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Dark Entitles Explained
Dark Entities Explained by Sylvia Browne by Sylvia Browne

It is now time to discuss one of the things I’m most often asked about: the role of dark entities in creation. It’s hard for our finite minds to comprehend, but let’s say that in the beginning, God created some souls with more knowledge than others to aid the rest of us. This group of entities would include members of the Council, mystical travelers, and mission-life entities. The rest of us, on the other hand, were given very little knowledge so that we could evolve at our own page. Thanks to our own free will, we’d be able to attain the level of individual evolvement that we’d chosen for ourselves.

Only God truly knows how negativity and evil came into being, but I have a pretty good idea how it happened, and Francine concurs. It had to come into existence at some time in order for created entities to learn about it and evolve. In other words, God knew that evil would be instigated by those who had free will, which means us.

Whether this negativity started while we were still orbs of light or it waited until we obtained bodies doesn’t really matter. The point is that, thanks to the combination of emotional makeup and free will, some entities allowed their own egos to override their intellects, causing a separation from God.

This rift caused the entities to become dark. With ego and visions of grandeur fueling them, they opted to gain power in any way they could. They wanted to rule their own destinies, thinking of themselves as good as, or even better than, their Creators. (The irony here is that we all rule our own destinies and don’t have to become evil or negative to do so.) With power comes corruption and ego gratification; consequently, acts of cruelty and intimidation started taking place among those who lived on the early planets, either spurred on or actually perpetrated by these entities who decided to separate from God. It was their way of obtaining power and holding on to it.

It’s interesting that the dark entities have made their own sort of reality. Just as we can create things from our thoughts on the Other Side (such as buildings or homes), dark entities have created a place of residence for their hierarchy. Normally they keep reincarnating on the planets that they use as their home base, so to speak, but they also created a place in an alternate dimension for their leaders to dwell in. They call in Noir, which means “dark” or “black,” and it’s almost their answer to God’s creation of the Other Side. Noir is a singular planet that doesn’t have the magnificence and beauty of the Other Side – in fact, I understand that it’s very dreary. We know little about it, as naturally no one wants to go there, but I’ve been told that it will also be absorbed in the end schematic.

In addition, the bulk of dark entities are somewhat primitive in nature. I don’t mean that they lack intelligence, but they act on their base emotions of lust, power, corruption, cruelty, and the like in creating as much turmoil as they can. They’ve essentially devolved into chaotic entities that put forth negativity and evil in their actions to conquer God and His creations.

Most dark entities can be easily discerned, for they live only for themselves and their own gratification. It’s all about them and everyone else can go to hell. In some instances, however, they can be hard to recognize. They hide themselves behind a smoke screen (usually in a religious or political arena) and put themselves forth as leaders or individuals of great wisdom…and then they proceed to instill hate, bigotry, and prejudice in those who listen. They’re hypocrites of the highest order, and their “teachings” only serve to spread their lies to the world.

Dark entities can be very cunning in that they seem to maintain a false front that can be manifest in a delightful personality or even a charisma that can entice many to follow them. Think of Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, or Osama Bin Laden – individuals who were able to lure their followers into performing acts of cruelty and evil for their own ego gratification, using either a religious or political agenda for their own agenda for their own ends. Yet dark entities can come in all shapes, colors, and genders – they can be blatant or subtle, vicious or seemingly kind, stupid or seemingly wise, selfish or seemingly magnanimous. In other words, they can be lions in sheep’s clothing, but they can’t be spiritual like white entities. They also can’t or won’t love God, although many do put that facade forth.

The dark ones can physically hurt you when you’re incarnate, such as through spousal or child abuse. For example, my own mother almost burned my foot by running scalding-hot water over it. I can remember trying to hold myself up on one foot and screaming. I’m sure that it would have gone on except as God (or my chart) would have it, my aunt and uncle showed up. Today I look back and think of my mother without any hate, and I realize that she was just dark and sociopathic – and she just couldn’t love.

However, dark entities’ forte is to psychically attack you in your emotions. In fact, psychic attack is one of the main reasons for so much of the illness and depression in the world. I don’t mean that the dark entities possess you or anything like that, but their energy, combined with the negativity of the Earth plane, is absolutely behind a lot of the anxiety and despair that goes on with humankind. But remember that the negative ones can’t really hurt your soul, and that God loves all of his creations…even the dark entities.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By AIways**hoping Linda, Wednesday, September 17, 2008 12:43:03 PM
Thank you Slyvia for helping everyone and telling everyone about dark entities. I think I see to attract them. It seems like my Mother in law..sister in law...and a few coworkers match the description youve given. Each one has tried to tear me apart in one way or another. I just pray to God to protect me. It wasnt until I read your books though that I knew how to protect myself. I still wonder why it seems so many dark entities come into my life..why Im so weak. Thank you again for helping us all
By Jane, Wednesday, September 17, 2008 08:06:44 AM
Thank-you Sylvia for this article. It seems that evil grows when God is not present. God told me that each day before I do anything else, before my coffee, I should take a small glass of juice and when I do this I will "remember Him". When I am really tired, I forget to do this and then I notice my day does not go right. Things get ugly until I do this act to remember the reason why I am here, to honour and love the Lord God/Jesus. When we ignore God he doesn't make bad things happen to us, but He is not able to send his protection over us until we "tap into" God's presense. We must remember God as "He is a jealous God", meaning, it is like this: What if we woke up with someone in the house and refused to say "Good Morning, how are you feeling?". God wants our communication. When I heard about the sad story about Sylvia's mother, I cried. I know so many people are being attacked by Satan and do not know what to do. The sin of being absent from God's presense can take on many forms. It can take on physical manifestation (sickness) or mental illness, or bad luck, etc. By calling on the Lord God/Jesus each morning the spirit of the Lord God/Jesus comes into our lives. It is like turning on a lightbulb. Without turning on the light we are in darkness until we go over to the switchplate and turn on the Light of the Lord God/Jesus. We have the will to do this, and why I forget is because the world can get all consuming. It is good then to have reminders to remind us to "turn on the light of God/Jesus". Maybe a picture of a dove (the dove represents peace and the Holy Spirit of God/Jesus or called the Holy Ghost). I think I will find a picture of a dove soon! I don't like bad things happening to me or my family. Pray the precious blood of Jesus over your family and they will be protected NO MATTER WHAT. Do not let Satan the evil one be the victor. Dispell evil and ask God to do this permanently. Talk to God, He or She is there for you, but you must knock upon the door. That is what human "will" is all about. I will pray over Sylvia Browne and her family so that the precious blood of Jesus and God heal her hurt from her Mother. We all love our Mother's but we know sometimes Mother's are human and have human frailities. There is complete healing in heaven and you can pray someone into Heaven. Praying for the soul of Sylvia Browne's Mother to enter with Sylvia as a new creation borne again in God/Jesus' eternal and everlasting Love. Amen.
By teresa, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 01:14:15 PM
I do love you Sylvia! Could you please write us and tell us how to tell if one is in your life! Is it possible to get rid of them and HOW??? Because I think I got some! I know you said once that you feel miserable when they are around! True that!~ but after a stressful day a good person can make me miserable is there any other way to find out who? God bless you! You have changed my life!
By Karen, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 07:00:40 AM
Tkank you for sharing again and again. I love you
By linda, Monday, September 15, 2008 10:40:23 PM
When I was 10 years old, this older man, probably around 50 years old, looked like any nice man. He smiled and was friendly. He was married. He had a nice house. He owned the building where my mother and I lived. We just moved into one of the little appartments in his building. He asked my mother if I could be his little helper. He was going to pay me a dollar... he said. When he brought me down in this dark basement, he raped me. The thing that really struck me was that when he was done, he got up and left with such nonchalance. While I was on the ground, with my pants down, I looked at him leave. I remember thinking that it was unbelievable that someone could hurt another person like that and leave without a care in the world. You'd think it was the most ordinary day ever for him. Completely void of remorse or concern. It got worse.... I was happy when we moved 9 years later.
By Kristen, Monday, September 15, 2008 03:29:30 PM
Sylvia, I want to thank you for sharing your information with us. I have had a lot of dark energy around me and my fiance' for the past few months. The only thing I can do to protect us is to ask God to surround us in white light and love. I sing a song for the things we need and eventually this dark spirit goes away. It scares my fiance' because he does not have a strong faith in God. He does, however believe in my strong faith and that comforts him. I am curious to know more about these dark entities and the powers that they have over people. Is it possible for them to come into another persons body? Is it possible to make them go away on a permanent basis? How can one person help another person find their own faith? There are several things about the dark spirit world that I would like to understand, is it possible to help them and send them back into Gods light?

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