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'Year 3' Numerology of Earthquakes
Numerology of 2010 Earthquakes - Haiti and Chile Psychic Sylvia Browne, World-renowned Psychic Sylvia Browne pictures Numerologists have maintained that when whenever there is a number 3 year, there is a lot more likelihood of the earth suffering from more quakes than usual. That is because when you look at the nature of the number 3, it literally is a split delineated by two entities with a third in the middle (symbolizing the division two).

In other words, the number 3 philosophically divides the number 2. Three is a number of change and transition as well and an event like an earthquake is most certainly about shifting and changing.

Of course, 2010 is a 3 year. The calculation is 2+0+1+0 which, of course, reduces to a 3.

So far at the time of the writing of this article, there have been the following strong earthquakes taking place in the world. Note that is chart does not include the smaller quakes. Through the end of March, there have been 633 Earthquakes detected in the year 2010.

- A 6.2 quake on the coast of Northern Chile on March 26th
- A 6.1 quake in Mindooro in the Philippine Islands on on March 25th
- A 6.2 quake in the New Ireland Region, P.N.G. on March 20th
- A 6.6 quake in Japan on March 14th
- A 7.0 quake in Indonesia on March 12 - (with weirdly the day, the 12th, adding up to three)
- A 7.2 quake in Chile also on March 12th (just as the country’s new president was about to take power, also with the date of 12 adding up to three)
- A 4.6 quake in Greece on March 12th
- A 4.4 quake in Hawaii on March 9th
- An 8.8 quake in Chile on March 7th
- A 6.4 quake in Taiwan on March 4th
- A 6.3 quake  in Argentina on February 27th
- A 7.0 quake in Haiti on January 12th  (notice once again that this devastating quake is on a month date that adds up to 12)

Of course, the earthquake in Haiti was absolutely devastating. There have been some numerology studies done around Haiti and the earthquake that are quite eerie in nature.

For instance, aside from the day in the month (the 12th) adding up to three, the time of the earthquake did as well. The time was 4:53 pm local time, 4+5+3 = 12/3.

What is interesting about this as well is that the 3 that is composed of a 1 and 2 is sometimes called the “victim number” by numerologists. When you see a 3 in someone’s numerology chart, you also interpret it as the person one day being a victim.

Another weird “3” fact about Haiti is that the phone number to call about missing information about family members is (888) 407-4747. Add all the digits and the total is 57 which reduces AGAIN to 12/3.

The official name ‘Republic of Haiti’ ALSO adds up to 12/3. Of course, Haiti was hit by some hideous earthquakes earlier this year.

So is there anything to the idea that there are more serious earthquakes in a 3 year?  Well let’s take a look at what happened in 2001 which was the “mirror image” of this particular 3 year.

On January 13, 2001, El Salvador was hit by an estimated 7.7 earthquake.

On February 13, 2001, exactly one month later, El Salvador was struck by another earthquake which is a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that killed 600 more people.

A few weeks later...on February 28, 2001, one of the largest recorded earthquakes in Washington state history struck, no deaths, except one individual suffered a heart attack. 
In essence, you can consider the 3 year to create energy that is an unstable, fluid vibration. 3 is, after all, the number of drama.

If you don’t buy the numerology behind this, there are quite a few theories to do with the astrology that has been affecting the earth lately as well. The planets mainly responsible for earthquakes are Saturn and Mars. When the big earthquake in Haiti hit, Saturn in Libra was opposing Mars in Capricorn. This is a powerful progression. Libra is not a sign where Saturn is a happy planet and warrior planet Mars was in the earth sign of Capricorn.

Furthermore, Mars has been closer to the earth again, as it was in 2001, which also supports the idea of the earthquake. Mars is known for causing both man made and natural catastrophes. When it is in Capricorn, it exalts the malefic side of the planet. It is an aggressive planet that causes divisive and splits and in this earth sign, it looks like one of its effects might have been to literally split the ground open. Mars is also the planet of genocide. That is not a bad way to be looking at an earthquake, seeming as so many people are cosmically somehow culled from the earth under these circumstances.

Furthermore, transiting Pluto was conjunct natal Mars, a classic combination for violent destruction, with transiting Mercury also at play there in a destabilizing aspect with Uranus.

The Haiti earthquake also happened just three days before a major solar eclipse and major world events of a devastating nature are often thought to happen within a couple of weeks on either side of this type of celestial manifestation. Solar eclipses are always thought to bring big events, like the death of a King or the assassination of a world leader.

Yet another astrological explanation for the disaster is that the moon was at 27 degrees Sagittarius, which is the typical disaster number degree.

Whether you want to look at the numerology or the astrology behind all of these major earthquakes in 2010, you have to admit that some of these theories behind what is happening are quite interesting.

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