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Psychic Predictions For 2010, 2011 & 2012 - Tarot Card Readings By Shaman: Donna Henes
2010 Psychic Predictions with Psychic Donna Henes Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures 2010 Tarot Card Readings & Predictions
A 13 card tarot reading was composed for the year 2010. The 2010 predictions that the Tarot Cards foresee are:

Dangerous Disconnect From Nature
There will be a dangerous new awareness of our disconnect from nature.  Sincere attempts will be made to bring together greater alignment with the natural order of the universe.

Medicine, Technology & Energy
Necessity will challenge us to make new scientific breakthroughs in medicine, technology & energy.  This will further our efforts to heal what has been damaged.

2010 & Women Predictions
There will be a worldwide surge of feminine wisdom, feminine influence and feminine power which will result in a reassessment of: quality of life issues and movement toward a more humane way of living.

Intuitions & People
Intuition will be respected more and will join forces with logic. This means the two ways of thinking will be joined to achieve the best possible results.

Social, Personal & Environmental 2010 Effects
People will be more emotionally available and open to creative change on personal, social and environmental levels.

Integrity & Ethics
Ethics will be scrutinized. It will be crucial, to uphold integrity on every level. This is a major challenge and we must rise to meet it.

Spiritual & Material Rewards
There will be growth in the economy (material rewards) and also in the aspirations and hopes of people (spiritual rewards).

Spirits & Ecstasy Of 2010
Spirits will lift. There will be more lightness of being, play and even ecstasy. People will feel less burdened and more rejuvenated.
2010 Predictions & Expectations
All in all, we will see more balance between men, women, intuition, logic, hard science, soft nurturing, work / play, mental focus and emotional intelligence.

Donna Henes is an internationally renowned urban shaman, award-winning author, popular speaker and workshop leader whose joyful celebrations of celestial events have introduced ancient traditional rituals and contemporary ceremonies to millions of people in more than 100 cities since 1972.  Donna Henes has published four books, a CD, writes for The Huffington Post, UPI Religion and Spirituality Forums. Mama Donna, as she is affectionately called, maintains a ceremonial center, spirit shop, ritual practice and consultancy in exotic Brooklyn, NY. Donna works with individuals, groups, institutions, municipalities and corporations to create meaningful ceremonies for every imaginable occasion. Visit Donna Henes online at

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