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When Others Are Critical of Your Tarot Readings
As you start to read the Tarot you probably want to try to read for others. This can be both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. While not everyone decides to become a professional psychic, everyone does have a certain amount of psychic ability and can tune into their psychic senses. Sometimes when you give Tarot readings to others they may be critical of them. Let’s talk about why they may be critical, and how you can respond.

There will be times your Tarot reading is completely accurate but the person simply doesn’t like what you are telling them. Maybe they are heartbroken and don’t like the idea of a “new love” coming into their life. Or they wanted you to tell them something else that they didn’t hear. Especially if you are reading for people you know – this can be tough. Sometimes people will not admit that your reading is accurate – they will simply find fault with it. Most times simply being polite to the person you have read for is the best way to respond. Don’t argue with the person that you are “right” and they are “wrong” – as none of us is infallible and has control over future events. Let someone else decide how they feel about a Tarot reading – later they may tell you that you were accurate or otherwise correct about part of the events.

If someone you don’t know is critical of your Tarot reading, consider for a moment that they simply may be a critical person. They may be the type of person who is “never” satisfied at the hair salon, restaurant or anywhere else. Don’t take their reaction too personally.

The most important thing is that you read with the intention to be of service to people and that you enjoy reading Tarot. Don’t let critical people stop you from reading Tarot cards!

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