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Add An Angel Meditation to Your Day
Many people enjoy communicating with their angels during the day – but do you meditate with your angels? Meditating with your angels is a wonderful way to open the lines of communication. It is also very relaxing and energizing (depending on the time of day).

Begin any angel meditation by surrounding yourself on every side with angels. Envision them spreading out their wings to surround you with a canopy of angelic wings. You’ll be filled with a great sense of peace as you enter the meditation. As you meditate, ask your angels to come to you so that you can communicate with them.

You may physically feel a sensation as they come into the room. You may feel their wings brush you or smell a scent that you just know means that your angels are here. Or you may get some other sign that lets you know your angels are here. As you are signaled they are here, begin communication with them. Ask them any questions you desire.

You may find that asking questions in meditation is a deeper experience as you are more focused on their responses. Meditation also relaxes you physically and emotionally and helps you to concentrate so this can be quite beneficial to helping you understand what your angels are saying to you.

After you are done speaking to your angels, thank them for coming and say “goodbye” to them for now. Come out of your meditation gently, ready to begin your day or to go to sleep. If you are starting your day – you’ll likely find the meditation energizing. If it is the end of the day you’ll find it a great way to unwind. Your angels just seem to know how to enhance your energy experience!

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