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The Most Popular Questions About The Other Side
The Other Side with Sylvia Browne by Sylvia Browne


Many people ask me about what is on The Other Side. They especially have questions about The Other Side when a loved one, friend or a beloved pet goes to The Other Side.


Here are some of my most popular questions about life on The Other Side. Most likely, you will find some of your questions about The Other Side on this list.



Where is The Other Side?


The Other Side exists right along with us; it is not way up there in the clouds. It is simply three feet above the ground. The Other Side is a higher dimension than what we have here on earth.



What is the silver cord?


The silver cord connects us to our spiritual life force that comes from God. This is very much like the umbilical cord that a baby has when it is first born, except your silver cord is never to be cut. The silver cord is located just below the breastbone.



What is the tunnel that people travel through to get to The Other Side like?


I had a near-death experience at 42. The tunnel that I saw appeared instantly and came up from my body. It did not lead straight up, but instead led across at a twenty-degree angle. I felt very energized as I moved through the tunnel. I was weightless and felt very peaceful. I knew in my heart that soon I would be greeted by my loved ones.



What happens when your life is over?


My Spirit Guide Francine says that when life on earth ends, our eternal spirits leave our bodies and go Home to God. Home is a beautiful place that is almost indescribable. You can feel pure love all the time while living in Home.



What is the importance of our charts with The Other Side?


On The Other Side, before we are born, we create a chart of our life. This chart includes all that we will experience. This includes our happiness and our challenges. It includes the beginning of our life and the parents we will have. It also includes our time of death.



Do we remember our other lives?


Yes, we remember them on a spiritual level. Our spirit retains memories from each lifetime we have had. Our current life is affected by these memories, even if we are unaware of this.



Why are we here on earth?


We are here on earth to overcome negativity and to also perfect our spirits for God.



The Other Side, as you can see, is not some grand mystery. Your loved ones are always with you, as they live on The Other Side.



Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. The Other Side is a place that many people have questions about. Everyday people, religious leaders and scholars have asked thoughtful questions about The Other Side for centuries. In my book Life on The Other Side, learn just what life is like.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By Victoria, Wednesday, December 17, 2008 01:49:31 PM
You say that loved ones that are on the the other side are still with us but yet you then say that we need to have so many lives to perfect ourselves. So if a loved one is born again then they are not really with us on the other side. And if they are born again over and over and have many lives and many families how and when do they reconnect. Rather do they ever? If they are being reborn multiple times to perfect one's self we may never be reconnected. Are these people in our lives with use before we map out our plan? And what about abuse? Do people put that in their plan before they are reborn?
By DOLORES, Tuesday, December 16, 2008 10:15:40 AM
Hello Sylvia, I have just lost a brother a few months Aug. 08. I miss him very much and he is always in my mind. I want to know what really happened in his accident and if he is ok? We were not on good terms when he died and i feel bad for that. Does he know that i wasnt mad at him and does he know that i do love him? I have not lost a brother or sister, and it is hard for me to let him go...tell him to give me a sign that he is ok with me now! Thank you, and i am a huge fan of yours.
By Cynthia, Monday, December 15, 2008 04:17:27 PM
Hi Sylvia, Are we punished here for things we do. I always feel guilty and feel as though I am being paid back for even little stupid things I do that probably no one else would even consider. I don't understand my life at all. I have this hurting feeling always inside of me and am very sad. I am 50 years old, went through 3 marriages and am alone now living with my parents in an adult community because I have absolutley nothing due to losing a job and divorce. I only possess what is in my pocketbook and ran out of unemployment benefits. I am really scared
By velda, Monday, December 08, 2008 01:22:41 PM
hello sylvia; i am a great fan of yours, still getting to know you by, reading all your books, and watching, montel shows. i am very confused about life, & religion, and "god"! i'm feeling 'betrayed', by this so called god! who invented that word? i am a "half-breed" person, who was raised by her 'aboriginal 1st. nations people, in the north-west coast of british columbia, canada. i'm trying my best to "clean out my temple", of all the negative stuff, that comes into my life, as i go on,,,,,but,,,i'm getting "old & tired" emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically! the first book i read, "to the other side and back", was, what made me more interested in your type of 'life', here on earth. my life is similar to yours in many ways, and i see you as my guide! my daughter committed suicide almost 2 yrs. ago, dec,16th./06. i need to know where she is, and, how she's doing? my common-law husband, walked out on me dec. 4th, last week. everybody's leaving me,,,help!!!
By berty, Monday, December 08, 2008 12:22:14 PM
Jan, if you read the history of the Catholic Church and understand the history of the Bible, you see when Political powers adopted the teachings of Christ, picked and chose some gospels, burned others, gospels that has been translated at least 6 times through archaic forms of hebrew and greek...they created Christianity. But, it is possible to look objectively at what they did and understand that Jesus and Christianity are two different things. Christianity was a means to control a slave and peasant class. Jesus is a present time living spirit of love, forgiveness, and peace. The bible is not completely infallible, it has the hand of man on it for sure. When people look to words on a page instead of finding the presence of Jesus they often get trapped in dogma and their religion just becomes mental. Jesus didn't have a bible, he advocated being still and connecting to the Father. Personally, I believe the bible does more harm than good.
By joan, Monday, December 08, 2008 10:28:03 AM
to the confussed lady re: bible vs Sylvia: If you read her books, you would have 0 questions, she has written over 50 publications which answers just about everything. Read "Jesus, the Mystery Years" and you will be alllll clear on your confusion, you will also be shocked, so be prepared.
By joan, Monday, December 08, 2008 10:25:12 AM
To confussed lady re: bible vs Sylvia
By jan, Monday, December 08, 2008 06:40:48 AM
given that, God says", it is appointed, that man lives once, and dies once". how does all this come into play, with all- these things. if, one reads the ( BIBLE ), and believes that, it is, Gods Holy Book, then does this not condredict His word ??? i have, been so confused over this matter for years !! the hope, of our lives, is, the fact that ,God sent his Son Jesus, to be our HOPE against death, to distroy it .., (death), another word for (Saton) !!. so, explain this to all the readers, who are trying to understand how this works. life is a mistery, death is also. for even in the Bible, it does not explain, anything concerning what is beyond this plain, ( THE EARTH )!!, NOR GIVE US A GLIMPS OF THE GREAT BEYOND !!. God, reserrected Jesus, to conquer and defeat death, giving us hope, that when we die, we might live again. any comment would be great, for i am open to what someone eles feels, thinks. the only glimps, OF THE OTHER-SIDE, THAT I KNOW IN THE bIBLE, IS WHERE "A RICH" MAN DIES AND IS ON THE SIDE OF TH "GUFF", AND SEE (ELLIJA), I'M SURE NOT SPELLED RIGHT, AND HE CRIED OUT TO HIM, JUST LET ME WARN, MY (FAMILY), OF THE PAIN OVER HERE, JUST GIVE ME A SIP OF WATER ON MY TOUNGE, FOR IT IS HOT.., NOT IN (QUOTE), FROM THE bIBLE, BUT THE MEANING IS THE SAME! IT SEEMS, THAT THERE ARE ( TWO ), SIDES AND THE "RICH MAN COULD SEE INTO THE OTHER ONE.., THE SIDE WHERE GOD IS, BUT COULD NOT CROSS OVER. GIVIEN THE IMPRESSION, THAT THE "RICH" MAN, HAD NOT BEEN A "GOOD" PERSON, HE, FELT HE NEEDED TO WARN OTHERS, NOT TO GO TO THE PLACE WHERE HE WAS. I DONOT KNOW CHAPTERS AND VERSES, JUST KNOW FROM READING BIBLE. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO READ TO BE ENLIGHTENED, THEY CAN LOOK IT UP ON LINE. BLEINGS TO ALL GOD BLESS.
By Karyn, Thursday, September 04, 2008 03:32:42 AM
Sylvia, thank you. Thank you for giving so many people something to focus on and hang on to. I personally have always believed that there is so much that is greater than us, we would be terribly arrogant to believe anything else. How could we possibly be the biggest and the best thing that exists in this endless universe? I live my life happily in the knowledge that the vessel and the spirit are only temporarily connected and that the essence which is me - I am - is endless - who am will go on forever one way or another. xxx
By aimee, Saturday, August 09, 2008 05:02:09 PM
sylvia, i hope you can reply to this comment, i appreciate you have plenty, but i want to believe so much but my mind always has an answer for everyhting, please could you try and clear something up for me. You say we have had many pastlives before? to have had these past lives then that means we must have been to the otherside before on many occasions, meaing we must have been with many different loved ones, this i find confusing. i want to experience the whole wonderful experience of the otherside when i am ready to go, but as i do not remeber the previous times on the otherside how will i remeber this one. im looking forward to being reunited with my partner that has passed but now im worried as i cant see it being memorable, as i have no memories of past experience on the other side. Please please let me know what happens please, thankyou xx

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