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The Significance of 09-09-09
September 9, 2009 Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Remember all of those wedding dates set in 2008 for 08/08/08? You will not see quite the same phenomena as 09/09/09 because the number 9 is not as lucky (even though it is in some ways a number of attainment). However, it is also a number of endings and not many people want to deal with a number that has that kind of symbolism.

In 2009, the triplicate of the number 9 lands on September 9th. The number 9 is a number of the seeker, the wounded healer, and revelations of the most arcane and sacred kind. It’s all about looking deep inside one to find the answers. It is not at all about becoming a couple. However, if you are not sure whether or not you want to stay with someone or marry them, this is a great day to meditate on the matter.

The number 9 always symbolizes deep, and sometimes painful, personal change. Many numerologists believe that the date is significant on a mass scale because it will somehow reveal a truth to mankind. It also has a lot to do with the apocalypse so around this date maybe we will, as humans, find that we have even more to deal with on an environmental level.

Metaphorically, the number 9 is symbolic of a big peak before a crash. It can mean that we are about to hit rock bottom when it comes to an important matter. Many individuals may experience a complete change of consciousness around that day.

That is why this date also promises us an “exciting ride” of some kind in life before there is a crash landing. It might symbolize the ending of a familiar situation, job, or relationship. However, at the end of a 9 number cycle, there is always redemption. There is always a lining to each cloud in life.

Personally, the number symbolizes change or renewal. We hit that rock bottom before we heal. That is why so many addicts and “wounded healers” have the number 9 prominently in their Destiny and Expression numbers. On a mass level, we could see some changes as the entire population of the world decides to “smarten up” in some way. This change could be conscious or subconscious.

It is also very much a number associated with the Apocalypse and the anti-Christ as the number 999 is just the number 666 upside down, which is the classic number identified with The Beast. In the Book of Revelations, Satan is chained up for 999 plus one years before he releases terrorism on the world. 

The reference is in Rev.13:18. It is the l last verse of the chapter.

It says that the number of the "Beast" is that of a man, and his number is 666 (which is also 999 upside down and reversed)... and the verse challenges us to have wisdom to calculate the number of "the Beast."

So the date 09/09/09 will likely bring us some sort of revelation regarding mankind’s future. On a more personal level, this could mean we hit our own rock bottom. We could be confronted with our own “demons” on that date. The other possibility is that the demons are very real and threaten mankind environmentally.  Long standing conflicts could finally reach a head, especially if they are of the religious type. Nine is the number of religion, beginnings, and endings and we could see religious extremism or fanaticism take over on that date.

As 999 does symbolize conception that day might also be a good day on which to try and conceive a baby.

It may be also of some interest to conspiracy theorists out there that President Obama’s full number also reduces to three 9s. His heart number, expression number and personality number all work out to 9. That is because if you include the century number as in 2007, September 9th, 2007 added up to 27 which equals nine. That has only happened four times in the past two thousand years. The other times were in year 27AD, year 207AD, and 270 AD.

If you were born on September 9th you are likely to feel that change is in your future. Former friends and situations may no longer interest you. You may finally see seeds that were planted in your life in 2007 start to bear fruit. This is because there were three dates in 2007 that also equated to a triple 9.

The optimism to the number 9 is that it is also the “nowhere to go but up” number. Once you hit that rock bottom, the healing of the psyche, body, or situation can finally be healed.

However, this date is only that 27 if you look at 09/09/09 as actually being 09/09/2009.  When you reduce that date mathematically you get 29, which are reduced to 11 and which can further be reduced to the 2.

This means that we can look at the vibrations of this 9 day as being layered over with 11 and 2 vibrations as well. As 11 is a master number about healing and finding one’s own path and 2 is a number about dependencies and love you will find many of us probably muddling about with issues to do with our closest relationships on that date. 

There is no need to fear that date. After all, it is all about our evolution. Doing your personal day for that day which means combining your Destiny number and adding it to 09/09/2009 might give you more of an accurate reading to what the 09/09/09 day is going to mean to you.

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By JoAnn, Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:49:35 AM
Leslie...your comment of our future is a trip.How can you or how do you know? So many people I know mention from time to time about the year 2012, and what I get from them is their running scarred.Anyway, I found your comment interesting.
By Leslie, Wednesday, September 16, 2009 03:24:40 PM
On this date, Father God activated the crystals in the center of the earth in preparation for 12/21/2012. These crystals were activated in the days of Atlantis and we can now use their energies to activate our own personal psychic gifts. Alot of people should start to notice that they are claraudiant. We are going to have the same powers they had in Atlantis after 2012 and more. But, they will only work for the good of God. Our cells will turn from carbon based to crystalline once more. You must forgive this life and all your past lives in preparation. It will be awesome. Don't fear this date. We are going home and I can't wait! This is the dawning of the age of aquarius. We will take our bodies and step into the 5th dimension!
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