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Mystical Traveler
Mystical Traveler Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

The highest and most advanced spiritual level you can obtain in this life is that of mystical traveler. But fear not: it isn’t outwardly manifested through flogging; long fasts, or other forms of punishment such as penance, denial, self-sacrifice, and loneliness. Becoming a priest, nun, minister, cleric, or rabbi doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a mystical traveler, and such a soul is not automatically a saint, as interpreted by Christian dogma. (It turns out that everyone who gets to heaven or the Other Side is a saint in one form or another.)

It’s true that most of my ministers are aware of the mystical traveler phenomenon, but not even all of then have taken on the mantle, and that’s absolutely fine. Please don’t feel that anything is mandatory. It’s interesting because Francine says that taking the oath of the mystical traveler is really for the souls who feel there must be “more” – they sense some form of unrest, as if an alarm has gone off and propelled them to something greater, but they don’t have a name for it. Of course, those who don’t choose to be mission-life entities or mystical travelers can still advance for God.

As I’ve said before, becoming a mystical traveler is not for the faint of heart…in fact, in the beginning it is very, very hard. This oath should not be taken lightly because it marks your soul for Father and Mother God, aligning you especially with Her – you more or less join Her army for good. Think of having Mother God as your Commander after you’ve accepted the mantle.

Since so many don’t opt to become mystical travelers, and even fewer were created by our Parents, you may wonder what it is that pulls souls to such a high level of spirituality. I believe that of those who become mystical travelers, most can point to being on their last lives as the driving force to do so.

There are several reasons for this. First, by the time an individual soul has incarnated for the last time, he or she has been shown the need for great spiritual advancement over and over again. Second, the final existence is the last opportunity to become a mystical traveler in a realm other than the Other Side. And third, by the time a soul is done incarnating, a great deal of wisdom has been accumulated. Part of that wisdom is the knowledge that our Creators love us all unconditionally and would never ask us to do any more than we’ve already decided to do, nor would They ever give us more than we can handle.

Even though they’re on their last lives here on this planet, mystical travelers will at any time be asked to go elsewhere in the galaxy to right wrongs. According to Francine, other worlds don’t have illnesses, wars, and chaos that Earth does, so at least it’s some consolation that those of us who have taken on the mantle won’t have to reside on any planet that has the insanity that this one does.

In addition, mystical travelers become imbued with healing abilities, whether it’s through words or the laying on of hands. Since they’ve given up their will to Mother and Father God, Their grace comes right through such individuals to whomever they wish to heal or help.

When you become a mystical traveler, it doesn’t mean that you automatically become a psychic and/or a healer, but it will eventually happen. Whether you decide to hang out a shingle is up to you, but you’ll definitely feel yourself becoming more infused with spiritual knowledge and thus able to write about your journey and help other people with what you’ve learned. You may not always be right, but you’ll be right more often than you’re wrong.

The Six Levels

It is known that there are seven levels on the Other Side and that individuals choose their life charts to advance for God. But please understand that entities on the third level of the Other Side can be just as advanced as those on the sixth. These levels are more occupational in nature: If you’d like to work with animals, you’d go to the third level; if you’d rather be a researcher, you’d go to the fifth level; if you’d prefer to teach, you’d go to the sixth level, and so on.

Let me stop here and state that if all you did was live this life and go to any one of the seven levels on the Other Side, then you would have perfected for God with excellence. Those who leave the option of becoming a mystical traveler open in their charts simply have something in their souls that pushes them toward a higher level of spirituality. There’s certainly nothing wrong with leading a normal existence, and you do raise your spirituality by doing so – but when you become a mystical traveler, you take on much more than normal. It’s like saying that you’ll be attending Harvard instead of your local junior college.

Just as there are levels on the Other Side, there are also levels that you’ll go through as a mystical traveler. However, these are sequential and are more like stages. Here they are, in order:

1. The first level is the subconscious (or I should say, “superconscious”) knowledge that there is something in your soul that’s crying out for your attention. It’s telling you that you need to advance to a higher level of spirituality, but you don’t necessarily know that you’re being called to be a mystical traveler.

2. The second level is the recognition that you want to be a mystical traveler, even if you still don’t have a specific label for it.

3. The third level is wrestling with the knowledge of what becoming such an advanced entity might entail; you may have received this knowledge by infusion.

4. The fourth level is taking on the mantle of the mystical traveler, which is done by totally surrendering to the will of God. Once you embark on this path, there is nothing that can make you turn back or deflect or negate it. As they say, “As it is written, so it will be.” However, at this stage there is no validation – only acceptance of your gift and what it entails.

5. The fifth level is the activation of the gift of being a mystical traveler. This means that you’ll do and go wherever God’s will directs you. Remember that such status won’t override your chart but will make it more elongated and intense. You must keep in mind that even before you came in to life, you wrote in the opportunity to become a mystical traveler or mission-life entity.

6. The sixth and final level is “graduation”; that is, going Home and getting your next assignment. After you go through the orientation process on the Other Side, you go wherever and do whatever God wishes.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By michele, Thursday, January 22, 2009 03:14:29 PM
By joan, Thursday, January 22, 2009 03:07:13 PM
I have been part of a Sylvia study home group for 6yrs now. We all have been teaching each other. As I was reading Mystical Traveler, about 3/4 thru it, I felt the mantle of a soft blanket come down upon me. Outloud I was saying, oh no, no, no, but it kept coming down thru my body slowly as I'm sinking down under my book like I'm hiding. I starting saying I'm scared, I'm not ready, but it happened anyway and then I felt the softest huge wings wrap around me and a voice saying it's ok, it'll be ok, Mother Azna won't give you anything you aren't ready for. Then, Mother Azna herself mind you, took my face into her hands and I'll do just and I was fine, just fine. I am a Mystical Traveler. Joanie
By Denice, Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:42:30 AM
I'm sure the pastor meant good in his own mind. Unfortunately when religion was formed, they put people (reverands, pastors, priets, ministers, etc.) in charge of talking to God, and people had to go through them. And he probably has his own insecurities about his abilities to do so. Sylvia talks about the unfortunate aspects of religion in her books. Also, we have been programmed from an early age to respond to authority figures and often negate ourselves in the process. It takes vigilence to stand our ground in our own truth and not allow others to sway us from our path. Listen to your heart, that part of you connected to God, and you can never go wrong.
By Kathryn, Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:26:04 AM
To the lady and the (xxxx)Pastor who told her she was not the called of God.....we know that just someone becomes a pastor dosen't mean they have been "chosen" either. Perhaps he was projecting his own negative hidden feelings about himself onto you. He's worth a prayer and quickly move on! There are so many wonderful things to experience as a mystical traveler. I was driving home from Santa Fe last evening and saw several prisms of color and light blending into the sunset. I asked my friends if they had seen them (a half hour before) when we were on our way to a meeting. None of them had noticed. Love to all.
By Brent, Thursday, January 22, 2009 09:33:47 AM
I don't know if I'm a mystical traveler, but I have felt so much inner turmoil in a rather pleasant life. I always had the love of my family, friends, and general respect of others. I have done well in school. I have never endured crippling poverty. The emotions of pain that I've felt through loss or the illusion of loss seem to be the only real trials I have had to endure. However, I find such great peace in exploring and discussing my own spirituality and I feel like sharing my understanding with everyone. Of course, not everyone cares to hear it and that makes for my own frustration with how well I can communicate the wonders I've found in this life. I too have many dreams of flying and constantly see the number 11 or 111 which I have read is a reminder that one is on the right path. But is it the path of a mystical traveler? I would love to know. Maybe I already do.
By Ruth, Thursday, January 22, 2009 07:30:27 AM
I think many Mystical Travelers actually dream they can fly. I know I have and it's a VERY Spiritual thing. Sometime's in our sleep mode, were so busy Traveling and doing God's work that we wake up knowing we've been to other dimensions and actually remembering some of them and also taking flight to get there. It's awesome!!
By naomi, Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:22:19 PM
Following God makes you Content, and full of Perfect Joy, and Happiness then you are on the right track.
By naomi, Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:10:39 PM
Regarding previous post: You are already are on your way to being who you were meant to be. :) This is just an example and opportunity for you, to realize how we can reprogram ourselves over and over, until we find out who we want to be. And now we recognise that nobody else has the power to negatively program us, unless we allow it. Recognizing what you want in your life, is the first step to doing something about it. And that is a wonderful start! Start by Reprograming your success and your positive affirmations. Say "I can, I will, and I deserve it! :)" And you truely do deserve to be whatever positive affirmation that you choose to be. Someone wise once told me, ( and lead her life by example ) Fake it until you make it. And it works!!! If you decide to commit yourself to God, then that is yours, and nobody has the right to talk you into being unworthy. What has been brought to your attention at this point of time in your life is 'Awareness Now that You Can Be Whatever You Want to be. and Nobody can talk you out of it unless you allow it." That is the lesson.
By teresa, Wednesday, January 21, 2009 07:32:12 AM
You say once you have made the decision you never turn back. About 30 yrs. ago I commited my will to God, it was wonderful I floughted, it was perfect joy. Then I was so happy I made the mistake of telling my paster. He took it upon himself to convince me that I was not the called of God, that I really did not love him or hear his voice. I let him and have not been able to get back to where I was. Does anyone know why that is?
By eleta, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 02:06:29 PM
This post you wrote is very uplifting, thank-you. It is great knowing there are many of these mystical travellers out there. No matter what I keep in mind. God will provide, and the light always shines through.

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