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How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One
How To Deal with Losing A Loved One by Sylvia Browne

Everyone’s grief is relative to them – just as happiness is. I don’t like to quantify pain, but I feel that the death of a child is by far the most tragic loss one can go through. This doesn’t minimize the anguish you may feel when a parent, spouse, or friend passes away, since these are all life-altering events, but to lose a child is beyond comparison.

Yet even though death may seem unfair – and for those who are left behind, it certainly leaves a deep wound – it’s a part of life that’s as natural as eating or sleeping. In fact, the end is really the beginning for all of us, since our true Home is on the Other Side. I know that this may not be much comfort when we’re still caught here in “hell” (and this life is hell in the sense that we’re here to learn some difficult lessons), but our friends and family members who have passed over are all happy where they are!

I lost two more loved ones this past year, one of them being Abass Nadim, who was my Egyptian tour guide and dearest friend. He died of a heart attack while vacationing in Peru. First of all, I told him not to go on this trip, and warned him that if he did, he should not go climbing. He did both. I’ve been asked if I have the power to control other people’s lives, and while of course I can’t, I sometimes wish I could. I loved Abass, and even though he contacted me just after his death to tell me he was okay, I was still shocked and angry that this wondrous light went out of so many lives. A million memories filled my mind: his love of life and his children, the times we laughed and how he would call to cheer me up when I was going through a painful divorce. How will Egypt be the same without him? I wondered. I went through the normal stages of disbelief and shock, and then I remembered that this life is like a dream, and one day, we’ll all wake up and be with our loved ones again.

Similarly, just a week before he passed away, I’d expressed to my friend Kevyn Aucoin, the celebrity makeup artist, that I was worried about him. He just laughed it off. I won’t go into the details, but soon after, a beautiful, talented soul was lost to us. Kevyn gave me a message after he left this world, saying, “I’m sorry that I didn’t plant the flowers.” (Later, his family validated that he had been meaning to get some flowers planted.) Still, once again, I was left with that hollow ache and the often-asked question, “Why him?” When you see so many dark, evil entities living out their lives and blithely making everyone miserable, it’s almost impossible to understand why the gentle, caring ones among us are often taken so suddenly.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but there’s a reason why good people take their exit points early and cross over to the Other Side. You see, we each have five exit points that we can take to go Home. Many times, the most kindhearted people take them early because they’re tired of life, they feel that they’ve completed their mission for God and they’re simply ready to go. When I was 26 and had my near-death experience, I was told by a beautiful entity to go back to Earth because I had more to do, I could also faintly hear a nurse screaming, “Don’t go, Sylvia, we need you!” What really drew me back, however, was the fact that for a split second it entered my consciousness that I didn’t want to leave my only son (at the time), Paul, with my first husband.

If you haven’t ever believed in an afterlife, I can only tell you that I’ve received thousands of e-mails and letters from people who have visited the Other Side in dreams, astral travels, near-death experiences, and hypnosis regressions, and they all describe the same topographical features. How can these people from different religions, cultures, and ethnic groups – both skeptics and believers alike – all see the same thing? Statistically it’s an impossibility; and from the perspective of a researcher, when you keep running into identical accounts, you not only believe, you have confirmation. Personally, I’m convinced that our souls not only survive death, but they go to a place of beauty and peace where we’re all reunited with our loved ones who have passed before us.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By ginger, Tuesday, December 09, 2008 03:11:42 PM
Hi Sylvia,my youngest child was killed by her father and then he took his on life.I found out he was haveing an affair,he told me he did'nt love me anymore I was over us to. I was going for the devorce,I moved on and meet a man through some friend's.My kid's and I needed change for once.My oldest son found them in our room ,I came home to him telling to in side something bad happened I never thought what I SAW WOULD OF never HAPPENED TO ME! Boogie was still breathing she started to stop so I started cpr on my 8 yrold. I kept yelling for god to send his angle's to save her to take my baby home she died in my arm's.We had alot happen we could hear her and there was a sonic boom sound in the house she wouldn't go home.I kept telling her she had to with the angle's and to gosh she called him,she had to go to the door on the right and mommy will be there be for she know it that I would love and miss her she would alway's be my boogie butt.I see her in my dream's and I hope that she is were I'm seeing at on the other side,she tell's me that they are getting perpared for something is about to happen soon!What dose she mean?I don't want Dwayne any where's near at all. He was dark or missed up,cause I got the ball's to leave I lost my baby,if he hated me so much he could of killed me instead!My heart and soul feel's like it's been riped out sence the day she left me.People tell me I am not the same u know what I'm not sure were I'm at eather I feel lost.I'll keep reading your book's and talk to peolpe,one day I'll be me angian.Thank u for writing those beautifull book's,thank u for being open hearted.Ginger from Indianapolis.
By Tiffany, Monday, December 08, 2008 09:13:41 AM
Oh man, I personally know what it's like to loose someone dear. I love my maternal grandma to cancer when I was only 12. It was devestating to me. I was already suffering from deep deression and that just almost pushed me ofter the edge. In fact, I can barely rememember anything from age 11 to 13. It was like a fog. I now know my grandma is one of my guardian angels and she's saved me so many times. I believe that's why she left when she did so she could protect me, from others and from myself. I am now fully recovered from my depression and love myself whole-heartedly. And that was because I finally found God and Jesus. While I do miss my Grandma, I have communicated with her through mediums. Life is a blessing and I do my best not to take things for granted. Thanks for posting this article Sylvia.
By cindy, Saturday, November 29, 2008 10:13:09 AM
By jeanne, Friday, November 28, 2008 04:16:44 PM
We just lost a great friend in Oregon, 59 yrs old. He wanted to much not to talk of death but a miracle, instead, I wrote his sig others.. & told them that I believe Dave's miracle was that God took him, instead of allowing him to suffer. Thank you Sylvia for this site, your kindness & special love & hoping that someday we get to meet as well. Have a great day, & special new year. Love you, Jeanne & Tripp
By Anastasia, Friday, November 28, 2008 11:40:58 AM
Good Morning, I was looking through the web site and was preparing to close out when the page "automatically" switched and stopped on this article. I know it was an answer I posed to my Guides last night. "I don't know how to move on. I don't understand why him and not me. I need help. Please help me." I then fell asleep crying. My brother died from cancer 4 months ago, my younger brother. My younger brother who was successful, whom everyone loved, who adored his two beautiful children, whom my mom loved, who gave of his heart, time, and money to anyone in need. I know he his happy and well on The Other Side. I however, am angry and confused. I not only miss him, I miss all the times we could of had together and all the times we were too busy for each other. I feel as if one of us were to die it should of been me, because he accomplished so much more in life than I have. (No, not suicidal - just intense pain) He found his way, I am still uncertain what I have to offer. It just seems completely backwards that someone who had so much to offer and so much to give, left and worse, left me here! I have such anger - I have never felt this before and for the first time in my life, I did not mention anything I was thankful for during this Thanksgiving Holiday. I hurt so desperately and then I think, my mom must hurt so much more and when I talked to her, she sounded happy and that just pissed me off even more. I completely understand we all grieve differently and process differently - I just feel stuck ... which brings me to why I am posting ... I asked for help with my pain last night (I talk to my brother all the time) and this morning this page loaded on my computer. I have read it, and cried, and re-read it. I will let it sink in. Thank you Sylvia for posting this article. Thank you my Guides for bringing this page to me. ~Anastasia
By Kitty, Thursday, November 27, 2008 12:59:15 AM
My only son was 24 when he died in a car crash a year ago last September. The only thing keeping me sane is believing he is at peace, happy, with his grandma and that I will get to see him again one day. I believed in crossing over before he died and look for affirmations all the time now. Thank you to Sylvia and other psychics who offer hope to what is otherwise an unbearable thing.
By Marleane, Tuesday, November 25, 2008 03:39:11 PM
My long time friend Ginny emailed this artical to me because my second son just passed over at home from Lymphoma in September. My first son died in an explosion with his girlfriend when their apartment building blew up Jan 2nd 1992. Now they both are together until we meet again. My sons were special gifts from God to me. I miss them both terribly. I know they are not suffering and reunited with friends and family who have passed but it doesn't help my empty arms. I was really surprised how well I had been dealing with Brian's passing in September until a friend of mine had reminded me I had been grieving for over a year since his diagnosis. His pain was more than I could bare to watch...and then he was released back into the divine light. I wanted to share his last few moments with you. Brian couldn't communicate for 5 days prior to his passing. His eyes were almost a blank stare. Just before he passed, he turned his head to the left, opened his eyes wide and clearly said, "Oh my God" softly. Then his lips trembled and he left to join his brother. I know where my two sons, mother, father, brother and many friends will be when it is my turn to join them. Thank you for sharing your gifts with everyone reassuring them there is "Life after Life". I also have been given the gift of second sight and have a very strong faith in the Higher Power.
By gerri, Tuesday, November 25, 2008 02:21:49 PM
I lost my dad in 1996, my husband of 17yrs in 2001 at just 39yrs old, died of a heart attack in his sleep due to a muscle disease he had. We had six children, five of whom still lived at home. I remarried to a wonderful man whom I'd known for 15yrs, we were deeply in love. One night in Feb of 2005 he decided to take his motorcycle out for a ride, I asked him not to go, I had been crying and upset all day feeling like he was leaving me; he continued to assure me that he loved me, wanted to be with me and wasn't going anywhere, he said you are my angel, I love you, & I'll be back soon, he even offered to take me on his bike with him, and as much as I loved to ride, I refused to go. He called me a while later and said he was on his way home because he wanted to be with me and he loved me. That was the last I spoke to my husband; just down the street from our home he was killed when a car blinded him with their lights and not sharing the road he crashed into the back of a parked truck and was killed. Our family has been tore to pieces, here we are three years later struggling to get through each day. Our children are in so much pain and are so angry that they have lost two dads. For me there isn't a day that goes by that my heart doesn't ache for him. The only comfort that I have is knowing that I will see him again someday. Thanks so very much Sylvia without your wisdom I don't know how I would have made it this far. God Bless you always!
By Dean, Tuesday, November 25, 2008 01:22:38 PM
Thanks Sylvia, The easiest way I feel, to observe this material life we live, is to view our situation from this vantage point. The point...that there are 2 dynamics at play here. 1. The animal perspective. The vehicle with which we experience this realm gets it's origins from the animal kingdom. Remove the spirit,(the consciousness that makes you, you), and what you have left is an animal, no different than the birds and bees, and one that responds to the impulses of instinct. This vehicle is on short term loan and one day must die, as it is programmed to do. 2.The Spirit,(consciousness of you). This presence or vehicle is the real you. All that you are and eternal. This vehicle is programmed never to die,(lose consciousness). When the material animal dies,(normal), the spiritual vehicle is released, carrying forward without the constraints that hinder the material vehicle,(animal). The beneficial effect of this process, is that upon death, the lessons and instructions that contribute to our inevitable eternal evolution are carried forward by the Spiritual Consciousness,(you), for examination and assimilation, without the distraction of the instinct impulse that interferes with a true reception of the information that comes to our spirit,(consciousness). Yes, death of a loved one is a sad time. It becomes even harder to deal with because we have accepted, without doubt, that the animal component of our loved one was really them. We must learn, that the animal was only the present vehicle that our true loved ones used to experience this material realm. Because that animal helped to create the memories of our loved ones that we hold dear. The sense of loss is even greater for we now instinctively know that any new memories are no longer going to be created. When you can reflect back, on the memories created with your loved one and a small smile and sentimental tear emerges on your face, that will be the time when you understand that they are not really gone, but that they are now only different than we have come to know them to be, in this material realm. They exist. Not now as we do, because their material vehicle is now returned and recycled, but their essence and true self now resides in the realm of the undying. As has been said in a great book that still has some reliable advice, despite the compromization of an overly greedy few, the words be,'And once we have died, there is no more dying then.' Thank you Sylvia, and thank God for Sylvia, that we have received someone so gifted, from God, to help lift the darkness of ignorance and return the light of truth to us. Sylvia. Thank you. D.D.S.
By Renee, Tuesday, November 25, 2008 01:22:06 PM
Everything happens for a reason... while driving to work today, in tears as I push through my first Thanksgiving without my mom, I was thinking about how to cope.... just when I needed a sign, I arrived at work and read this message from Sylvia. Thank You and God Bless!

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