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John Edward's Psychic Life
John Edward's Psychic Life Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures John Edward is an internationally known medium and psychic. Well regarded for his television shows, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country, millions have watched him connect with the loved ones on The Other Side for the gallery (the audience). John Edward's friendly and natural personality combined with his good sense of humor make him like the best friend you just happen to have -- who can also talk to the dead. John Edward has performed psychic readings and uses his medium ways to talk to the dead for many celebrity clients, both on and off his television shows.

John Edward was born October 19, 1969 in Glen Cove, New York known as Long Island, New York. Even at a young age, John Edward was having psychic experiences. His police officer father was very proud that his son could spell extremely difficult words; he thought John Edward was a "genius" -- it turned out he was getting the information psychically.

John was having psychic chats and out of body experiences as a toddler. He first saw a psychic, Lydia Clar, at the age of sixteen at a psychic house party at his mother's house. John Edward did not want to have a psychic reading and went in originally to prove the psychic wrong. Lydia told him that she was there specifically to meet him and that John Edward was meant to do what she did. He would become a psychic and would be one day internationally known. John Edward laughed; he thought she was out of her mind. Lydia then also gave him specific information about the girl he was dating -- which turned out to be dead accurate. John stopped laughing.

John Edward started studying psychic development and took a class with Sandy Anastasi. Sandy Anastasi decided that he was too advanced for her class and so he "graduated" early. He began working at the local psychic fair where he was the youngest psychic there. As he did psychic readings and began talking to the dead, people's loved ones would come through with messages.

John Edward began to start his psychic readings telling people that he would be happy to give them a psychic reading, but first he "had" to give them some messages. People kept returning to talk to their loved ones. One woman, who found John Edward after she had come from a funeral, came back the very next day with the entire family.

John Edward's mother was always quite supportive of his psychic abilities. Sadly, she passed from cancer just before John turned twenty-one. They promised to communicate with each other, and to have three signs that would "prove" that connection took place. In his books, John Edward does chronicle that having these signs is exactly the wrong thing for someone to do, but that he did receive each of the three signs within about a ten year period following her death. Many people have approached him saying they have "a sign" from his mother.

As an adult, John Edward worked in health care, as a phlebotomist. John Edward was also studying for a degree in Health Care Administration at Long Island University. At this time his spirit guides, who John Edward calls "the Boys," told him that he was to work full-time as a medium. John left his position and gave psychic readings and lectures full time.

John Edward published his first book One Last Time in 1998. In 1999, John Edward had his own television show, Crossing Over with John Edward. Crossing Over with John Edward was televised from 1999 to 2004 in the U.S.A. on the Sci-Fi Network and the U.K. on LIVINGtv. On his television show, Edward gives free psychic readings to audience members, often talking to the dead, and audience members share feedback about the readings and information about the loved one's life.

In 2006, John Edward's new television show first appeared on WE, the Women's Entertainment Channel. In the first season of the show, John Edward was shown giving readings to large audiences at public venues. The second season was similar to the Crossing Over with John Edward television show.

John Edward has written a number of best-selling books, including his first book called One Last Time, Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories and After Life: Answers From the Other Side. He has also created audio programs including Developing Your Own Psychic Powers and Understanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides

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By jenna, Friday, December 31, 2010 07:36:51 AM
Hello, I wish you the best in all your endeavors. I hope you may not know me, and I don't know who you are, my Name is Miss jenna I am just browsing now and immediately I saw your post it seems like some thing touches me i be come interested in you.send an email to my private box,( for more introduction also i will send my pic to you so we can know more about each other. thanks yous jenna.
By Jim, Friday, July 30, 2010 01:22:44 PM
This is why I think that John Edward is a douche. He may argue that he hears voices of dead people in his head; however that's just called intuition. He needs to get over himself and let people know that he's playing a trick on people so he can get a lot of money and fame. However he still argues that he gives people closer and a way of life, but really he is giving them false hope and a believe in something at isn't real. Since he trys to make people believe that he hears voices in his head he is also a stupid douche. Even me, a 12 year old boy could do a psychic reading on someone. They use a "psychic" method called cold reading which has been used over hundreds of years to make people believe them. However some of his fans will just say things like "He is for real, because he knew my dead mother's name and when she died." Look, the technique to cold reading, I can say that I want to acknowledge the name "Peter". Somebody may say that their husband was called Peter, so I could then ask them "Does the month December mean anything significant to him?" That person could then say "Yes it's my Birthday in December." Then I would reply "He says Happy Birthday! This gives me the applause for absolutely nothing. John Edward even has the whole studio wired to hear what people are talking about before the show, plus he sometimes pays actors to be on his shows as well. John Edward may say that he gives people positive and gives them hope, so how does that make him a douche. I can answer that very simply with, because the big questions in life are "why are we here?" "Where are we going?" "Where are we from?" If people believe in asshole, douchey liars like him then we are never going to find the real answers to those questions. He isn't just lying he's slowing down the progress of all mankind. That douche. Now at first I thought you people were all just stupid listening to this douche's advice, but now I understand because you're scared. You want to believe in his lies because knowing that you're dead relatives are floating around everywhere trying to comfort you gives you hope, but think about. Is that really what you want? To float around when you're dead having to talk with that asshole John Edward. We need to recognize the stuff for what it is. Because what's really going on in life and death gives us the meaning of life, trying to find out what we're all doing here, and I think that's much more exciting than what that douche John Edward is saying. There is nothing special about John Edward; he needs to get over himself. I hope this has changed your mind about what John Edward, the douche makes you feel.
By Carl, Sunday, October 04, 2009 05:48:37 AM
Sure John is interesting to listen to. But is he the real deal? Numerous skeptics, magicians and scholars have debunked him as a total fraud. Some researchers have come to the conclusuion that John is indeed psychically gifted. Dr.Gary Shwartz, a Harward educated psychology professor, now at UC Arizona who conducts The Human Energy Systems (Veritus Group)conducted a rigerous study on five famous psychics several years ago. It involved blind studies, double blind studies even triple blind studies. In conclusion Dr. Shwartz was blown away with John's accuracy in these strictly monitored tests. This is the ONLY reason I can place some stock into John's work and not think of him as a monetary villain preying on people's emotions like the way Sylvia Browne and James Van Praag does.
By Kevin, Thursday, September 25, 2008 02:45:45 AM
Well Im here as you knew I would show up. You have knowen me as the shade tree scientist, and I can use water as a fuel source, I have designed submarines as a hobby. I am needing a break, funding to go into the world with my inventions and ideas that would change the world. Help me if you can... So I can Help... Thank you, K R K.
By nancy, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 12:42:01 PM
Hi Jan, I just read your comment to John about his not answering you personally. Did you know that he is booked 7 yrs. ahead like Sylvia Browne?? These people have written books and told us personally,"WE DO NOT NEED A PSYIC TO COMMUNICATE WITH OUR LOVED ONES." I say Buy a book "Crossing Over" John Wrote and Sylvia's One about "Life on the Other side and Back" she has so many can't name here. I will tell you personally that I learned from both of them. Oprah just had a web event "A NEW Earth" that told us how to be "STILL." Our minds take up ALL of our time and we must learn to sit still so the quite Space can widen in which our 6th + senses can bopp us on the head with info and our spirit guides can whisper to us when a sign is sent by our loved ones. Get on Oprah's web sight and view that 10 weeks seminar, it will change your life especially in this area to hear your loved ones. My 45 Yr.old partner passed 1-27-2007. We would talk about whomever crossed 1st would do this and that. A couple things that he has done for me. I was at my doc. appt. sits next to a railroad track (but trains do not use it very much and NEVER while I have attended her, years.) This one AM I was talking to his picture telling him how I missed him and love him so much. I told him I felt him near me and when I am down my cat comes and lays right on my body as I lay on my side. This is something my cat started doing after he passed. Sylvia said these are ways they touch us to let us know they are here every minute. It is an easy way for those in spirit to reach us since it takes a lot of energy to reach us in our dimention. My cat even takes his paw and touches my face and looks at me so intently that I know he is looking at me through his eyes. Now about the train, Doc. and I began our visit and WOW, "WHOO WHOO WHOO WHOO WHOO" Right outside her window, I said, "Hi R., Love you, I know you are saying HI from the Other side." You must believe or things will not happen. There won't be visits unless you practice Psyic meditations to get in contact with their vibbs. Other ways, R. Knew I loved to feed the birds and I talked to them. After I came home from Hospital and helping him cross over, I sat in my car with a photo of him 8 1/2 X 11. All of a sudden I heard this bird "singing at the top of his lungs" I said, "Where are you birdy?" I leaned out of car and looked up and there sat the teenist bird I ever saw on my electric wires, He "looked down" at me and keep singing me a song, I looked up and said, "Birdy I hear your lovly song and R. I know you sat him there to sing for me, thankyou so much." I was crying tears of joy and he flew away and My heart became light and joyfull from this visit he shared with me. Songs on the radio, after he passed Angel songs from Madonna to anyone that penned angel songs. "The Lips of an Angel" I always called him my angel and I kissed him many many times as I helped him cross over, songs are very powerful. I jotted down things that happen over and over in that 40 + days after he left. Now I know they have their jobs to do (FROM SYLVIA AND HER BOOKS) so I do not want to let them think I am dependent on signs they are here but times that I have been down (Not begging for them to show a sign) I have been driving down a busy three lane highway (Big in our area) and a Butterfly flits in front of my Windshield, come on, this doesn't happen very much, "My first with this action" But I rejoyced and said an "Hello to Him". Rays from the sky are another way I feel my son and Partner and other relatives touch in with me. Many times the whole sky in a huge semi circle full of rays, (My son loved flashlights in his bed and this was always an hello from the other side for years) My partner knew this was special to me and that when large ones came I picture all my loved ones with J.W. Shinning down their lights from over there to say,"It won't be long, hang in there we shall be here to welcome you home." So you see Dear Jan, Don't look for "BIG" stuff you know your loved one and what they liked and they know what you like. BE STII in the NOW (Notliving in where you are going or wht if's, or past pain-stories--But Present in the NOW. Then you will not miss their Suttle things that warm the spirit by saying an hello in "There Own WAY". I pray that you know that the Other Side has NO NEGITIVITY. If there were issues, they are no more, and there is pure Love and Joyfullness over there. We can experience that same Love and Joyfullness in all things when we learn to take Mind and thought from our heads and replace it with "FREE OPEN SPACE" where you can hear the whispers from your loved ones. A great thing that just happend a week ago, I was looking for a book I needed to give me the words I needed to handle a situation. I had been searching and searching and finally I stood STILL and got my mind still, (Not labeling what I saw like sky or water, I just visioned them and let the fan (did not identify it as a fan) and was still moments, when a form came I then said," I need help in finding a so and so book" I walked into another room and my eyes were drawen to the floor where I saw an OLD Diaper pin Of J.W's. with a yellow duckie on end and I had pined a DOVE Tac Pin on it so I didn't lose it. As I bent down and picked it up, my head turned (by someone) to the left, I should have been looking down on the floor, and there on the left corner at my face were a couple books buried with STUFF, I giggled and the second one way deep from STUFF I knew it was the book I misplaced months before after reading it. This was not a coinsidence it was pure help and love helping me from the other side. I never would have found that book unless I began clearing the mess-piled up. So, Jan I hope this answers some of your ?'s. Sharing on these forums is awesome. Your loved ones WENT HOME, not to some strange place but to a peaceful Loving place where Our creater is and we live a full and wonderful life exsists for us to go home to. LOL Nancy Bisset From New Oxford, pa.
By Jan, Monday, August 11, 2008 05:50:22 PM
how do we get our answers when we ask a question's? I have a younger sister and father that has passed I would love to hear from them I never got to say bye to my day before he passed. I love John Edwards
By Aries, Friday, August 01, 2008 06:08:06 PM
The fact that you people honestly think that John posted this is appalling. Seriously, WHY!? Why on Earth do you think that he would be the one to post this? It's an article -ABOUT- John Edwards, NOT an article WRITTEN by him. This is why I prefer the Feng Shui blog.
By nancy, Wednesday, July 30, 2008 11:34:26 PM
HI Dartz, thankyou for your reply to my comments, and my dear R. did cross peacefully and it was a very tender time for me, touching him singing to him and praying and quoteing verses of the Bible that his madear loved. I really get perturbed with those trying to debunk these wonderful people for all I have learned from them.John and Sylvia tells people that they do not have 100% answers, those that expect this and look for something that isn't perfect I could bop on the head. I went to a sight to let these people know what their negative energy does to the universe. They are working hours and hours trying to help people with knowledge of their loved ones gone over to the other side to blatently debunk years and years of dedicated service to the world helping find those that were lost with the police,bringing peace to those from 9/11. Think how tired these ones that help us must feel not being able to talk to everyone of the thousands that want to talk with her, or John. I love the books that they wrote that help us listen and talk with our loved ones without having to have them do it for us. I have and continue to talk to them. So wonderful to have this knowledge. Have a good week and thanks for your kindnes.Peace!Nancyl
By Dartz, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 01:31:38 PM
I never said that I didn't like psychics, if I didn't like them, would I have made a few dozen posts here? I'm just saying that not all of them are as legit as people think they are. I happen to be a freelance rune reader myself. Also, sorry to hear about your partner, I hope he went peacefully.
By nancy, Saturday, July 26, 2008 02:45:15 PM
I was re-reading these comments and came accross this ?Dartz?Hard to read name. It is so sad that people that cannot accept change has to be so nasty. This is a learning tool, If you do not like Psyics then stay off the sights that we enjoy. To you Dartz:My partner at age (45) passed 1-27-2007, I believe this Psyic Stuff because it is real. (There are fakes out there but the true-ones you can know they tell the truth.) --I crossed my partner over and we said who ever passed first that we would hound the other one with messages. He has. I have a journal full of wonderful proof of their being able to contact us through certain mediums they choose. Several came just yesterday, I channel surffed and there was John Edwards selling his things on HSN. Chills went over me, I have received messages through others that called in and their stories and answers were Identical to mine. John calls us stealers of others readings BUT I call them Messages to others that are not there and that they use this way to tell US AT home that they know we are thinking of them. It was so neat, I cried, flowers were given to them, from a partner, Person did't know who, it is carnations (My favorite flower) several other things were said that she did not know-I did. I believe My R. used this to let me know He is around. Many of the peoples things on the phone that night were "Jumping out to me", I have his big picture there and I talked to him and thanked him for letting me know everything will be alright. I see too much happen that shows he is with me. I feel sorry that you cannot open your mind and learn and know that there is life on the Other Side and that your loved ones will be there for you when you cross over. My little son and his grandparents were there to meet him when he crossed, this was another message that a person did not recognize- BUT I DID. I thankyou Dear John for all of your wisdom and sharing it with us. I wrote above how your daddy story in your book was identical to his, and I shared it with him and he felt better because he tried to mend those broken fences of his dad not ever being there for him in his whole life, only when he was down and out and needed money, and he felt he owed him something. Peace and LOVE!!When I get some extra money, I want those c-d and dvd's, They shall come if I am to have them, I have your books and tv when These HSN sales come on in Oct. LOL Nancyl ' psy

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