far has had no real way of measuring this quantitatively. So keep this in mind before you get this type of treatment. It is not scientifically proven, but it does seem to help. Many practitioners advise using it in conjunction with other cures. However, they are techniques that are “shamanic” in origin and have been practiced for thousands of years. This is because the ancients believed that illness was due to energy imbalance. Correcting this imbalance is ultimately is the point of healing touch therapies. Acupuncture and Yoga are also all about correcting these energy imbalances in the body and can be accomplished without the help of a practitioner.

Healing Touch can also compliment other healing modalities that a person might be using, including body or mind oriented therapies such as massage, guided imagery, acupressure, music therapy, meditation and psychotherapy.

You can easily learn how to do healing touch by yourself at home. Many people are natural healers and it is believed also to be an ability that can be passed down through families.


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By Michel, Monday, September 07, 2009 11:12:23 AM
I tend to focus on what I see as an imbalance of chakras. Call it a curse or a skill, but being an empath and visual person (writer and filmmaker by training), I see chakras in the form of clouds. Very few people are balanced electrically or electromagnetically, and I see that imbalance in the form of white or gray clouds in the areas of the body where where energy is clogged or congested. Most sessions of touch healing deal with leveling off that energy throughout the body through. I am shown pressure release points at various areas of the body where I am to apply hands to allow the excessive energy to flow freely. Most people I treat tend to go into a semi trance and are shown waves of imagery they find astounding. Being an empath helps in this practice, as energy shows me various ways of placing hands for maximum effect.
By Deanne, Monday, September 07, 2009 09:18:37 AM
There was an Amish girl, who was around 3 years old,who had irreversible liver disease, due to the parents marrying too close of a relative.She was no doubt going to die.When they weren`t looking i touched her head and prayed for God to give her a few more years, because when a child has this, they don`t usually live beyond 3.She lived to be 11 years old, and was in and out of a children`s hospital.Do you think i helped her?I felt like energy was going in to her when i did it.I have been told that i have healing powers, i don`t claim to, i just wanted the child to live longer.
By naomi, Wednesday, March 18, 2009 01:43:44 AM
You can tell your stomach ache to go away; or even gently rub your own stomach and talk your body into relaxing; and it works. Or whatever part of your body that aches, just put your hand on it, and tell your body to relax, and then do so. Tell that body part to feel better and relax it, and visualize that body part relaxing. Sometimes, I ask God to relax my aching muscle or, to help me to visualize a stomach ache going away. The results can be instant. It also helps children. My mom used to calmly and gently brush her hand over my forehead and over my head; to put me to sleep and calm me down when I was a little girl. And parents gently rub their kids tummies to calm down a tummy ache, and tell the kids that this takes away the tummy ache. It doesn't get rid of the tummy ache completely all the time, but it helps. But you should always go to the doctor if you think that it is really serious. Use your common sense. A mild tummy ache, like gas is something you can help with, or in the meantime before going to the doctor if you think that it is serious.
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