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Share Your 2011 Psychic Predictions
What are Your 2011 Psychic Predictions? Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures 2010 was filled with a lot of good and a lot of bad. Soon we'll put the year behind us and look forward to 2011. But what will be the new year bring us? At, we have the answers.

We've brought together predictions from many of the best psychics and astrologers in the world. From the economy and politics to health and celebrity predictions, every imaginable topic is covered with over 100 psychic predictions for 2011. Check them out right now...

2011 Psychic Predictions on News, Health, and Society: Derek Calibre

2011 Psychic Predictions by Tarot Reader Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

2011 Psychic Predictions on Celebrities, Sports, and Music: Jenny Smedley

2011 Psychic Predictions: Common Sense Psychic Phyllis King

2011 Psychic Predictions on World Events, Politics, and Celebrities: Laura Scott

2011 Psychic Predictions: Jane Doherty's 2011 Forecast

2011 Psychic Predictions: Christopher Renstrom's 2011 Astrological Forecast

2011 Psychic Predictions and Beyond: Carmen Harra

Zachary Selig's Psychic Predictions for 2011

2011 Psychic Predictions: Psychic Cyd

Tell Us Your 2011 Predictions!

Once you've read the predictions from our psychics and astrologers, tell us what you think! Are they right? Are they wrong? Share your predictions for 2011 with other members and discuss others' predictions. Post your 2011 predictions below right now.

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By PATT, Sunday, November 21, 2010 08:18:45 PM
That is the most depressing and negative thing I have ever read. Personally, I have a lot more faith in this country and in the people in it. A little positivity please.......
By vickie, Friday, November 19, 2010 03:03:56 PM
yOU ASKED FOR MY PREDICTIONS AND FOR ME TO GIVE AN OPNION AS TO WHAT i MIGHT AGREE WITH OR DISAGREE WITH WHEN i AM INVITED TO VIEW THE OTHER pREDICTIONS. i WILL SAY i DO NOT NEED to be a cridic on them or give my opnion about their predictions. As a major Phychic-Healer that is not for me to say. It is how the Gifts are handed out. EACH gifted person recieves the information differently. Here are the things that I have been shown and given by my spirit guide 'Always'. We have only seen phase one of the finical plunder. by January we will hit the harder phase 2. The middle class in america will no longer be in the next two years and the untouchable funds that are stored up by the mighty will be broken and spilled out for they will find that the stored money/goods/materialthings have no value in the World. The Churches are going to see record number's at the first of the year, but as the one's that come with shallow hearts, so they will leave like the dying leaves from a tree that never had stable roots. The Popal vision shows that the Pope that now rains will not be for long. There will be two more to follow. One in three years who will try to do well in the Laws of the Most High. Poor health will cut it short and he will be followed up by one that will cause the complete demise of the Popal foundation. The church will not be protected by the hand of God anymore. As for the President of the US I keep being told "The Kennedy Theory". The US Dollar will be combined with the other World Currencies under a World Bill of exchange. I was shown a piece of paper sized currency. It was about the size of the one dollar bill. Light blue in color. On it was printed the Emblems of the World within circles that kept getting expanded so that they appeared to be graduated circles. I saw the 3 wavey lines for one country, the Triangle with the eye for the US and the solid Dot the ment China. their whee several. Where the number on a dollar bill appears, there was now a Z that was specialy written. The US, China and other countries will go under this currency. Weather will be un-predictiable. For the Earth is now rotating off it's access and the Poles will move further off course. We in the US will experience shift changes to be more like the Canadian area. World markets of food will shorten and the loss will cause the World to have more food shortages. For those that try to save it, it will be lost to bugs and to theft even while it cooks on the fire. Homes will go without the bare necessadies because the infrastructure will be disrupted by power gridd hackers that intend to bring forther their own stwisted mindlessness of mis-interpriation of their Bible/Koran. The Stock market will be replaced with a different type of funding structure, but will ultimatly be permently dismissed by all. HUMANITY: How can you sit h ere and hear the news of the fellow Human's that seem to have been perfectly good and nice people now on some unknown whym start a killing spree? In a vision I was shown: At a table that was full of plenty; people where there eating and putting more and more on their plates. They where stuffing their mouths and grabbing more and more. They then grabbed from eachother with no mercy or concern towards anyone, man, woman, child. Even thou each had more then enough they continued to grabb and start to put sharp knives into any hand that they saw, no matter what at they speeded up faster and faster.As I stopped and asked 'Always' why do they keep doing this. I even tried to plead to them to stop and look at what they where doing I was not heard by them but my guide affered this explanation. "For in their hearts there is but selfishness and no love among them. They do not stop but just keep going without concern for any, not even their own." I would say that would be the reason why news will report and people will keep up this until we , ourselves, stop and put an end to it in ourselves. We can only pray for God to help open the hearts/ears/minds/spiritual awairness of others. But even trying to do it--I have stopped meeting privatly with people for threats to my personal self. World Weather: Winds will blow and the eruption in the Deep ocean between Alaska and Hawaii will have a deep EarthQuake that will cause a Sunomi to hit bothe the Japan area and practicaly burry the Hawaian Islands. The Costal regions of the US with the San Andius Fault will cause the waters to rise there and to shift the newest re-appearance of the continant in come into view in the Alantic Ocean. This will cause country verse country to claim the new Area for their own. That is when more war will shaddow our lands and it will the the first Modern war in our country. Wo unto those that are to learn and wo unto those that will survive for the days that will follow will be of not for of fair gain, but of deceat and mis-trust among the least of you that follow the ways of the heart of man and not the was of Spirit. Learn the arts of healing for the medicine that is provided from God's own bounty must be given for in the days to come the world will know of the harshness of no medical deserment for the fellow human beings. God has put into place nautral and new one that will be directed to you upon the soil. Yes even then the ones that are called outsiders (Alien creatures) among us will be called upon by spirit to come forth and teach. Learn for among you there will be a job and pentence will be given unto those that give not from flesh, but from spirit and willed to you that carry HIS torch among the dark kdays that will follow. Wether you know The Most High, I AM THAT I AM, EJEHOVAHA. OHM, or by any other name that has been thrusted on in referance to the Highest One: Pray with a full heart , mind, spirit, soul to GOD. For in the days to come the final two visions where given to me: In a large class house where I lived , A storm with rain and high winds came and the sky turned dark. I did not worry about the house but sought safety within the white stones of the gateway entrance to a safe place. As I entered the room was filled with people hidden and courched below desk high wooden shelves that were full of books. the two walls to my right where made of clear glass. The wall infront of me was of empty wood shelves and the wall to my left was a staircase. The persons comming down where frozen, just standing there starring at the storm. As I looked back to the windows and walked up to take a look after I had asked if anyone would look and I was the only one willing to look and see: At the enge of the modern city the line of evergreen Pine trees followed up the turain to to heaven's. upon the ground was the four tornadoes that were dark and ominus. As they turned I saw in one papers and a phone. In another I saw water and food , in the third I saw lighteninng and water and in the fourth I could only see caious. I asked about why four tornadoes' where in line, but the path was wiped clean and the path was white and without damage. I was only told "Destroyers". What is to come will destroy and wipe clean. It will be by the Hand of The Most High for they are His Four Destroyer's. As far as to time left, I am only shown up to 50 years. From there on I have not been given to see. Blessings From Above-Vikki the Psychic-Healer
By theresa, Wednesday, November 17, 2010 08:36:05 PM
my predictions 4 the next yrs to come if people do not straighten thier sorry selfs out we r heading for world distaster by 2020 and it will begin by next new tr there will be a major distaster that shakes this earth to its very core and if people donot stop these idiots who started alot r going to start to go into hiding and millions of moms r going to weep do to the loss of thier sons daughters and families so we must start protesting this stupid crap they have or it carries worse 4 each yr and 2020 we will not accomplish the peace everyone needs also we all just need to switch to natural resources like te sun wind and ectra and need a silent smart leader to stand up against these corrupt people and make them listen 4 once they r killing everything
By Ginger, Tuesday, November 16, 2010 07:12:01 PM
With regard to my predictions. I have one that concerns me greatly because of the perceived manner of her demeanor and actions. Sarah Palin kills animals from airplanes and on the ground with no remorse at all. She appears to be favored by those who appear to show no regard or remorse for the sufferings they impose on human, animal and earth life. If Sarah Palin is allowed to gain any more political support, in my personal prediction of my perception of Sarah Palin is that an almost Hitler like movement will become the norm in our country. She really has set my inner alarm off and I cannot seem to shake it. No disrespect intended, however, she scares the hell out of me. Ginger Ferrer
By Deanne, Tuesday, November 16, 2010 06:14:16 PM
I feel that ufo`s and other things will come to light.There will be a huge change for the world,not a disaster, but a feeling of coming together.The veil between us and our departed loved ones will thin to the point of actual communication between the living and the dead and will finally make believers out of many.People will no longer fear spirits, and will know which spirits are good.There will be proof of Jesus being here on earth.Faith will be restored. The bad economy will bring more people together, helping each other, not too bad to think about, with times not so good.We are a spoiled nation, we have everything, so what is junk to us is luxury to others.People will learn more self discipline and become more positive, being with people who are going through hard times, rich and poor. In the end the bad economy will join a large amount of people together to look and see what we really do have, but never noticed before.Time to stop and smell the roses and the many gifts that we have. More religions will be more tolerant, realizing that we are all human and came from one God,regardless of what name we give him.We came to life, naked, and when we leave this world, we will be as we were when we were born......naked. I feel that this economic depression is a lesson that we are going to be those in need, be thoughtful of everyone, no negative thoughts concerning race or creed.As humans, we are supposed to help each other, and the greed will finally be under control.
By Christopher, Tuesday, November 16, 2010 04:04:13 PM
Hate to say it, but I think the economy is going to tank again in 2011. I hope not, but everything seems to be pointing in that direction.
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