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The Meaning of Numbers and Your Business Name
Business Numerology Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures There is nothing more depressing than running a business that does not make money. It is essential for a person to acquire wealth, so that other things in life can be enjoyed as well. This is where a little knowledge of numerology, as it applies to business, might be of some use to you. There are some numbers that are just considered to be lucky for business and we discuss this later in this article. However, mostly you are expected to create your own luck by choosing a business number that will actually bring luck to your type of business.

There is an entire field of numerology dedicated almost expressly to the value of your business name. This is also known as the Destiny number.

Here is the chart again for calculating your name values, only in this case you will be looking at your business name.

1 – A, J, S
2 – B, K, T
3 – C, L, U
4 – D, M, V
5 – E, N, W
6 – F, O, X
7 – G, P, X
8 – H, Q, Z
9 – I, R

Here is a look at what the different numbers could mean for you business once they are added up.

So if the name of your business is Good Cookies it would add up to be:


7+6+6+4+3+6+6+2+9+5+1 = 55 = 5+5 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

1 is a pretty good number for a business as it signifies leadership or self-run business.

Business Name Number 1

This name value number best suits a government related business or a business related to a religion. However, it also is good for any business that is freelance or where you are your own business.

Business Name Number 2

This is one of the best numbers for a writer, illustrator, or journalist. Many sales businesses suit the number 2, including selling textiles, goods, jewelry, toys, drink, and photography.

Business Name Number 3

If you work in social service, in the military or politics, then this number will serve you well. It is also a good business name value for people in teaching.

If there is a lot of 4’s in the business name that adds up to a 3, it is excellent for public speaking. If there is a lot of 6’s, the 3 will be favorable for administration.

Business Name Number 4

This is the ideal number for a journalism business. It also suits astrology, philosophers, dancers, musicians, and those who compete in gymnastics. This number can also draw a big clientele if you are in the construction industry, the publishing industry, or are raising cattle.

Business Name Number 5

This is a great business name value number for any trade. Any business that works on commission is a brokerage firm or travel agency will be profitable. It also favors businesses that have to do with travel.

Business Name Number 6

This is a good number for a doctor, politician, or a pillar of the community. You tend to be a builder and lead by example. This number is good for an insurance broker. You excel at any business to do with building or preserving the family. The 6 energy is also good for babysitting. It is not a great number for a freelancer.

Business Name Number 7

This is a good number if you are in the business of science or inventing. It is good for a researcher or a biologist. It is the number of the loner eccentric, so it does not always make money. Be wary of using the number 7 in your name for business despite its reputation for being lucky.

Business Name Number 8

This is a good number for bankers, insurance agents, real estate agents, and lawyers.  Sexual therapists and funeral parlors are also ruled by this number. This can be lucky for doctors, vets, rescue workers, and landscapers.

Business Name Number 9

If your name adds up to a 9, then you will make a good psychic reader, counselor, or psychiatrists. A lot of famous writers and philosophers also have this number.

Some numbers are just considered to be luckier than others when it comes to business. One of these numbers is 33. The number 6 is associated with business success that can be passed as an inheritance down to children.

33 is associated is associated with an Indian God known as Kubera, who is the Lord of Wealth. It is especially fortunate for those born on the 6th or who have a Life Path number of 6. One thing that you could do is try and initiate your business on a day in the year that adds up to a 6.

Another successful number is 51. In Indian numerology, the number 51 is known as “The Royal Star of the Man.” This number adds up to 6 and possesses charm and fortune.
An example of a very successful number 6 businesses are Berkshire Hathaway and General Motors.

There are also many Fortune 500 companies that have a name number that adds up to six. For instance, Verizon Communications adds up to 87. Walt Disney adds up numerologically to the number 33 and so does Caterpillar. The Computer giant Dell adds up to number 15. All equal 6.

The number 5 is an auspicious favorite in Eastern countries and so are the numbers 23 or 32 (that add up to 5).

Examples of companies with a 32 name value are McKesson and CVS Caremark. A 23 numbered company is the airbus giant Boeing. General Electric also adds up to a 5.  Not to mention that Fortune 500 companies actually have a 5 in their moniker as well!

Another business number is 8, but it is also used with some caution because as much as it means creation, it also means destruction. This is because the number 8 is astrologically ruled by the planet Saturn, which can either make you the greatest player in the business or the weakest player. For 8 to be used successfully in business, the number combinations should be 44 or 53 or 35. Both Exxon Mobil and Morgan Stanley have names that add up to 44.

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate these luckier business numbers into your daily operations. You can actually begin the business on a lucky date or make sure that you name value adds up to one of the lucky numbers or lucky number combinations in this article.

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