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Psychic Predictions 2010, 2011 & 2012: Phyllis King
2010 Psychic Predictions with Psychic Phyllis King Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Past Psychic Predictions of 2009

"The Year of Muddy Waters and Roaring Rivers"
2009 was the year of the "gooey gooey." Energy was slow moving, dense, and it was very difficult to feel as if we were making progress. Many of us felt in the dark about our present and future plans. We weren't certain if what we were doing was valuable or if the plans for our futures were solid.
2010 Psychic Predictions
2010 is a different year then 2009 but similar in some ways. It will feel like a dark year to some people. We may still question our security and the viability of our future plans. The biggest difference is that in 2010 the energy is no longer slow moving. We will hit the ground running in January, and it will not let up the entire year.   
The Mantra of 2010 Predictions
The mantra should be "buckle up and hang on for the ride."  Many will still find it hard to "see" their path or future clearly. This is why I call it the year of the "Muddy Waters."  We're moving from thick mud-like energy to thin muddy water. Still dark, but no longer thick.
The Secrets of 2010
This will be a year of action, events, changes, progress, and mistakes. The type of 'defining' energy overall is movement. Movement is what will set apart 2009 from 2010. 
The United States Of America has wanted to see "change" from its leaders. My Psychic Prediction is that President Obama will not disappoint in that regard. If you have felt President Obama has been slow to act or not definitive enough, that is all about to change. Specifically, the healthcare reform bill will continue to define itself for the future. 
President Obama & Afghanistan / International Relations
President Obama will release his upcoming 2010 strategy for Afghanistan. It will include not only a plan for stabilization but for withdrawal of troops. President Obama will continue to act aggressively with the economy which will please many but anger others. The President's true beliefs and intentions will begin to show themselves overtly in 2010.
President Obama's actions will scare some people and relieve others. Year 2010, The President will be in action and he will continue to take bold steps, especially in international relationships with Iran, Syria, North Korea and Pakistan.  Some of his choices will be shocking as others might seem amazing, this all depends upon your perspective. 

2010 Mother Nature & The Individual
On the individual level, many of us will still wonder if we're going to "get through" these tough economic times.  Because of the fast moving energy throughout 2010, we will not have a lot of time to dwell on anything. Topics of conversation will change very quickly. It will be extremely rare for a news story to dominate the news for more than a day or two, before another story will take over. The planet is also reacting to these fast moving vibrations and will produce a lot of weather related storms and disasters.  Earthquakes will be plentiful throughout Asia this year.
2010 The Positive Outlook & Psychic Predictions
On the positive side, this is a year to make great progress in your personal and professional life. The force will be with you to influence, make change and have the energy to push your projects to the next level!
Historically speaking, we are in 'changing times.' The rules of the game have changed. We will never be able to go back to the type of philosophy that we are alone on the planet. We will see the need to become more involved in our politics and in our communities, especially as differences around the world become more a part of our daily lives. We will begin to recognize that we can make a difference and are obligated too.
President Obama, Americans & International Relations
The world is getting smaller for Americans. Obama has an intention to lead in a manner that will unite countries around the world regardless of our differences. Expect fireworks from those who disagree with him. He will create a foreign policy that will be followed for the next 23 years!
July, September & December of 2010
The rhythm of the year looks consistently fast, choppy and spirited. The slowest moving energy months are July, September and December. This is absolutely a year to put your energy into projects and new career aspirations. It is a time to go back to school if you have been thinking about it and a time to continue to develop your listening skills.  Not just listening to others, but the ability to hear your own inner voice. The muddy waters will require that you are "tuned in" to your own voice, and flowing with life, not trying to control it. Those who can do this effectively will be most successful.
Good Economic News VS Bad Economic News 2010 - 2011
Look for more good economic news, followed by bad economic news. For the most part, the worst is over. There are still minefields of energy that will need to be absorbed in 2010.  2011 is the year economic growth will take root in a consistent pattern.

Look for more battles over gay marriages. There will be major success for gay people in this area. Also, as our attention is required on global issues, people will find it less important to put their attention on this issue, there-by procrastinating and pushing these issues aside.
Expect several more major celebrity deaths throughout 2010. Both young & old individuals who have played a significant role in our popular culture will choose to exit. Their era has either ended, or their vibration is such they choose not to exist in a time when the energy of our planet is revving up to greater intensities. Many high profile "artist" types like Michael Jackson, will not want to be here anymore and when they go we will feel the loss of them.
Upcoming Year of 2010 - What Should You Be Doing?
In general most people will be breathing easier and feeling a greater sense of calm as 2011 approaches. We will be learning how to adjust and adapt to the new vibration on our planet. Thereby getting on with the business of living with new perspectives and inside of new skill sets. We will step away from worry more and move more into taking action and using our strengths because it will be required.
Start your projects, go back to school, spend more time trusting and learning about yourself. Look at the unseen part of life. Begin to answer the questions for yourself about what it all means, and how you can make the intangible work for you in your life. 

You will have tremendous energy this year to get things done. You will see results very quickly. Some will inspire, some will show you what you need to work on, therefore stay open, trust people and 2010 may be one of the best years of your life.

Phyllis King is the Common Sense Psychic. She is best known for her work as a radio psychic. Phyllis' syndicated talk shows air in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and New York City.  Her down to earth, practical advice, given with compassion, makes her a favorite for listeners coast to coast. Phyllis King is the author of A Psychic Perspective, 10 Steps to Love, Wealth & Personal Happiness, the co-author of Collective Wisdom, Powerful Stories and Practical Advice or Achieving Success, Bouncing Back, Thriving in Changing Times, with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Impressions, Simple Truths for Practicing Abundant Thinking. Visit Phyllis King online at

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By Tana, Friday, February 18, 2011 04:03:32 AM
Psychic predictions need to be analyzed and understood before we react to it. The more we understand about how psychic predictions work, the better can we accept and react to these predictions with less fear. If you want to learn more about psychic predictions, you can start by reading some helpful articles here. a href=""Psychic Predictions/a
By Gary, Tuesday, March 16, 2010 11:29:27 AM
Hello,I have been a psychic for 20 years,its taken me all over the world working for both private companys and individules.Its time for the truth.This year will be one of great earth quakes and floodings around the world you will see volcanic eruptions across the pacific.At least 4 states will file bankruptcy and there will be chaos in the citys of the east coast.California will meet its demise this year.Your Government has lied about many things and the truth will begin to come out.The night sky will show strange sights in summer.US dollar will be worthless.Coastal citys will see much hardships just like new orleans but no government response.The wolf will be at many doors for his pound of flesh.Mass migrations will take place,blackouts will be common distregard this warning at your own peril.
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