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Understanding A Near Death Experience
Near Death Experiences Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures When an individual is nearing physical death, there is often a bizarre range of experiences that may be encountered that are collectively entitled Near Death Experiences, or simply NDE. Here are some of the characteristics of near death experiences that are commonly reported by the soon to be deceased:

- Feelings of detachment from the physical body;
- Levitational feelings;
- Unjustifiable, but powerful fear;
- Extreme serenity;
- Feelings of security and warmth;
- Total disillusionment;
- A consistent presence of light;
- and many more.

Most of the time, these experiences are reported from the near dead or those who have been pronounced clinically dead and then return to life. However, there are more and more reports of these experiences from patients of modern medical techniques, such as advanced cardiac resuscitation procedures. Paranormal researchers and advocates claim these experiences to be proof of an afterlife - a glimpse of what's to come. Most mainstream scientists write them off as hallucinations.

A Gallup poll based on near death phenomena researched from hospitals, psychiatrists, psychologists and parapsychologists reports that over 8 million Americans believe that they have had near death experiences. Opponents to the concept state that most individuals that claim NDE’s are simply stating their own personal belief systems - offering no supernatural insights. There are merely finding ways to prepare their minds to let go and are trying to vanquish their fears of dying. They state further that people who lack any particular belief system report seeing only disjointed images of familiar persons, objects, and the like.

Near death experiences are said to follow a quite distinctive, predictable pattern. Those who have been pronounced dead and have returned, some having been dead for several minutes, report certain commonalities pertaining to the death experience. They are as follows:

- Unpleasing sounds or noises are heard;
- There is a sense of being dead;
- Tranquility and serenity are experienced;
- Levitation or floating above one's own body, astral projection;
- Upward movement through a bright, narrow passageway;
- Reunification with deceased loved ones;
- Meeting a being of light, often belief-based;
- Having one's life reviewed (judgment);
- Reaching a crossroads;
- A reluctant return to the physical body;
- Feelings of warmth even though nude.

Near death experience stories abound and there are certain commonalities that are noticed between people of all faiths and all locations. If they are simply compensatory hallucinations or profound glimpses of the afterlife is, of course, only able to be fully determined by those who do not return. Near death experiences are reported by millions of people on a worldwide level and therefore are not to be so simply written off as invalid.

No one of us can say for certain what happens when we die. That question has perplexed the human race since the very beginnings of time. Countries are controlled by and destroyed for their particular belief systems concerning the afterlife. Nations war and individuals murder in the name of their belief systems every day all around the planet. We should all give thought and careful consideration to the near death experience stories form those who offer them. To simply ignore these possibly powerful visions of the unknown can only lead to self-induced ignorance.


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By Jacqueline, Monday, November 15, 2010 07:00:20 PM
Hi Sylvia , Im Jackie Levert from canada ontario and i had a NDE. In 2008 i was very ill i was betwen life and dead, the doctors couldnt figure out what was happenning to me, all they knew was my liver had stop fonctionning, i had a third of my liver left that was failing too, so they send me to a bigger hospital, very old hospital, and still they couldnt find out what was wrong, and after the third night i was there, God send me two angels doctors to work on me, in the middle of the night i woke up with lots of pain in my back , and on the wall right in from of me i could see two shadows behind me , the light from outside was coming through the window and was making a shadow of the two peoples behing, the next thing i know i was out of my body and i was hovering the ceiling where i could see the two shadows behind my back that my body was still on the bed, but i was out, they had a samll table next to my bed and they had each a see through jar, one was taking out white balls from my back and putting them into the jar, and the other one was taking out black balls from my back and putting them in the other jar they had on the table, next thing i know i was back into my body and the ivy machine that was plugged on me started beep, i awoke so drained and so tired i could hardly walk. that morning i couldnt get up was so tired and no energy at all ...buts its only a few days later while talking to a friend of mine that everything came rushing back to me about that very specail night, because within three days after this miracle i was walking out the hospital agaisnt the doctors orders., i had started to get well so fast they didnt know which way to look for what had happen to me and i didnt tell them about my night where i almost lost my life. Thank you god and i beleive one hundred percent that he is there and without his help i would be up there with him, but he had and has other plans still for me her on earth i will never ever forget what hes done for me.. love you god and thank you again..and thats my nde storie.
By Jacqueline, Monday, November 15, 2010 06:36:14 PM
By samantha, Monday, June 22, 2009 10:35:29 AM
I had a NDE when I was 18. I was I was strangled by my ex boyfriend and I was out I stoped breathing he was fearful and call the ambulance ,all remember was them working on me. and drawing blood and saying no pulse no blood coming out and cc something they revived me on the floor and my second NDE was shortely afterward in the hospital I had a spike in my pulse rate they gave me something I was severly allergic to my body stiffened and I stoped breathing again NDE now I went in coma for 3 days and woke with something strange my telekentic powers returned they were amazing. things in the hospital were floating and moving with me I think it was what you say sylvia that sometimes when you have emotions or something very traumatic happen the powers come I use to have it as a child but very little this time around was more dramatic where nurses were noticing now I know its not all in my head
By ginger, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 11:23:45 PM
Hello Sylvia, My mother passed away this last september. I stayed with her for three months in the hospital. She had two massive heart attacks, died twice in the ER once for 14 minutes. one of the longest times to be dead in the US and still come back to life with little to no brain damage. The times i was sleeping in the waiting room while she was in ICU, i was reading your book about the temples on the other side. Women in my family have dreams that come true. (I'll explain later) Anyway, she came back to life and i asked her if she rememered dying? She said she remembered both times AND everything they did to her in ER. I asked her what she saw if she could remember? At first she said what are you talking about. (her sense of humor) then she started to tell me about seeing her brother waiting for her. He had died at 23 (blood clot)when she was 21, she was devestated. He was waiting for her, told her it wasn't her time, but it would be soon and she would have no more pain. Then she passed 75 days later. It's been so many rough days after, I am about to turn 40 and need my mother now more than ever. One night when they moved her into a room, I was on a cot next to her, i dreamt of my grandmother and her on a bench in the garden of the mother goddess, with the roses all around them. (My grandmother and mother always grew the most beautiful rose gardens) I heard my grandmother say that "nothing heals like a mother's love." I haven't felt her but once since then. I am a slight empath and can "feel" when they are around. Why is it that I can't feel her when we were so extremely close? When she came back to life, my family took shifts at the hospital to never leave her alone. I took every day i had to say I love you to her. I will never regret that. I love you and all you do for everyone who truly wants to believe. I love yea, like she used to say. Ginger PS My grandfather haunted his house after he passed. At midnight his light in his room would come on and the switch would be in the "off" postiion and stay on. Then the phone would ring, there would be no one there but static. One time my dad was sitting at the kitchen table, there was a pumkin at the other end, slid down the table right in front of him by itself. He got up and left. hahaha.
By Patricia, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 05:36:42 PM
I lost my husband not quite two years ago. I was his sole caretaker for almost 5 months. He had to have blood transfusions weekly.. At the end, he could not talk as he lay in his hospital bed. I held his hand and told him I loved him. He had been very sick and many things were left unsaid. As time went on, I became angry, extremely sad, and couldn't sleep. I then started reading Sylvia's books... Those were a lifesaver for me... Still, I looked for more answers and contacted a couple of very good psychics... Through this, I was able to make contact with my late husband. It is all so true,, there is life after death just as Sylvia's books describe. My husband told me things that I was doing and had said. He brought many things to my attention that absolutely, no one else would know. He did tell me that we were both in our last lifetime in this marriage, and that we were not only Soulmates, but also Twin Flames or known as (Twin Souls)... This has made my whole life worth while. His spirit is here in our home much of the time and I see him in my meditations. Also, he tells me of other lifetimes we have had together.. and that he is waiting for me, and will wait for me as long as it takes. Since, my mother and father are also deceased... they have come through to give me their love. I am such a firm believer of what Sylvia has said in her books, about life on the other side etc. Also, my late husband says he will be there with my angels and parents and spirit guide.. and that he will be in the front row when I arrive,, There will be many other family spirits there and we will be together again for a celebration and before my transition period... This has all been validated! I do have a few years here yet,, a few more lessons before I go... and the time I have left here, I am giving back, donating time to help others. I feel so blessed with God's love, Thank You Sylvia! Pat
By Ruth, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 04:10:53 PM
I had an NDE when I nearly drowned at the age of seven. As I lay on the bottom of the lake, I heard beautiful music and turned my head to see where it was coming from. There was a beautiful white light all around me and a glorious feeling of peace and happiness. At the outer rim of the light, there were a great many figures from whom I figured the music emanated. There was also a presence to my right. The greatest experience of all was the wonderful feeling of peace and happiness. Immediately following this experience, I began to astral travel nightly, although I had no idea that was what it was called. In later years, it became apparent that I had other psychic abilities and after years of study became a teacher of spiritual science myself. Congratulations Sylvia on bringing awareness of the other side to so many people through your wonderful books. God bless you and your family.
By Brenda, Wednesday, April 01, 2009 09:36:53 AM
Hi Sylvia, my name is Brenda, and I just started reading your books, but i've been a BIG fan of yours watching you on T.V. I need to say that you have given me a great amount of insight that I never had before, and I thank you for that. I've had a difficult life the last 7 years, and needed some direction to go in. Your guidance has given me the strength to do that. Thank you for helping and caring like you do God Bless...Brenda R. of Michigan.
By Trauda, Friday, October 17, 2008 08:13:22 PM
Dear Sylvia, Thank you for all your encourgement and lessons written in your books. I am going through a really trying time in my life right now. It has been going on for two years. It is not just myself, but my two sons have crises, and my 91 year old mother is really in bad condition. She lives in Europe, and I live in Colorado, we spoke to each other on the phone every day, but her condition is getting worse everyday, and now she can hardly talk or hold the phone in her hands. A few times I thought this would be the end for her on this planet. She does not want to live anymore, and I feel so bad for her. This has been so stressful for me for the last two years, but since reading your books, I feel better and more hopeful and more at peace. I wish mother could go home and be with my father, her parents and sisters. She is the last surviver in her family. I say that the minister at church could not do or give me hope, but your books make so much sence, and when I am really down and read in your books I feel better. Thank you Sylvia Trauda
By Carole, Friday, October 17, 2008 07:09:43 PM
In 1991, I gave birth to my 3rd child. I knew something was going to happen--it was just a feeling I had that morning before I went into my doctor's appointment. I said out loud, "Please, God, I don't care what happens to me--please don't let anything happen to my baby." Well, come to find out--my blood pressure was elevated and the mid-wife decided that I needed to be induced that afternoon. I didn't quite understand it--she was due in a few days anyway. I went along with it. The midwife induced my labor that night. I stayed at the hospital for a good many hours--she went home. To make a still painful story shorter--I ended up being sent home by the nurse-who claimed I didn't know what I was talking about when I told her I was "IN LABOR"--we lived about 20 minutes away--got home--and no sooner did we get in the house & I had to push--so, back to the hospital, trying not to push the whole way. The doctor hadn't arrived by the time I got back there--once he did--I was able to push. When I did I felt what I thought was my water breaking--however, by the ghostly look on my husbands face--it was all blood! My uterus ruptured--and I still had not delivered by baby-finally, after about 3 pushes she was out--the doctor at that time was unable to find the top of my uterus--and because he was too tired from being up all day--decided that he needed to rest-leaving me there to bleed to death. (The reason my uterus ruptured was because my 1st child was c-section--2nd natural birth--and they induced this one, not allowing the scare to stretch normally) Anyway, I remember the nurse screaming at the doctor on the phone that he needed to get back in here my blood pressure was 60/40 and I was losing so much blood. At that point I remember having tunnel vision--all around was a white mist--I remember feeling so weak but the pain was gone--I didn't feel anything but peace. I remember thinking everything will be fine--my life was in order--I am ready to leave. They told my husband while they were rushing me into emergency surgery--that I may not live. I woke up in ICU--so swollen and not able to move-they couldn't get even a drop of blood out of me (trying between my toes, fingers). My first thought was OMG--I am back here! I was in the hospital for about 8 days because my body didn't want to make blood--ended up getting 10 units of blood the first 2 days after surgery. I do know that for about a year after that I was so angry that I survived--I was ready to go--who, know why I didn't--maybe to take care of my 3 children, or to be here for them--but around April of every year I have an extreme period of sadness. I am glad that I put this in writing--I still get upset explaining what happen--hopefully, this will help me to heal.
By Marcia, Friday, October 17, 2008 05:57:27 PM
My Dad suffered for three weeks in the ICU, he had a stroke which was caused from very aggressive chemo and radiation, to treat lung cancer, anyway he could only try to speak, nothing came out that made any sense, and he knew he was going, one evening he pulled out all his tubes, he wanted to go home and die, I know that. But they put everything back in and on him, and the next evening he passed away..When he went he sat up in the bed and laughed his special loud laugh and was looking at someone very happy, he then lay back down and left us with a smile on his face.. I know he is happy now. Of course, I miss him always, but I will see him to someday, I am not afraid to go.

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