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What Is Psychic Telepathy?
What Is Psychic Telepathy? Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures What is psychic telepathy? Psychic telepathy comes from the Greek word that means being affected by something that is distant. Telepathy is the transfer of information, feelings, thoughts or situations using the sixth sense. It describes a person who is supposed to be able to read the minds of others.

The inventor of the definition of psychic telepathy is Fredric W.H. Myers, who founded the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. However, the actual concept of a mind reader has been around much longer than that. Psychic telepathy is often used for healing and empathy and appears to be one of the talents of all men who have ever lived.

Few of us see psychic telepathy at work in real life, but it is a rampant theme in pop culture. That is how most of us are familiar with the concept of psychic telepathy, which is largely about sensing the thoughts of others. These abilities are considered evil and in the realm of witchcraft when they are used to control the minds of other people or alter events. You often see plots revolving around these ideas in television shows and movies.  

Telepathy is also often seen as the logical extension of the human nervous system in many of these scenarios as well. That is why it is often called the sixth sense.

The fact that so many of us see telepathy in television and movies is why so many of us often ask ourselves "is telepathy real?"  Sometimes, it just seems so irrelevant and a figment of a clever writer's imagination. However, many of us become believers when we experience an episode of psychic intelligence ourselves.

Another branch of telepathy is called telepathy telekinesis where people are able to move objects with their mind. The Amazing Kreskin in as example of a psychic who is able to accomplish this. When people see a real psychic in action, often they want to learn telepathy and there are many books on the subject that are available online.

There is also a new branch of psychic telepathy that exists called transhumanism. These individuals believe that technologically enabled telepathy, coined "telepathy", will be the inevitable future of human intuition. This is all part of the larger study of cybernetics, which is the science of relating the human mind to machine so that the electronic mind because almost a second guessing unit of what is to be.

There are many resources online and many books available about how to learn telepathy. Online telepathy lessons are available as is instruction in psychic telepathy.

You can also get online telepathy readings. There are scores of sites that specialize in that on the Internet. Some of these psychic telepathy readings are available over phone lines and others are available over chat lines. Telepathy telekinesis and telepathy tests can also be used to determine the level of your psychic talent as well.

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By MaryKay, Wednesday, August 11, 2010 02:39:40 PM
I'd like to commend the author of these daily columns! They are usually full of brilliantly illuminating, extremely valuable information (as well as the kind of errors in diction made by someone with a simple--as opposed to a complex & severe--learning-disability). I can't help wondering if the author, with such a wide range of information & deep insight, could possibly be Sylvia Browne, herself.... Whomever s/he is, we're all very grateful to you for your tireless service on behalf of our personal & Spiritual growth & development! Thank you & God-Bless!
By naomi, Friday, March 06, 2009 01:49:33 PM
I just found this short blurb of information in the middle of the defeniton of telepathy on the internet Wikepedia: Such abilities include sensing the thoughts of others. Transhumanists believe that technologically enabled telepathy, called "techlepathy", will be the inevitable future of humanity, and seek to develop practical machines for this. If anyone has any more information on this, please give the website, I am curious.
By naomi, Friday, March 06, 2009 01:49:38 AM
telekinesis is the word I was looking for. I was wondering what it was called. I saw on tv this kid who could bend spoons with his mind. They even put the spoon in a glass jar, and the kid could bend it still. It was a science show of some sort. But I still remember it.
By naomi, Friday, March 06, 2009 01:41:00 AM
This is a good article. Twins have been using telepathy forever. Just ask anyone who is a twin. They finish each others sentences, and overlap each others speach. And Twins know what the other twin is going through all the time. Even seperated twins at birth. How cool is that?
By naomi, Friday, March 06, 2009 01:36:47 AM
regarding previous post: I also wanted to add, that on one of Sylvia's webcasts she said "Don't bother rescueing someone who doesn't want to be rescued. Because you are just running up against a wall. They don't want it. Rescue someone who needs rescueing or wants it." I didn't realize the reality and truth of this saying until I went throught those learning experience 3 days I was just mentioning. lol I'm in a good mood now, and I'm staying away from the negative, and I'm using God and Angels to protect my aura, so all is good! Love and Light to all :)
By naomi, Friday, March 06, 2009 01:14:15 AM
I have to impart my experience with trying to change the minds of an athiest online. Just ignore them. Heres what happened to me just recently. I spent 3 days (thinking I was trying to do a good thing) explaining to absent minded athiests and trying to convince fools that God is real, and Sylvia is a good person. And it was like talking to a brick wall. They couldn't and wouldn't see it. And they started to email me and harrass me. And I was getting REAALLly drained and down. So it was not worth it. And I learned to put all my attention on helping people who are looking for help. Don't waste your time with negative people that don't appreciate or hear you. Remove yourself from it, and Really Ignore it. Or you take the bait, and they work on you until you get this awful depressed and drained feeling. Take it from me. I've tried to explain to these Athiests the proof of God, and they were trying to convert me. And it was a loss of time. But I at least learnt something. Ignore the Ignorant. Its not worth it. I had to put a talisman on for protection. You might find this funny, but I put on my t shirt with the superman symbol picture covering my heart chakra on. And I felt better. Then I erased all my posts to these goofballs, and they stopped emailing me. I don't need that. Then I prayed, and got back to my God center, and started to put all of my attention on helping someone feel better, and reading Sylvias books, and remembering the goodness and peacefulness of God. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I didn't even realize they were athiests, I just saw them as debunkers of my beloved friend Sylvia. But maybe I got through to them. But if they want it, they will find her. Good people do. And they weren't asking for help, they were just wasting their time debunking and it was so dark. Its sad. I will just pray for them, and I asked God to take it and take care of it, because I couldn't handle it. And I don't think they deserve my time or attention. They need help, but its something that God can handle, not me. Thats all I have to say about that. Lesson learned.
By aidie, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 10:47:52 AM
Whatever these issues are, this sight was created for fun and use to help us grow spiritually, not venting. So you however appeared to have received some attention, it was not my intent. I thought perhaps you had something interesting to say, instead it was child like venting with immature wording. Sylvia can handle her own battle quite well, she is after all mature and has been around and I'm sure pays zero attention and has plenty of her aura protection to keep her in her realm. Get a life.
By Tammy, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 09:44:44 AM
When I looked up Stop Sylvia Browne on the internet, I found NOTHING!! That is because it is NOTHING. Sylvia is the real deal! Take what you want and leave the rest behind. She, Sylvia, says this to people and it is truth. Gerry, why don't you harass someone who needs it. Such as corrupt politicians or big time banking who are sucking the taxpayers money up! Please get a life that is productive.
By Yvette, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 05:02:41 PM
Dartz, I agree with you on this Gerry person. I'm not on here to judge, and no one on here should be here to judge others. We can leave comments stating what we believe or don't believe, but Gerry went way too far. Gerry, maybe you should quit trolling on here and trying to shoot down Sylvia's reputation when you have obviously not done your homework or taken the time to find more out about what she does or who she is. I have been a fan of hers for years and her work has helped me through a lot of tough times in my life, just by writing about what she has learned through all her years of research. If you want the answers, find out more about Sylvia instead of leaving bad comments like that. You are obviously curious about this sort of thing or you wouldn't be on here. Sorry if I offended anyone. I just get upset when I read comments like that. God Bless and I hope you find the answers you need.
By gerry, Friday, July 25, 2008 10:31:17 PM

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