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Numerology and Financial Potential
Numerology and Finance Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Numbers represent a quantity but in numerology, they also symbolize a quality or vibration. As you may know, numbers are rich with symbolic and actual meanings and that is why numerology is sometimes taken very seriously. Numbers also relate to every area of life including money.

When it comes to one’s financial potential, there are many places that you can look in an individual’s chart to find out how rich or poor a person might be in life or even just how good they are with money. However, the main number to look at is the Life Path number. This is a summation of the birth date number reduced down to a single digit.

For instance, the birthday May, 6, 1965, is calculated as 5+6+1+9+6+5 = 32 = 3+2 = 5.  The Life Path number is 5.

Of course each individual’s chart is different and any numbers that are come up with could have a relationship to other numbers. However, looking at the Life Path number is a good place to start if you want to find out how a person may view or deal with money in their lifetime and their potential for being rich or poor.


This is a number that is strongly symbolic of having the monetary edge in life. This is because the 1 is stubborn and self-made. They tend to have good timing because they are always ‘first” to be in the right place at the right time. They are also wonderful at coming up with ideas for new and profitable business ideas. This is simply a wonderful number to be blessed with if you are intending to make a lot of money in your lifetime.


This is the number that says, “Money isn’t everything” and sometimes this shows up as a truism in the life of a 2. The number is symbolic of material poverty that has been replaced by loving or spiritual riches instead. The number 2 is a number of sacrificing the big for the small and often the cost is monetary. It is also a number that stands for disappointments and delays, loans that are not repaid, and to have to always have to pay or share one’s resources with another.


This number is symbolic of extreme riches and also extreme poverty. If you have this number as your Life Path number, you will probably want for nothing. However, a big characteristic of 3 energy is to spend money as fast as you make it. The 3 is a very lucky number that indicates fame and money that flows in from unexpected sources such as an inheritance or royalties. As long as they can maintain their focus on saving money and not splurging, the 3 can often exceed their financial goals.


Nothing comes easily to a 4 Life Path or Expression number. However, this does not mean that all is lost. This number is often motivated by the need to remove obstacles from his or her path or even by a need to be redeemed or vindicated for the hard times they often experience as children. With hard work and discipline, the 4 can build a massive financial empire. This is not a number that is likely to receive a windfall, but they are the most likely to be able to achieve great wealth through work.


The number 5 is very lucky for number. This is also one of those number energies that tends to find itself in the right place at the right time. The 5 often is the recipient of sudden windfalls such as surprise checks in the mail, bonuses and royalties. However, the 5 can also be quite careless with money, as they believe its only use is to enable us to have fun. The 5’s need to have a good time has many of them blowing a small fortune on an annual basis.


The 6 often starts out life as being well off and then has to struggle to maintain a certain standard of living. With a 6 financial success or failure is all about timing.  Many of them run into problems because they stretch out credit limits or they do not understand that their bills have to be paid on time. If a 6 sticks to a payment schedule, they can avoid getting into the type of debt that sinks them in life. On the up side many 6’s get rich from inheritance or are bailed out from poverty by their family.


The number 7 is symbolic of real extremes financially. If the 7 ruled individual has a mundane job that is beneath his or her talents, she or he will never get rich. On the other hand, if he or she takes risks and exploits their brilliance they can often become very wealthy. One of the drawbacks of being a 7 is eccentricity. Money is often invested in ventures that don’t succeed. In fact, this is not a number that is lucky at gambling or investment unless it is a very safe bet.


The number 8 is born rich, dies rich, and manifests big bucks in all of the years between. However, this wealth often comes at a heavy personal cost. Sometimes it comes as the result of workaholicism. Other times, it is the result of an inheritance due to a death in the family or an insurance windfall due to some kind of catastrophe. Another thing about an 8 is that the more they make the more their expenses seem to skyrocket as well. For this reason, the 8 often feels like a slave or trapped by money matters.


This number attracts everything they need effortlessly, including money, but they have an “easy come easy go” attitude that has their riches easily slipping through their fingers as well. However, this does not seem to matter, as this is the number of the Midas “touch.” Although they are often wealthy, this number is not very philanthropic due to an inability to actually “build” wealth – they do best if they hire a manager or professional for them to do it for them.

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