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The Truth About Ghosts and Spirits
Sylvia Browne's Ghosts and Spirits Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures by Sylvia Browne

I believe in ghosts, and in the real and magnificent presence of spirits among us from The Other Side.

I believe because, like so many of you, I've seen them, heard them, been startled by them, even smelled the faint familiar fragrance of a lost loved one, urging me to notice, to embrace their assurance that they're not gone at all, they're right here, not some trick of my imagination or wishful thinking, if I'll just open my eyes, ears, mind, and heart and pay attention.

Most of all, I believe because I know to the core of my being that the majority of the world's great religions are right -- we are eternal, every one of us, as our birthright from God who created us. Our spirits always were and always will be. Our physical bodies are only temporary housing for the essence of who we are, that divine part of us that feels joy and sorrow and love and reverence and holds our truth and our timeless memories and our wisdom intact. Death will take our bodies sooner or later, but it can never, ever destroy us. God promised us everlasting lives, and He doesn't break His promises.

And it's precisely because I take God at His word that I can't imagine not believing in the existence of ghosts and spirits among us. If our spirits really do transcend death, if they're immortal as we know they are, that means they never cease to exist. So why on earth would we disbelieve the existence of something we agree never ceases to exist? In fact, why not recognize that the presence of ghosts, and of spirits from Home, is actually comforting, even worthy of celebration, proving as it does that eternal life is a beautiful, sacred, God-given certainty?

When the spirit leaves the body that's provided it with temporary housing for another visit to earth, there are basically three different places it might go. And make no mistake about it, which of those three places the spirit travels to is our decision, not God's. He never stops loving us, never turns away from us, and would never condemn any of us to an eternity of banishment from His presence. It's only when we stop loving Him and turn away from Him that we take such foolish chances with the health and well-being of our souls.

The vast majority of us, who love God by whatever name we call Him and try our best to honor His love while we're here, immediately transcend to The Other Side, that sacred, exquisite, perfect world we came from, where we live joyfully among the Angels, the messiahs, our Spirit Guides, our soul mates and loved ones from an eternity of lifetimes both of earth and at Home. Residents of The Other Side are called spirits, and their appearance in our midst on earth are called visitations.

A much smaller percentage of humankind, those dark, remorseless souls who choose evil of God, travel to an unspeakable unholy void called the Left Door, from which they horseshoe right back into an earthly womb, to be reborn into another Godless incarnation. The Dark Side, as we call those travelers through the Left Door, don't communicate with us or appear among us while they're in vitro.

And then there are those poor trapped souls who, for their own often confused reasons, refuse to acknowledge the very real tunnel leading to The Other Side, illuminated by God's brilliant white light, and remain earthbound. Earthbound souls are called ghosts, and their appearances in our midst are called hauntings.

Understanding the differences between spirits and ghosts, between visitations and hauntings, can help turn an unexpected encounter with the afterlife from frightening to comforting. It can help us tell an earthbound intruder from a beloved visitor from Home. It can answer questions about where a departed loved one went after leaving their body, how they are, and whether or not they’re happy. And it can certainly give us fascinating glimpses into the possibilities that lie ahead for us when our current incarnations are complete.

Love Always,

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Debra, Tuesday, October 14, 2008 10:35:18 AM
Dear Sylvia, Will he visit me?Can you please tell me if my son had any pain before passing during his sleep and why he left me??My son 17-1/2 years old, 8 days away from turning 18 years old. He passed away during the night, the official cause of death was acute opiate intoxication. I woke up in the morning and found him, called 911 to revive him. I'm having trouble sleeping,depression and trying to go on. I go to a church near by, bereavement groups & have lots of friends and family. I miss him so, so much he was my baby.I just need to know how he is and any messages to me! By: Debbie Z.
By Bobbie, Thursday, October 02, 2008 01:58:55 PM
Dear Sylvia, i had a dream a man was leaning on my dresser watching me as I slept(he was wearing cowboy attire), I awoke as I recognized it was my dresser he was leaning on, and I was rolled over the man was there watching me. I told him that I was tired and went back to sleep, never to see him again. Do you know what that was, or why I would see him in my sleep? Bobbie from Austin
By joann, Friday, September 19, 2008 02:24:24 PM
Hi sylvia, love you and your son. I had this question and I was really hoping you can answer it. my daughter told me one day that she seen a man with a mohawk upstairs in the hallway of our house and a lady too. I know you are very busy but I was wondering if you can tell me if it was true and if so who are they and what do I do to calm her fears. and can she see spirits and ghosts? thank you and love ya joann
By Mary Ann, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 04:39:39 PM
Dear Sylvia: My mother past away over 20 years ago. This past July I just turned 41. I woke up on my birthday to the sound of my mother's voice in my ear telling me Happy Birthday. I've never heard that before. It startled me alittle and I began to cry. Then I realized that it was my mother's voice that I had heard, and I was very happy . My question is: After my mother past, I was wondering why she never said that to me and why my sister and 2 brothers always heard her voice. Was she saving it for when I turned a certain age? Or does she think that I can handle it now and that I know she's fine on the other side? Since reading all of your books and watching you on Montel, I have become a true believer of the other side and about ghosts and spirits. You are an inspiration to me. Mary Ann in Texas
By Debra, Sunday, September 14, 2008 08:52:19 PM
Dear Sylvia. No one seems to know the answer to this question (or should I say, no one will answer the question)...I thought perhaps you might. Are you aware of an entity/entities known as DKADJAA? It has something to do with a divine might be personal to me only (involving help for a family crisis), and/or could be intervention of a more global nature (2012). Just wondering. Debra in Maryland
By Bette, Monday, August 25, 2008 08:38:11 AM
Dear Sylvia, I keep checking through all the articles and locations in this site. There is always a place to post comments or questions, just as in this area. Please tell me "where do we go to find your comments to these questions that we post to you?" Thank you for your reply Sylvia. Bette in Florida
By Debra, Monday, August 25, 2008 07:38:09 AM
Dear Sylvia, If the dark entities go right back in utero, where do evil "ghosts" or poltergeists fit in? There are numerous television shows about people who live in houses that seem to have evil presences that cause much negativity in the house, so much so that they have to move? Where does this evil come from if all dark entities are not earthbound? Thanks! You changed my life! Debra in Rhode Island
By Connie, Sunday, August 24, 2008 10:53:24 AM
Thank you Sylvia, I quit believing after losing all my family. You have opened that door again making me believe and knowing that I will see my loved ones again has made my heart full again. Thank you. Connie in AZ
By Bette, Sunday, August 24, 2008 08:38:11 AM
Dear Sylvia, When we post comments in your "Ghosts and Spirits" section, do you read them and do you send a message back? If so, where do we look for your replies? I read some messages in other areas of the site and find that there are other psychics that reply to messages. Do these psychics work with you in your organization? Thank you for your response. Bette
By margie, Saturday, August 23, 2008 10:04:41 PM
dear sylvia, I just love you and the peace you bring me, do I have any messages from any of my loved ones and believe me there are a lot that has passed. love margie

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