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Trust In The Universe's Power To Deliver
Trust in the Universe to Deliver Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Yes, you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, but do you trust in the Universe’s power to deliver. I get questions all of the time, “What is The Law of Attraction?” “Does the Law of Attraction really work?” Yes it does, but for The Law of Attraction to work, you’ve got to trust and believe in it! So, let go of your fear and attract all that is good to your life!

* Relinquish Your Fear
Being fearful is just another way we try to control our lives. It’s like our hair - if it’s curly, we work hard to make it straight, but one drop of humidity or rain and we realize we can’t control everything! Life can be filled with so much more joy if we can even cut our worry in half. So, relinquish your fear and let go of all that negative energy. You’ll transmit a positive signal, and get a positive response from the Universe’s powers!

* Start Small
Okay, so maybe you’re just not ready to totally believe in the Universe’s power, but your interest is piqued. Test it out with something small! Think about something you want to attract, like a butterfly. Picture the butterfly in detailed color and size. Or, envision getting a phone call from an old friend. Hold the images in your mind, and without question see it happening! Focus on the image every day, and trust that it will happen - no ifs, ands, or buts. Once you see yourself attracting the small stuff, The Law of Attraction will open up your mind and begin thinking big!

* Look Back and Recognize
Have you ever really wanted to something and it happened? For example, you really needed a little extra money to pay a bill, and you suddenly got a check in the mail or a raise at work! Maybe you were really afraid of something happening, and it did! Your worst fears were realized, and not by accident. This is the Law of Attraction. Take a minute, and look back to recognize how you’ve been using it your whole life, but just didn’t know it! Start believing in the Universe’s power to deliver.

* Detach, Don’t Stress Over the Results
When we really want something, we tend to focus too hard on it. This means we get caught up in trying to figure out “how” to make it happen. We wait and anticipate results quickly, and if it doesn’t happen, we get discouraged. All of this creates stress and negativity, so the Universe will respond with more stress and negativity. We’ve got to detach ourselves, and just hold strong to the positive images in our minds. The question is not “if”, it’s “when”. Instead of working hard, work smart by taking inspired action! Trust and the Universe will do the work and deliver!

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By Nicole, Friday, November 06, 2009 05:33:18 PM
Hi Sylvia; I'm starting to believe in the power of thought or attraction, I just close my eyes and think of something, I really want, and in a few days or weeks, it will happen. I pictured having this particular book in my hands, The Secret, and now, yes, I have it in my posession, so now I'm ready to attract bigger things like my next request is getting checks in the mail, instead of bills!! Wish me luck.
By Brenda, Friday, November 06, 2009 01:50:11 PM
God bless you sylvia there is something,that a family member is tring to tell me from the past can you please bring it to the light for me god bless you and your family thank you,brenda
By kathryn, Sunday, May 03, 2009 01:49:47 PM
I hear a positive thought is a whole lot stronger then a negative thought so that is good!
By Sarah, Sunday, May 03, 2009 08:20:27 AM
Angela When a negative thought comes into your head, say reject three times and then purposefully replace it with a posative or happy thought...even a happy song.....repeating if necessary. You can't think two things at tell your mind what you want it to think. Works for me. I also use the reject method when I'm hearing something from someone else I don't want my sub-concious to accept as a truth. Hope it works for you. Sarah
By Angela, Thursday, September 18, 2008 10:40:50 PM
What are some tricks to keep the negative thoughts out when you have been use to thinking negative thoughts for so long? Can I talk to myself? Can I meditate? What can I do? I really think this is true. Angela L. in TX
By Marcia, Monday, August 04, 2008 02:46:50 PM
Hey Dartz baby this is my way to get rid of stress I'm not poor I have a beautiful home and a paid off 2007 vehicle. I'm very realistic (sometimes)hahaha. I ask qeustions to put myself in a good mood. And no all of my bills aren't paid I cry at night for the bill collectors to leave me a lone. But that's all part of life, this is something I just found out about. Because I had a very good paying job and a very nice saving account. But now things have ahd to change and this is something I'm not use to. I have a job it's not paying nothing like my old job but I'm keeping it going. Thank you Love Peace & Happiness
By Leigh, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:19:20 PM
The Law of Attraction definitely does work, but the key is staying on track. It is much more easy to worry and be negative over something as opposed to always being positive. I still have not reached this goal myself, but my friends that have have had their world completely changed. They are happier and things seem to come much more easily to them. I am hoping one day I can just let go of all the fear and stress and have this happen to me as well. But I always have the question in the back of mind, that if the Universe is so positive, why are so many innocent children starving and being killed? It's that worry and fear I need to let go of.
By Dartz, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 01:26:34 PM
@Marcia: Maybe if you didn't waste money on lotto tickets, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 10,068,347,520. You need to get realistic and take up a few more jobs to pay them off. You shouldn't gamble your way out of debt. And once you're sorted, maybe you should start getting things you can actually afford, I for one never use credit cards or take out loans, so I'm always in the black. Poor as dirt, but in the black.
By Marcia, Thursday, July 10, 2008 03:05:47 PM
P.S. Thank you Sylvia for helping me find myself, there will always be a piece of my heart with your name on it. xoxo's
By Marcia, Thursday, July 10, 2008 03:01:32 PM
It's funny, I'm 35 years old and I'm just now finding out that I'm not in control. I just want to hit the lotto, payoff my bills, take care of my kids and help people ( around the world if possible). It hasn't happen yet because I WORRY A LOT, because the bill collectors call from sun up to sun down. And I cry almost everyday, and that's what's so funny because in my HEART AND SOUL I KNOW IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN VERY SOON.

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