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The Spirits Who Visit You
Spirit Guides Who Surround Us Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne answers a member question and discusses the impact of the spirits all around us…

Dearest Sylvia - My husband passed away in January of 2005. He died here at home at 4:00 a.m.. A week after the funeral, strange things started happening in the house. At least once a week, I began being awakened at 4:00 in the morning by what sounded exactly like him calling out my name. One night I swear someone was shaking my bed so hard that I actually got up to make it stop, and when I did I heard someone trying to break into the house through the back door. But they ran way when they realized I’d surprised them before they could surprise me. I felt as if my husband was there protecting me, shaking the bed to warn me.

Sometimes I wake up and actually see him standing in the bedroom doorway, and my daughter and I hear him walking around upstairs and on the stairway all the time. The living room will suddenly get cold and at that same moment I’ll smell the aftershave he used to wear, or the hall light will be on in the middle of the night that I know perfectly well I turned off before I went to bed.

In some ways I love that my husband is still here with me, but I also want him to rest in peace. He was such a good man, I’m really hoping you can give me some idea why he hasn’t moved on yet. – C.T.

I don’t doubt for a moment that there are people who’ve been wondering, who cares what the differences are between a ghost and a spirit? Well, C.T. and a whole lot of others who are worried about their deceased loved ones care very much, and in C.T.’s case. She’s worried for no reason at all. Her husband has moved on. He’s a spirit, visiting her from The Other Side, not a ghost who’s unable to rest in peace, and he is there to protect her, and to assure her that he’s not only fine but very much alive, an eternal as God promised. The aftershave is a great clue – spirits love using familiar fragrances as signal that they’re around, while I’ve never heard of ghosts bothering with odors unless they’re unpleasant ones. And waking C.T. up by speaking her name at 4:00 a.m. is also much more spiritlike that ghostlike. For one thing, it’s a precise reference to C.T.’s husband’s time of death, but for another thing, and more important, as I mentioned in the first chapter, it’s the predawn hours that are prime time for spirit activity.

Mostly, though, there was the simply mention of C.T. waking to see her husband standing in the bedroom doorway. I hope you’ll look back on the chapter of ghost stories and realize that no one mentioned recognizing the physical form of the person who was haunting them. Even the woman who had the horrible experience with the ghost of her grandfather passing through her never actually saw his ghost materialize. If you see a form materialize, and the form is that of a deceased loved one, I feel very safe in saying that 999 times out of 1,000 you’re seeing a visiting spirit from The Other Side and not a ghost at all, and there’s no need for you to put yourself through any needless concern and pain on their behalf. Count on it that they’re simply doing their best to let you know that they’re around keeping an eye on you and very probably planning one great reunion party for you when you’re together again back Home. But until then, they’re counting on you to be as busy and happy as they are in the lives they’ve resumed on The Other Side. Anything less and you’ll be doing yourself and their memory a real disservice.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By kathryn, Monday, March 09, 2009 11:41:54 AM
Just wondering who Naomi is. I noticed she is answering alot of the comments.
By Janet, Monday, March 09, 2009 10:24:57 AM
Hi Sylvia :-) I have always enjoyed watching you...I am a typical skeptic...sorry about that...but I do try to have an open mind...anyway, I just wanted to know if things are going to get any better in my life? Too long a story to tell it all...just need to know if it will improve or is it possible to get more disasterous? Thanks again and take care :-)
By Debra, Monday, March 09, 2009 08:30:44 AM
Hi Sylvi: My husband died 14 years ago. I am still single. Last fall (Aug.2008), I went to a local psychic. I had never been to one so it was exciting and curious. She told me there were spirits from the other side to greet me and one of them was my deceased husband, Ed. I was telling her about having another mate and could not find one. My husband told her he was going to find one for me. Well, I forgot and didn't think much about it. In the beginning of October, 2008 a face zoomed toward me while I was sleeping. He was a handsome man, dark eyes, receding hairline (dark Hair). At the end of a church service in the end of October I was leaving the service and I stopped and stared at this man across the room. It was him! The mans face that zoomed at me during my sleep. He was dressed in a navy blue suit with white crisp shirt, dark piercing eyes, receding dark hair and a beautiful smile. We both stood there and stared at each other and we didn't exchange introductions. I knew there was electricity between us. I have only seen him there once since that day and he left early so I could not introduce myself to him. Recently, one nite my mothers face came to me during my sleep and she glowed with a beautiful smile and blue eyes. It was like I could touch her and I will never forget her face smiling at me and when she was gone there was this man smiling and dressed well. Will I ever get to meet this man? Will I find him at the church and find out his name? I know it is the one my husband found for me and I feel my mother was telling me she liked him or we would be together. Can you help me? Will I ever get to meet this man? Will we marry? Anxiously waiting, Debra
By Cindy, Monday, March 09, 2009 03:26:54 AM
Sylvia, Could you please tell me what the name of the spirits around me are? I know they are there, I can feel them ,like breathing down my neck at times. Thank you! Cindy Hutson
By lupe, Sunday, March 08, 2009 04:14:11 PM
when melissa committed suicide ,they took her for autopsy it was Monday the 13 and the 14nigth she came in my dreams she was crying really really bad she was devastated and hearth broken ,so i want to know why as the days wen ,she came so many times and other time she was in my house and a train cover in a beautiful light came in my yard .out side they were people in line wetting to get in the train only some were allow to aboard the train meli was one amd she was whit a child he was 3 or 4 and went the train was leaving she keep looking back at me she look so sad that she was leaving then the train went Howey and with him the light and my yard was so gray and dark .the peoplo that was no allow to go in the train wanted to came inside my house and some voice keep telling me no to let them in becouse they were bad next time meli came back she was so beautiful she was cover in this amassing glow and in a light blue dress and she was smiling and i can see some beautiful pure white wings .so what this means she is in haven i go to her grave everyday ans the 24 i ask god ,i want to se meli the real one no the shine one and i wanted to hug her to be whit her so she came and she told god offer her a good job and the only problem was that she will no be camig as often to see me ,she look sad ,i told her to take the job if it was best for her that i will be ok and she smile and hug me so many times and then she go since that time meli is no cameig no more maybe she will went is no much to do in haven so some one anyone knows what all this mean
By naomi, Sunday, March 08, 2009 12:20:01 PM
The difference between Ghosts and Spirits is: Ghosts are earthbound souls that are unaware that they are dead, and they kind of hang around us, unaware and not knowing why we can't hear them. Ghosts are harmless, they just need you to tell them that they have passed on now, and they need to go to the white light of God in Heaven where we will meet them in a short time. It is the most compasionate thing to do for them. Otherwise ghosts souls, are kind of caught in between Heaven and Earth when they are ghosts. Now Spirits are souls that are very aware that they are in Heaven, or visiting us. And Heaven has a very full and productive life for us. It is our other home that we live in after our life here on earth. But we can't skip out of this life and go to Heaven until we have completed our charted lives. Charted lives that we ourselves have written, before we have come down to earth. Suicide is not an option to goto Heaven early. If you should commit suicide, your soul horse shoes right back into another birth, to relive your entire chart AGAIN, and learn your chart lessons, until you have finished your earth chart lessons. So there is no getting out of it. We charted our lives, and we have to carry out the chart. You said you were going to school, and you have to finish before you go home. No cheating! :) And while I'm on that subject: we also chart our deaths. Not suicides, that is Cheating! :) But there are 5 exit points of death that we chart for ourselves when we find that we have fulfilled out our chart life lessons. We choose weather we want to take these exit points when the times come, or weather we want to stay for a while and learn more. Haven't you ever seen someone who was in a car wreck, and the car was completely demolished, and the person came out unscathed and very much alive? They chose to stay, and their Angels helped them to live. Thats also a miracle. When your final exit point comes, then your time is up, and it is time to go Home to Heaven. Read more about it in the books that I have mentioned in the further previous post. Explanations help us cope, and understand Heaven and God and that we are never alone, and always loved, and the purpose of all of our lifes lessons is to learn for God and for ourselves. Adversity teaches us to cope and to be empathetic and understand where the other persons are coming from. Then we can show by example how within our weakness lays our strength.
By naomi, Sunday, March 08, 2009 11:58:53 AM
Here is is an interesting article excerpt that I just found on the internet at this website: Many people experience a cold draft or icy cold air in the area that a ghost is in. I'm not sure what the connection is between ghosts and cold air, but if you are in an area where the air is warm and humid then it makes sense that the drop in temperature because of a ghost could condense the water vapor in the air to drops of liquid water. I'm comparing the drops of water I felt to the dew point temperature which is the temperature to which a given air parcel must be cooled at in order for saturation to occur (from the American Meteorological Association definition). So basically, when the air becomes saturated with water vapor (humid, water filled air) and the temperature drops below a certain point - the dew point - (ghost temperature?) condensation will form.
By naomi, Sunday, March 08, 2009 11:29:50 AM
If there is any situation or person that you feel that you are unable to reach or make better, say to yourself and to God, "Please God, I give this to you to take care of."
By naomi, Sunday, March 08, 2009 11:21:31 AM
Dear Christie, you sound like a very loving and empathetic person. What wonderful qualities to posess. Your family is very fortunate to have a beautiful soul like you. Grief is very real, and very normal. Of course you miss your loved ones. If you think of it this way, (a very normal way to feel) we are selfish (and that's normal and ok) because we have to stay here on earth, and our loved ones are happy and in eternal bliss in Heaven. We ask ourselves, how come they aren't here with me, and they are up in Heaven? But our time will come. Right now, you are here on earth to live your chart, live your life and learn for yourself and for others. There are many people that made something positive out of their lives, after a loved one passed on. There is a good example of making yourself of help and service to fellow mankind after the passing of a very loved one. Host John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted can be looked up on the Wikepedia on the internet. here is an excerpt copied from the Wikepedia: (John Walsh (born December 26, 1945) is the host of the TV show America's Most Wanted. Walsh is known for his anti-crime activism, in which he became involved following the murder of his son, Adam, in 1981). There are many people who generate all of their energy toward helping others on a large or small scale, in the memory and for their departed loved ones. Cancer foundations, volunteering, food bank, support groups, internet websites for awareness and support. Or just being a good ear to listen, or conversation in old folks homes, or where ever you see the need. There are soup kitchens at the Salvation Army that need your help. There are Safe Shelters for battered women that may need donations, and craft times helpers and supplies for the children that are temporarily staying there. It cheers people up, and it gives you a good feeling. If you are grieving and you need time to regroup, then read out loud to your spouse or friend, a good novel, in the meantime. Or rent a comedy, or an action, or a family movie, disney movies are great mood pick me ups. It gives you mind a break, and beleive me, your loved ones want you to be happy while you proceed to make the rest of your life lessons on your chart go by. Enjoy your time on earth, and help someone else enjoy life too. And always know that your loved ones are here watching you, and learning through you as well. Someone is. You have Angels, and past life loved ones, (read Past Lives, Future Healing by Sylvia Browne. You may find it at the library if you don't want to buy it), a Spirit Guide, Mother and Father God, your Animal Totem. And it sounds to me like you have visitors right now. A chilly feeling, and a chilly breeze is a sign of a spirit visiting! You are so fortunate to get a sign! Look it up on the internet. Spirits cool the air, and make it really cold when they pass through you! That is exciting, and I am so happy for your "Very Obvious" confirmation that they are truely there visiting! So cheer up love. And listen to the song by the Beatles to make you smile. GETTING BETTER BY THE BEATLES. Love and Light Sent Your Way. Smile. :)
By Wendy, Sunday, March 08, 2009 01:01:46 AM
Dear Chris M, I read your post to Sylvia, while reading I had the feeling I needed to let you know that those on the other side love you and want your happeness it is disturbing to see the anguish in your life, take the time to enjoy the moments that you have they are priceless and you are missing them! 57yrs old is still young, life is like a fine wine, although the juice of the grapes enjoyable, the ageing process brings out depth and charitor, your loveones want you to find the joy in your life, these moments are only for now, the help your son needs it to see the reasons of life, he needs to see this comeing from you. There will be lots of time for us on the other side to spend enjoying our familys but this is the time for now. I feel they want you to know they love you and are there for you but the time for them is later there is plenty of time later. Please use this time for what you have here and now becouse the joy your missing is in the now.

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