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Pick A Card, Any Card
One of the most amazing things about the Tarot is that as you pull Tarot cards from the deck for a Tarot reading, you’ll gain new insight into the question you are asking. But some become so dependant on certain cards showing up. They start to think of certain cards as “lucky” or “unlucky.” Maybe they even reshuffle the deck to get a different card when they pull a card they don’t like.

It doesn’t have to be that way when you are giving yourself a Tarot reading or doing one for someone else. Each Tarot card has meaning, but the cards can be translated into a variety of different ways depending on the question asked, the other cards surrounding it and also on your own psychic senses and what they tell you about the Tarot card you pull. You might pull The Sun, a Major Arcana card that often signifies new life or creativity when seen in a reading. But if you are doing a love or romance reading, perhaps this card has a slightly different meaning? Leaning to listen to your psychic senses can tell you that this card could be telling that “new life” could be breathed into this love relationship, making the lovers feel as if they were first dating. Or they might feel inspired to act more romantic (seeing the ‘creative’ in the card) around each other.

So go ahead, pick a card…any card. Remember that the most important tool you use when you use the Tarot is not simply the cards….it’s YOU!

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