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Interview With A Spirit Guide
Interview with a Spirit Guide Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

The following is an excerpt from a research trance session in which Francine was asked questions about what she does on the Other Side and about the concept of time. Some of this may seem a little redundant, but it bears repeating because it shows how interested the ministers are in Francine’s knowledge and what she does in her “job” as my guide. For the sake of clarity, the questions asked of Francine are in italics.

You don’t have time on the Other Side.

No, we do not.

We’re time-bound, while you have…..let’s call it “duration.” You engage in conversation, right?

Oh yes.

We experience duration differently, depending on our psychological state – if we’re having a great time, it’s over quickly; but if we’re miserable, things just seem to drag on.

But you don’t understand, it’s because you are time-bound that you experience this. Without time, there is constraint duration – we have no deadlines. Well, we do know that we would like to see this lecture, but if we don’t catch it, it will come again. And the one thing that we find with people who come over is that the hardest orientation for them is to know that there is time for everything.

You don’t have to watch the clock.

No. We don’t have a dinner hour, we don’t have people coming home for something, we don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time. If we want to amble over to a lecture, we do. If we’ve missed it, we can always catch it on the scanner, or it will return again.

Okay, you have a sense of the linear time, in that if you miss a lecture, you could just go back 15 minutes, in some sense, and pick up the lecture where it started?

No, I wouldn’t have to, because everything is rotating in a circle.

What is your experience of duration, and how does that coincide with your being in Sylvia now and then?

I have had to become time-bound; I also had to learn very early that I couldn’t contact her at four in her morning because she got very aggravated with that.

So is there a part of you that’s monitoring Sylvia as you’re wandering about on the Other Side?

Of course. I can see when she is sleeping, and I can see when she is lying in a prone position and her eyes are closed. I can also see when she is more open, because I have been with her so long. All of  your guides can see that. We are – or at least we try to be – diplomatic and tactful about your life.

So when she needs you, how do you get that recall notice?

Well, I’m always with her.

You’re also off in the garden and at the lecture…

We always have a visual of the person we’re with. Let me give you an example: How many times can a mother be talking to someone, but she’s always got that inner eye on her child? She always has that sixth sense of her child even if she is not there.

It’s like a psychic link?

It is a psychic link, but it is also a sensory link

Sylvia gets up at around 7 A.M. Where were you?

I was at a lecture.

So when did you next come back and visit her?

I was with her at the lecture.

What were you doing when Sylvia was having lunch?

I was in a garden.

So how much did you do between her waking and the garden?

It all blends. It was all very quick to me, just as your time is very quick to all of us here – 80 years in your time is like weeks to us. The only thing that helps us guides is the fact that we’re more slowed down, otherwise we would blink and it would be all over. You see, you want time to bind us, and it cannot. You have the seasons and you get old and you die – we don’t. Time takes its toll on you, and we don’t have that because we have no “time” in your sense of the word.

Realizing that we’re time-bound and you’re not, when you’re tracking us, you’re not looking at time and space as being two separate entities?

That’s right. We’re just watching a fish in a big ocean, that’s all…and we don’t really know what the point of the ocean is – we don’t have a reference point.

So as guides you’re just stepping in and tuning in to us using our time as a point of reference, not yours?

Yes. The only way we can track it is within your time framework, but it means nothing to us. The cosmology of your time is quite ridiculous to us, even though we all lived in it when we were in life. We find it to be amazingly archaic…yet we know that it has to be.

So the only thing in our time that has slowed light to the speed that we think it is are our restricted minds, and in reality it’s instantaneous?

Yes, and the only way we can relate to that is to become somewhat humanized so that we get into your time framework, or else we wouldn’t care.    

So you almost have to isolate yourself from your own dimensional perspective to get into ours to view it, right?

All of us can view without isolation, but guides have to isolate themselves and descend into your dimension to become more humanized.

So on the Other Side, you know that there are all these things you want to study and research, and you just do it, as opposed to our side where we worry, “I’m this age…what am I supposed to be learning and doing?”

That’s right. And you always ask yourself, “Oh my God, have I missed it?” “Am I too old for school?” “Do I want to start a family – how much time do I have for that?” and “How much time do I  have before I retire?” And it’s all mass confusion and hysteria. Your time is your stress is what I’m saying – it’s so stressful. If you had time removed from you, I promise that you would have 98 percent of your anxiety taken away.

So on the Other Side, you know that there are all these things you want to study and research, and you just do it, as opposed to our side where we worry, “I’m this age…what am I supposed to be learning and doing?”

That’s right. And you always ask yourself, “Oh my God, have I missed it?” “Am I too old for school?” “Do I want to start a family – how much time do I have for that?” and “How much time do I have before I retire?” And it’s all mass confusion and hysteria. Your time is your stress is what I’m saying – it’s so stressful. If you had time removed from you, I promise that you would have 98 percent of your anxiety taken away.

Could you address the fact of interdimensional causation, such as how much the negativity on this plane affects yours, or how much the positive energy on your plane affects ours?

The positive energy on our plane infringes on you tremendously; the negativity of your plane does not bother us. The only way negativity bothers us is in being a guide and in being humanized to perform that function. There is no negativity on my side, but because guides become humanized to have a certain empathy and understanding of their charges, they sometimes absorb some negativity when their charges go through tremendous trauma or pain. Guides who become overloaded with negativity and pain from watching what their charges have to go through go into a cleansing type of therapy on my side to stay at maximum functioning level. I have gone through this myself when Sylvia was enduring so much emotion and pain. This keeps us guides at our maximum efficiency level.

In Sylvia’s Journey of the Soul books, they talk about us being a spark of the Divine, and then when we’re about two years old, this veil of ignorance or forgetfulness comes over us….Can you explain that further?

Yes. Let me explain it to you like this. You have all been trained on our side to be, for lack of a better word, survivalists. You have been trained to come down to the dark shadow lands, which is Earth. You’ve been helped by the Council, you’ve been talked to by guides and angels, and that is all in the morphic resonance of your being. But part of that training or knowledge is going to be forgotten, just like when you take subjects in school and forget part of the teaching later on in life. So we have to almost put it in your limbic brain as the instinctual knowledge to survive. That’s why it’s so harsh to commit suicide, because that’s defying the instinctual programming of survival and completing your chart for God.

Just before you enter into an incarnation, we tell you that you’ll be brainwashed by the world, but something in your soul will rise up to survive. The more spiritual you become, the more you’ll rise up again and again, and the more things will be made clearer. Don’t you see what that is? That’s stripping away all the worldly things of this planet so that you become pure spirit again; but the only way you can become pure spirit is to come down into the shadow lands through incarnations. And each time there’s a layer that’s peeled away until you do become more evolved and become pure spirit, and that’s what everyone is aspiring to.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Anne, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 10:09:11 PM
Thank you, Love Always,Anne angelsloveannetwitter jacksanne@aol
By Joni, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 02:36:40 PM
Thank you so much for sharing this article, it is very informative. I myself do not know who my spirit guide is or how they let me know that they are near. Each day I live my life I try to figure out what I am suppose to accomplish before I go. Hopefully some day Soon I will figure that out. Thank You again Sylvia for all you do to help people. God Bless
By Karen, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 01:01:41 PM
Thank you for sharing this transcript! It does help to understand from both sides of the relationship! I do talk to my spirit guide, don't have their name, but it is not so important for me to know the name - I know they are there. And I feel we have a good working relationship! I am always open for signs, words of advise, special notice to be placed on things, people and places that have meaning for me. I feel I am shedding the layers, becoming more spiritual, spreading light and love - it can be a struggle with some dark entities, but I am learning to avoid or work around them. In light & love!
By Brenda, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 10:04:05 AM
I have not found my spirit guide as of yet, but want to as soon as possible. I do believe everyone has a purpose and a reason why they are here. I wish I knew my reason, but I don't. I have had a great deal of pain and grief throughout my years here, but i've also had great joy and blessings. I appreciate all that Sylvia does for us and God Bless her and her family.
By sherry, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 09:36:22 AM
A question was asked of Francine,"In Sylvia's Jounrney of the Soul books, they talk about us being a spark of the Devine, and then when we're about two years old, this viel of ignorance or forgetfulness comes over us.... Can you explain further?" I was wondering if this why children begin to start tempertantrums because they are beginng to loose their menory of the otherside and are being bombarded with all the nagativity of this planet? Sherry in CO
By Robin, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 07:51:59 AM
I have found as I age and grow that time is like this. Everyone rushes around.. worrying if they have time for this or time for that.. Oh I have to go to the store.. but theres no time.. yes there is.. go to an all night store.. make time.. we rush through our "lives" and worry constantly about time.. I admire older people going back to school.. who is to say thats only for young people?? no one.. marrying at an older age.. some people say things about that.. but hey.. why not.. is that only for young people too? Everyone needs to STOP and SMELL THOSE ROSES and stop worrying so much about time. Sleep when you are sleepy.. eat when you are hungry.. marry when you fall in love.. why should there be a TIME stamp on things.. I think it is rediculous for people to constantly say you have to sleep 8 hours a day.. well if you tell your body you need 8 hours because people say so.. then ok you will.. then you should eat three meals a day at such and such time.. no.. eat when you are hungry.. why go to school or marry at 82? because you are wanting to learn.. or because you are in love...
By cathy, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 11:33:59 PM
By Derrick, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 10:48:40 PM
Thank you God, Iana, Sylvia, Chris and all members of the Novus Spiritus for you hard work to bring forth the truth.
By naomi, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 08:06:58 PM
Youtube 'Special Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein' This is how Albert Einstein discovers that time can be shortened and lengthened, and also time changes regarding whose perspective it is taken by.
By naomi, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 07:50:43 PM
Youtube 'Time travel with proof'

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