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The Most Popular Questions About The Other Side
The Other Side with Sylvia Browne by Sylvia Browne


Many people ask me about what is on The Other Side. They especially have questions about The Other Side when a loved one, friend or a beloved pet goes to The Other Side.


Here are some of my most popular questions about life on The Other Side. Most likely, you will find some of your questions about The Other Side on this list.



Where is The Other Side?


The Other Side exists right along with us; it is not way up there in the clouds. It is simply three feet above the ground. The Other Side is a higher dimension than what we have here on earth.



What is the silver cord?


The silver cord connects us to our spiritual life force that comes from God. This is very much like the umbilical cord that a baby has when it is first born, except your silver cord is never to be cut. The silver cord is located just below the breastbone.



What is the tunnel that people travel through to get to The Other Side like?


I had a near-death experience at 42. The tunnel that I saw appeared instantly and came up from my body. It did not lead straight up, but instead led across at a twenty-degree angle. I felt very energized as I moved through the tunnel. I was weightless and felt very peaceful. I knew in my heart that soon I would be greeted by my loved ones.



What happens when your life is over?


My Spirit Guide Francine says that when life on earth ends, our eternal spirits leave our bodies and go Home to God. Home is a beautiful place that is almost indescribable. You can feel pure love all the time while living in Home.



What is the importance of our charts with The Other Side?


On The Other Side, before we are born, we create a chart of our life. This chart includes all that we will experience. This includes our happiness and our challenges. It includes the beginning of our life and the parents we will have. It also includes our time of death.



Do we remember our other lives?


Yes, we remember them on a spiritual level. Our spirit retains memories from each lifetime we have had. Our current life is affected by these memories, even if we are unaware of this.



Why are we here on earth?


We are here on earth to overcome negativity and to also perfect our spirits for God.



The Other Side, as you can see, is not some grand mystery. Your loved ones are always with you, as they live on The Other Side.



Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. The Other Side is a place that many people have questions about. Everyday people, religious leaders and scholars have asked thoughtful questions about The Other Side for centuries. In my book Life on The Other Side, learn just what life is like.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.


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By netizen, Saturday, August 09, 2008 07:21:50 AM
I have heard of a silver/golden cord extending from the crown of one's head upwards, which is seen by healers. Is this cord different from the one you describe? When I meditate, I sometimes get a sensation that this cord exists.
By Michele, Friday, August 08, 2008 12:39:42 PM
Hi Sylvia. My younger sister passed away a couple of weeks ago. I just want to know what she is up to. Is there any way I can connect with here so I can feel close to her? Thank you.
By Gail, Wednesday, August 06, 2008 10:37:20 AM
Hello Sylvia. My name is Gail My beautiful 20 year old son died in January when the truck he was driving hit a pole. The pain of his death is beyond words. I am having such a difficult time understanding KARMA and added to the pain is the feeling that I am paying for past misdeeds by his death. Can you explain Karma? Thank you Sylvia!
By Nathalie, Wednesday, August 06, 2008 09:59:32 AM
Good morning Sylvia! Congratulations for your website. I'm a 41 years old woman and has been adopted when I was 2 years old. I discovered, at 15 years old, that I have a twin sister. My natural father has been killed in 1989... I feel unconnected and wonder what is my mission on this planet? How's my natural mom, twin sister, natural and adoptive father are doing (they are both dead)? Sylvia, what should I do to improve my life at a higher level? Your Canadian Friend and Fan, Nathalie P.S.: Will you ever come in Canada (Quebec Province)? It would be awsome!
By lynne, Wednesday, August 06, 2008 08:54:23 AM
Hi, Sylvia My name is Lynne Peacock and first of all I want to state that a comment is not the same as a question so therefore, I wont ask one. I love you and just started reading your books and watching the Montel show on Wednesday. I'm sad you'll be leaving it. I just wanted to say again that you literally saved my life as I was contemplating suicide with the grief of my husband's death. I chose not to because of reading your book "Life on the Other Side". I don't want to chance "utero". Thanks. Lynne
By debra, Wednesday, August 06, 2008 08:23:51 AM
Hello Sylvia, My grandfather was a Medium and I grew up in a very spirit world. To the point, my physical life was not very good and I searched and seeked, only to find a lovely spiritual and connected identity. The only thing my grandfather did to help was in his books. I have what was left of the collection after the rest of the family got done with it. I feel I got the best. "The law of the higher potential" was the first I read. I was too young and years went by before I understood. I learned all I know on my own and thank God, I had it in me to do so. That book was like the Bible to me, as my grandfather did not use it. I found it later. My opinion of the otherside, seems to baeanother life. I believe in living forever, so when I leave this body, I will go on to live another existance. I believe I will, in a way, pick up where I leave off hear, with intelligence and wisdom. My opinion of going to Heaven is that I am on that path in this lifetime, and I will have a better life there. As, I am trying hard to do good here and follow the rules and obey the commandments. Even though it is difficult. Frequencey and Energy have a lot to do with it for me. In my mind, there are different frequencies and the past, present and future are all in one space, just on a different level. I don't know how right I am, but I know I have witnessed a lot of things in this life and have passed them along. I only hope God is happy with my thoughts, feelings and actions. I was almost killed a few years ago in a motorcyle accident. I came back with breath and three angels swarming around me. Unscathed! I am here for a purpose, my question is, how can I do more than I am to fulfill my potential? I get so tired in my body and mind. My spirit has hard times but not as often as in the past.
By Aries, Tuesday, August 05, 2008 02:38:24 PM
Another thing I was wondering. It's about three feet off the ground right? Does that mean it's like a mirror of earth like this: O-O or is it that little bit larger than earth? I'm thinking the latter, as the earth isn't flat.
By Cecilia, Tuesday, August 05, 2008 02:13:05 PM
Petra, We are not imperfect when we are sent here. We are God (part of God as well too). Therefore we are still perfect. However, when we are sent here, this earthly plain is full of negative energy. Thus it is up to our souls to learn from that negativity (and what we wrote in our charts) to learn and advance our souls for ourselves and God. It is our will that we come back here; in order to learn for ourselves and God. We come to earth to learn. As sylvia said "earth is the toughest college." We learn quickly here on earth. We choose to come back. We wrote a chart saying "I will come back to Earth." Your soul knows what it wants and needs. Heaven is not prehistoric :p. Just like us, the soul's in heaven advance in learning too. Mozart is still creating music in heaven, the great inventors we had on earth are still inventing stuff up in heaven. We also debate in heaven as well too. And lets be honest, wouldn't it be boring if we just stood there and did nothing? God didn't make the mystery of himself, we as humans did. God is, as Sylvia said, all loving, all caring, all perfect, flawless, with no human qualities what such as ever. He is not judgmental, and he will definitely NOT cast you in the fires of "hell". He will hold you in the palm of his hand like a Father should. He is unconditional love. Through the years, religious dogma and the bible have altered the way we look at God (but that is because of humans!). And why wouldn't they; they needed some way to control the people. Also the Bible is missing a few books that definitely describes Father God and Mother God (unfortunately humans decided to take it out because they felt it didn't fit with the God they were trying to portray). Do you read her books? If you did you'd understand alot of this stuff. And honestly, psychics make mistakes just like any other normal human being. To be honest, I would not have the courage to tell or say someone is dead. But Sylvia does. She is trying to help us. And what is sad is that more people focus on the negative of Sylvia rather than focusing on the positive of her. In all honest to Mother and Father God, she is a blessing sent from God to bring us truth and give us comfort as we live our lives here on earth. Forgive me if I came off offensive or if I seem I am bashing you (that is not my intention). :) Blessings. :)
By petra, Friday, June 13, 2008 08:56:45 AM
this is for By Sitha Gail, i wasn't trying to be mean or anyting at all! i actually love sylvia verymuch, she is amazing and i am sure she knows as i have meet her a few year's ago and was wondering how she adds up some of her things, those are questions that have stunned me, why and how come! there are so many things i/ we don't understand that i would like to figure out! besides, i thought we live in a free country and we can voice our opinions. i for my part wanted to ask a question that i had wondered about. you on the other hand seem pretty offensive and get all mad at other's for asking and wondering about some questions!
By Sitha Gail, Thursday, June 12, 2008 07:15:58 AM
And for the lady down below me.(Petra) You are setting in and audience. Sylvia has to block out alot that takes talent! So not only does your family come in the whole audiences family tries to come in. I am sure it can be very difficult. She does her best and there are alot of people that appreciate her. So your NEGATIVE, hurtful comments are not needed.

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