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Using Your Life Path Number For Love
Life Path Number for Love Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Sometimes you know the Life Path Number of someone you are attracted to and this can tell you a lot about what makes them tick romantically or what would make him or her notice you. All you really need to figure out a personís Life Path Number is their birthday as well.

The figure out the Life Path Number, define the month as a single number or a master number by the 12 month calendar. For instance, the month of June is represented by the number 6. Then convert the day of birth to a single digit or master number. Next, add the total digits of year and reduce this sum to a single digit or master number.

The individual digits representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits or master numbers, are then added together as necessary to reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9, or to the numerology "master numbers" 11 or 22. These master numbers, as components of the date or as a final result, are not reduced any further.

Try consulting with the interpretations below to find out how to get the various Life Path Numbers to notice you.

Number 1 Life Path

These individuals like partners who will follow your lead. They like cash gifts. You should also be prepared to play second banana, as they do not like to be outshined in anyway. They also appreciate trips to spas and shopping sprees.

Number 2 Life Path

The promise of marriage or an enduring union makes this number the happiest. They like very sentimental gifts, like teddy bears, as well as pictures of the two of you together. Long dinners and romantic walks please the Life Path 2 as well.

Number 3 Life Path

This type may need an open relationship. If they feel they are free to do what they want, they may not cheat. They like gifts of toys, clothes, and musical instruments. If you have some kind of claim, be sure to let this number know.

Number 4 Life Path

A lifelong promise to take care of this person in every way means the most to them. It means everything to them if you can get along with their parents.  Plan a dinner with his or her family. Plan to be friends with this personís ex as well. A vacation is also very much prized by this number.

Number 5 Life Path

There is no other number that appreciates a vacation or cruise more than this one. They also like gifts of expensive luggage or any type of item to do with travel. They will stick with the person that gives them the most freedom emotionally.

Number 6 Life Path

These Life Path numbers are looking for an old fashioned long term relationship with marriage. They think that having children is something that is the entire purpose of the relationship. They like to be courted in traditional way. They like any gift that is family oriented, such as renovations, family portraits, and pets.

Number 7 Life Path

This number is very self conscious, so you need to be as casual as possible when wooing them. This person needs lots of physical space and they tend to connect to other people mentally. They like books, movies, the theater and trips to museums.

Number 8 Life Path

These individuals want someone who is builder, a social climber, and likes to make money. They like expensive gifts and prefer to only see people who have expensive or good tastes. They want a partner they can show off.

Number 9 Life Path

This person is looking for a soul mate and someone who recognizes spiritual principles. They like long walks in the park and investigating New Age or Occult matters. A visit to a psychic for a reading is an ideal present for this number.


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By Heidi, Friday, August 07, 2009 04:27:15 AM
Master numbers 11 and 22 cannot be reduced any more, so therefore, it is as is 11 and 22! Master number 11 is Illumination...(spiritual growth), perception, with added awareness, special knowledge, etc... Master number 22 is master builder. 22 is ultimate mastery of combining highest ideals with great power to achieve largest of material goals...
By kathryn, Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:11:13 AM
so if your number is 11 is your life path number 1 and if your number is 22 your life path number is 2 it said 11 and 22 you do not reduce? Thanks.
By peggy, Wednesday, December 17, 2008 10:45:58 PM
wish they would have given info for master numbers. mine is a master 22.
By Tiffany, Monday, December 08, 2008 09:31:58 AM
Damn, talking about hitting the nail on the head. My life path number is 7 so everything said is soooo true! I really hate it when guys flirt with me. I want to be talk to like a regular person. I am a total romantic, but a hard head realist when it comes to love. Hey I am a Capricorn after. I am very picky but once I trust a guy and all that, I am very loyal. FYI, Capricorn women are the hardest female signs to date and get to know.
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