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Numerology for 2010 – A Fun 'Year 3'
2010, year 3, numerology, number Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures 2010 marks the end of a long full decade, but in terms of the traditional nine year numerological cycle, we are only a third of the way through. This is going to be a number 3 year.

The number 3 is the Universal 3 number for 2010. This is a number vibration that is quite merry, cheery, and even extravagant. It is definitely going to uplift anyone who is feeling sour or hard done by in the past two years which were rough for many. 

3 is a number that is a little less limiting than the years we just experienced, as the number 1 and 2 years that we just went through were more about limitations than expansion.

The number 3 is generous and inclusive in its vibration and a symbol of intellectual and personal freedom. It stands for the pursuit of pleasure and being open minded to new ideas.

It is also a number that cares more for the whole than just the individual, whereas the 2 and 1 years were much more exclusive to couples. The 3 energy encourages us to love everybody we know as hard and dearly as we would our soul mates.

The 1 and 2 and 9 years we just went through were definitely a bit sobering. 9 is a number of endings and we certainly saw a lot of that in 2007, including the beginning of the world wide recession. Although this seemed like a shameful, disastrous thing at the time, the energy of the 9 year helped change the world and ready us for the 1 cycle that began in 2008.

Numerology showed us that 2008 (which equaled a 1) was the year of political and economic mayhem, and that 2009, which equaled an 11 was the year of humankind's search for compromises and understanding with each other. The number 11 is a number about teaching, tough love, and spiritual elevation through pain and deprivation.

The 11 year also brought big issues, like health care and climate crisis, into focus. The number 11 is also a very passive and patient number and the tone of 2009 did seem very idealistic yet quiet. Still, the number did reduce to a two, which means being ruled by overattachment and emotions.

Now that this is the Universal 3 year, we will feel battle worn but also more positive. Many of us will be ready for change and the changes that are coming are definitely going to be more entertaining. Many of us who have been feeling insecure will now be more confident with regards to our relationships and every other aspect of our lives as well.

Three is also a number of fame and power that is expressed or flaunted. This, of course, will put many world leaders center stage. It is also a very virtuous number in some ways because it is so concerned with change and perpetuating events that make the most number of people happy as possible.

We will see breakthroughs as leaders begin to keep their promises and start to show the world real change. We have just recently seen this in the breakthrough of America’s healthcare system at the end of 2009, which is a herald of good things to come in 2010. In fact, you could say that this is an event that heralded in the birth of the Universal Year 3.

In the 3 year, businesses will be more inclined to show off their success. People will be a little less concerned with being chased by debtors or the IRS and more focused on flaunting their good fortune. Financial recovery is likely for a lot of people. New businesses will be started and projects and relationships that many people thought were “dead in the water” will be revived.

The great thing about a Universal 3 year is that it really does encourage the development of the arts, fashion, and entertainment worlds. Music, dance, and other things that may have been considered secondary to survival will now become important again. We will also more than likely see an enormous surge of inventions as well as some extravagant developments in fashion.

Celebrities will seem to have more power than ever. We will hear more stories than usual about Hollywood dramas. The number 3 symbolizes the interloper or third wheel in romance so there is definitely going to be a lot of news about one celebrity cheating on another.

The number 3 can also symbolize something caught between two powerful energies or warring parties. There is going to be physical violence and conflict over property or money for some individuals. Depending on your own personal numerology, the obstacle standing between you and happiness could be quite stubborn.

You should also watch out for this type of thing in your personal life, as it may seem that your path is not as clear in a Universal 3 year. This feeling or tone to the year may be one of confusion for some people.

Some relationships will be complicated by a meddler or third wheel. Jealousy could be a problem in relationships. Some people may find themselves facing impossible emotional decisions all year long where they feel that they are just can’t win no matter what they do. However, it is best for people to make definite decisions about their love life in this year as the energy of the year 4 will make choices less possible in 2004. Ultimately, if you are making a decision romantically between one person and another, be careful who you choose as it will be longstanding.

A 3 year can also mean war, especially from smaller countries, but it will be more on the level of terrorism rather than focused on big confrontations between two superpowers. As is typical of the interloping energy that goes with the 3 vibration, we are also going to see more hit and run type terrorism that affects large numbers of people.

2011 is just part of the long march of time to the symbolically important year of 2012. Just in case you are interested, the year 2012 is going to be a 5 year. It is interesting because the number 5 is all about transformation on all levels.

2012 promises to usher in an era of real, enduring, and positive change. The entire nine year cycle that we are in now takes us to 2016 and the next 1 year is not until 2017. This sort of predicts that recovery from whatever is going to happen 2012 will probably take five years. It does not mean that things are going to be as we know it now. It means that we will be entering a new ten year cycle that brings rebirth and renewal of our existence as we know it.

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By Laurie, Thursday, January 28, 2010 01:33:47 PM
Yes, this comment by Carole is right. I wonder if someone has used bits from another "3" year to write this. I mean really, if you cannot do a proper job of an article, don't do it at all. Good luck to anyone holding their breath for a clarification or editing job. Hardly ever gets sorted on this site. Now, for those thinking that this is what the year holds for them.... it may not be. You have to take your attitude number add it to the world year number and then you will know your personal year number. Mine is 6. My Attitude number is 3. Born August 31 8 + 31 = 39 3 + 9 = 12 1 + 2 = 3 2010 = 3 so my attitude # 3 and world # 3 = A personal year of 6 I got all that from a book and the author is wonderful. GLynis McCants a numerologist and she is on a radio show on internet too. she is also called the numbers lady
By mishele, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:59:21 AM
Ditto...I caught that too..can someone explain that?
By Carole, Thursday, January 28, 2010 08:30:43 AM
Please read this paragraph and somebody please tell me that we're not stuck in retro 2003 !!! --------------------------------------------- ( This was taken from Numerology for 2010 – A Fun 'Year 3') " However, it is best for people to make definite decisions about their love life in this year as the energy of the year 4 will make choices less possible in 2004. "
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