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What Is The Zohar?
Kabbalah, zodiac, zohar Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures In Hebrew the Zohar means splendor or radiance”. It is a group of books that talk about the five Books of Moses and the mystical psychology of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is cornerstone to Jewish mystical thought.  The books, which are often sold in 24 separate thick volumes of 300 pages or more contain commentary on the nature of God, the origin of the universe, the nature of souls, redemption, the relationship of the ego to darkness, the light of God and universal energy. It also explains the mystical aspects of the Torah (the five books of Moses.)

The Zohar is written in a very unusual and ancient form of rabbinic literature known as the Midrash which contains a lot of different tense, metaphors and symbols all in one dense chunk of writing.  The languished is an eccentric style of Aramaic that was the day to day language of Israelis between 539 BCE and 70 CE.

Awareness of the Zohar first appeared in Spain in the 13 century and was published by a writer named Moses De Leon who credited the work to Shimon bar Yochai, a rabbi who hid in a cave for thirteen years studying the Torah and then channeled the information from the Prophet Elijah.

The Zohar is also enjoyed by Christian and Muslim readers as the numerology, the Tree of Life and other concepts in it are universal. Many see scanning the content, as it is written in Hebrew and very hard to understand even after translation, as containing good instruction about how to connect your soul to God and live a good life on this earth.

The Zohar also contains many separate parables that form the basis of the Kabbalah’s religious lessons. For instance, “The Essence of the Torah” parable tells the story of a man who journeys from the mountains to the city and what he eats as he journeys a long. In the mountains he eats raw wheat and in the city he eats breads and then cakes and pastries.  In this story the wheat, bread, cakes and pastries symbolize four different levels of knowledge of the Torah with the baked goods representing the three higher stages of understanding. Bread symbolizes moral understand. Cakes symbolizes spiritual understanding. Pastries symbolize the understanding of the mystical which is also considered to be the level at which you are closest to God and also accomplishing magic on earth.

The Zohar also contains very detailed explanations of how the world was created as well as detailed descriptions of angels and their qualities and also of demons. Demons, called klippot, are shells that trap light and become the demons in our life.  You will also read a lot about stars, auras and how our lights can be stolen from us. This is exceptional because this content was written thousands of years before the dawn of our current New Age movement which is very focused on concepts built around light and protecting the integrity of the aura.

The meaning of the Ten Commandments is also painstakingly explored in detail in the Zohar along with many other secrets to living well that are also commandments. The theory is that the content in the Zohar contains the wisdom of the first set of tablets that Moses brought down from the Holy Mountain after communicating with God. Upon seeing his Tribes worshipping a golden calf he smashed this first set of tablets and then came down the mountain again with another set of simpler commandments. 

If you read the Zohar you will find out why just to sleep with a woman and not make love with her deprives your souls of light and why seeing the color blue in a dream can be a bad omen. This is not the kind of information that you normally find in The Old Testament as Christians know it or the Torah.

Today celebrities such as Madonna and Julia Roberts have studied the Zohar as a way of making their life better. Michael Berg, who runs the The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles has also written several books about the Zohar texts.  In his book “The Secret History of the Zohar” he talks about all of the historical figures that studied it’s texts including Plato, the Knights of Templar and Sir Isaac Newton.

To benefit from the Zohar it is advised that you buy the full set of volumes and then scan the ancient text with your eyes. Just doing this is said to vastly improve your health and also help speed your soul towards its greater destiny and a greater connection with God as you know him. It is also said that just to have this book in your house will bring you protection from evil and supreme good luck.

The book is also mandatory reading for aspiring channels as almost every volume is about connecting to your inner light, the light of the angels and the light of God. Many people use the Zohar as a channeling tool as the text often evokes vivid images and dreams in those who read it. Aside from being a divining tool it is also used as a tool of manifestation so you can realize what you want in life through the subconscious and into existence.

There are Kabbalah centers that hold classes in the Zohar all over the world and in North America you can belong to centers in Austin, Boca Raton, Boise, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Melbourne, New York Portland, San Diego, Sydney and Toronto.

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