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What Does My Dream Mean?
Sylvia Browne Interprets Your Dreams

by Sylvia Browne


A popular question I always hear is, “Sylvia, what do my dreams mean?” People want to know how to understand dreams and dream symbols. Dream symbols can have many interpretations, not just a single one-line interpretation like a newspaper horoscope. Your dreams are interpreted by your very best dream dictionary: you! Your conscious and subconscious minds and wonderful body of experience are where dream symbols originate. Once you learn how to interpret dream symbols, you will be the one to define your dreams.


That being said, it is true that often some generalities about the meaning of dreams can be made. Some imagery and dream symbols can be very common and popular. No oneand I mean no onedreams just the way you do. When you look at a dream symbol, always look first to how that symbol could apply to your current life circumstances. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to interpretationall that matters is that the answer resonates with you as the true and correct dream symbol interpretation.


To define dream symbols, begin by first understanding what type of dream you have had. Was it a wish dream, release dream, astral travel, lucid dream or a prophetic dream?


Some people don’t understand or believe that their dreams have symbols. Everyone’s dreams have symbols. Let’s do an exercise in personal symbols so that you understand them better. Even though you’re seeing these symbols while you are awake, this exercise will give you an idea of what symbols can mean to you. Get a piece of paper and a pen.


Now you will draw five objects: a house, the sun, water, a tree and a snake. Don’t worry about being a Picasso or the next Rembrandt. Just draw what you feel is right. Come back when you’ve finished your drawing. We’ll wait!


Did you finish your drawing? Okay, let’s interpret the symbols. You will see just how personal these symbols can be. Notice your impressions about each symbol before looking at the definitions.


The house. What are your first impressions about the house? The house is the symbol for you. Does your house have a door to invite people in? Is there a path to lead people into the house? Does the house have windows, to let people see in to you and you in to them? Is there a chimney for warmth? Does the house look good or like it needs extra care?


The sun. This is your father. How close is the sun to the house? Is the sun prominent in the sky? Does the sun give off warm rays?


The water. This is your mother. Is the water close to the house? What type of water did you draw? Is it a river or a pond?


The tree. This is your intellect. How large is the tree? Is it near the house? Is the tree strong and healthy?


The snake. This is your sexuality. How important is the snake in the drawing? How close is the snake to the house?


You can see now that everyone has conscious and subconscious reactions to symbols. So your dreams are full of symbols. Look for symbols in your dreamsas they are full of valuable meanings for you.


Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. Dreams are rich with meaning and inspiration for us. Learn more about your dreams with my Book of Dreams. Discover the different types of dreams that we have all the time.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.



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By Bobbie, Saturday, May 24, 2008 09:28:27 PM
I drew each thing seperate from each other not as a whole picture, does that mean anything? Iam not close at all to my step father who raised me. but I always draw big suns. I have had several dreams with water, some with water creeping up into my house and sometimes the water is dirty and sometimes clean. mostly always an ocean
By Nicole, Wednesday, May 21, 2008 05:45:16 PM
Hey Sylvia; a couple of nights a go, I dreamt that, I was riding a camel across an desert area. What does that mean? Do; I have prophecy dreams, because sometimes they come true, good or bad? Thanks.
By Karen, Tuesday, May 20, 2008 10:38:28 AM
WOw,what a rude awakening I just had. My house had no door,no path,no chimney and needed help with it,s structure.Phew at least it had some windows.Looks like I need a lot of work. Thank you Sylvia,I love you.
By Cheryl, Saturday, May 17, 2008 12:35:49 AM
I would like to know why I keep dreaming about aliens and seeing, as did my second son, alien objects in the air that change shapes.
By Lori, Tuesday, May 13, 2008 11:46:43 AM
Sylvia, before my mother (Glenda) who was ill passed away, I had a dream where I was sitting on a bench at a park watching my children play in the park, when this lady kept staring at me and watching me, I finally asked her if there was somehting I could help her with, and she came over and sat next to me on this bench, and said my name, "Lori" in a question form. I told her "yes I am Lori", and she told me "Your mother is going to be alright", I kind of got a little panicky and told her "I know my mother is alright, why are you telling me this"? She then told me that my mother was going to die in 2 weeks, and that my mom needed my help, and I needed to go to her. So that morning I called my mom, and she was crying, I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she had just gotten off the phone with her mom, my grandma...(who had been dead for about 17 years), I asked her what Grandma had said to her, and she told me Grandma said she was waiting for her, and that grandma told her it was time for her to come home. I rushed up to my mom's house, took her to the hospital,they admitted her into the hospital, a couple of days had passed and her condition grew worse and the doctors decided to put her in ICU on life support. My siblings and I all decided to ask my mom,who was in and out of consciousness, if she wanted to continue life support or if she wanted to be taken off, she chose to be taken off. As heartwrenching as this was we did what she wanted. My mom died September 27, 2004, almost 2 weeks to the day, just like the lady in my dream said it would be. Who was this lady in my dreams? I have been told that she was my biological grandmother, whom I never met, because I was adopted. She was a big, heavy-set lady with sort of a bee hive hair do, glasses and a flowered moo-moo dress. I have heard you say before that anyone who has any type of Pychic ability won't see if a loved one is going to pass away, or if something bad will happen to a loved one...but I knew that my mother-in-law was going to die. I had a dream we found her dead in bed, and about a week later, she had died in her sleep..I knew something bad was going to happen to my son's best friend, who was only 11 years old and he commited suicide a few days later. Can you PLEASE help me Sylvia? Bless You for all that you do...I love you dearly....Love Lori C. In Loma, CO

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