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Psychic Mind Readings
Psychic Mind Reading Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Would you like to get a psychic mind reading or learn how to do it yourself? There are plenty of resources that can help you master this.

There are many scholars, including Nicholas Epley, who believe that anyone can become a psychic medium and make their own medium predictions. This is simply a matter of embarking on a course of medium development so you can learn how to effectively use your innate medium powers.

Nicholas Epley believes in what is every day psychic mind readings. This is based on the perception that we are a highly social series and not knowing how others feel can lead to misfortune. An example is the necessity to read the subtle moods of a lover or read the mood of a boss. Being unable to do these things could cost you a lover or a bonus.

A psychic mind reading is a little more intense than what we do every day. We often assess the way people feel or what kind of mood they are in by looking at their faces. We also listen intently to their tones and the inflections in their voices. The wording of their statements also has a lot to do with how we will eventually feel about them.

One way of being an effective psychic mind reader is to stop projecting our own beliefs onto another person and be aware you are constructing imaginings around most people. Do not think that your perception of others is necessarily factual. In order to be as factual as possible, you need take your ego out of it along with all opinion. You need to be as objective as possible and not make judgments about what you might perceive anyone is thinking. False expectations of someone can be very painful if you turn out to be wrong.

The fact is that being a psychic mind reading is not a magic matter. According to Epley, you do not have to be a magician, phrenologist, or tarot reader to read minds. You do not even necessarily have to have ESP. Most people read minds reflexively and actively. You can exercise your intuition and make practical use of it every day if you can realize it.

A psychic mind reading done by professionals is a bit of a different story. There may be training done. For instance, many psychics use tarot cards to give a psychic reading.  Many of the healing mediums also have to be trained in the art or they could invite unwanted entities into their auras. This is not a pure or reliable science either and you must be careful who you allow to peer into the depths of your mind. It is very unfortunate to get a negative psychic mind reader who tells you that a worst case scenario will happen. Indulging in this type of negative reading can have you thinking so negatively that the worst actually does happen.

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By Wendy, Thursday, May 23, 2013 07:26:25 PM
There are many different kinds of psychics,I have a lot( what I need when I need it).Its not any easy gift!Much tries to come against you.Sometimes I know when someone is going to die,or their not telling the truth,or someone's sick,sometimes I see so deep into their soul that it makes me cry! I once say cancer cells developing in my Aunt.Its hard when you see all truth of someone because they really don't want other or even me to see their truth!I don't like being around people much because I pick up on too much!Sometimes I even get sick with their symptoms! Which is not fun I can tell you that!!! Any way I do have a question for about six months to a year now I have been feeling this vibration really strong what is this an why do I feel it so strong????Thanks Wendy
By theresa, Thursday, January 13, 2011 08:07:37 AM
I have predicted a few things which was totally true the deaths of my friends and family members which i was very little it started back with my two grandparents which was back in 82 and 85 I told my mom alot of what was going to happen saved my family many times had priests telling to get the demon out now at a young age my grams was catholic she never did care for unusaul things my dreams always take me weird and different things sometimes yes I can communicate with nature in a weird way too I never had problems training an animal and it seems my dog can pick up on my emotional state before anyone else can just by walking through the door .also I have been having problems with birds flying around my home lately like cardinals and morning doves which most people have never seen in my neighborhood and all of a sudden their making thier nests around my neighbors yards and r pretty much vicious now they do not want anyone near thier homes thats so unlike cardinals these birds r by themselves and lives high up in trees not near the ground also I once predicted to my step father at 17 yrs old the sky will fall outta place with dead animals by 2012 but will start earlier if evil rises cause god will certainly be angry with men my step dad laughed he said oh yeah like that would happen and i told him it would be the united states in the southern region first and the usa will fall and the economy will fail cause the presidents that come in office after the bushes will be bringing great destruction after 9/11 he just laughed again to say i was crazy obivious not but I have never been wrong when I check my inner instinct sometimes I hate it cause I know what comes next and yes it scares me how can I turn these gifts off or try to control them better I know its better not look a gifted horse in the mouth but sometimes I just don't want the dreams or when it goes all of sudden quiet on me and cannot hear nothing then all of sudden I get a ringing in my ear fo no reason so got any suggestions on what to do ??
By Carla, Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:30:19 AM
Hi, I would like to know how to do psychic mind readings. I feel I have strong intuition. There has been a few times I have gotten flashes in my third eye. I just have a hard time really relaxing in order to do anything. I also believe I have had some psychic dreams, but telling them apart from other dreams is difficult.
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