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Add Angels To Your Day
Many people say they would like to feel closer to their angels. There are so many ways you can connect with your angels during the day. Some may think they need to block out a large amount of time to connect with their angels, but you only need a short period of time. Look for five to fifteen minutes instead of a full hour. We are all so busy these days…who truly has a full free hour?

In the morning:

Talk to your angels as you begin your day. Ask angels to go with each of your family members as they go about their days. Send angels to school with your children and an angel to work with your spouse. Send angels to other loved ones.

Ask your angels to surround you with love, healing and protection for the entire day. Feel their comfort and presence as your day begins.

Communicate with your angels as you commute to work or school. You can easily talk to your angels inside of your mind as you take a train or bus. Or you can have a conversation out loud if you are driving a car – other drivers will simply think you are talking on a cell phone!

During the day:

As issues arise, ask your angels for guidance. Listen for their responses. Trust that they will always respond to you.

Send angels to people that you meet during the day that are in need of extra love, comfort and care. Remember that sometimes the people in life who are frustrating or difficult are the ones who need an angel most of all!

In the evening:

Talk to your angels about your day and tell them what you need help with for tomorrow or for the near future. Trust that your angels will help you.

Ask angels to surround your home and protect it as you and your family sleep.

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By Glenda, Wednesday, February 18, 2009 01:08:49 PM
Understanding the problems of today we have encountered Money issues and Job issues and more, there is onething for sure if when I get over whelmed I immedietely give it all to God..yes I just place everything that is hindering my Intellect & Emotion until I feel a calmness which is within 2 to 3 minutes sometimes alittle longer depending if I truely am releasing without any doubt of it being this manner I therefore know that my problems will be taken care of..which leaves me Spiritual Freedom, and less mental strain on my working body. When we allow Negativity of all such hendering things daily to take havoc on our bodies then we experience first hand Emotion when we STOP and release what we are doing to ourselves, we can Use the TOOLS that Sylvia has given to us all once applied to these Magnificent Tools we will endure all that is coming in a Positive Affirmation. Trust in what you do, all else comes forward and your Life becomes a feeling and knowing of Self Worth. Life is Loving who you are!
By Glenda, Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:51:50 PM
I know my Angels are there as Sure As I Know Who I Am.. My Guardian Angel St. Michael has helped me on many occaution, not skipping a beat.. My Spirit Guides are with me the entire 24 hr. span of my day..and talking with them daily I feel a total exceptance of self worth.. Loving yourself is knowing that you are so Loved by God and when this comes forth on your Journey you make that realization that Our Spirit World is indeed a Heaven in Disguise and full of Miracles.. Feeling a calmness indeed is what you experience as Sylvia has mentioned.. By releasing your Fears,Phobias and Ego in Life you are capable of trusting in you.
By Jennifer, Friday, February 06, 2009 04:26:43 PM
Oh those rough patches. I've gone through so many and I'm sure there are more to come but I am strong and brave, a real champion. I don't say that from a place of ego but simply knowing that I cared enough for myself and my loved ones to allow "Divinity" to help me. I also know that the same loving and caring is available to everyone all the time. The realms of spiritual beings is always present. There are angels, guides, animal and human spirits, and alot of others that we don't even have words for. What I have noticed is that I have to be very present, very much involved in the moment, in order to receive the love, guidance and support of what I call my Divine Team. Only when I am in that state of present moment awareness can I comprehend the presence of the spiritual realms. I have made more time for practicing present moment awareness rather than being busy with outside events so I do have time to listen to the spiritual wisdom. "Who truly has a full free hour?" you ask. I do now. I make the time. It's my lifeline to to enjoying this world and all it's fun, adverse and diverse experiences.
By Nicole, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 06:50:13 PM
I will say a prayer for you, I hope everything gets better for you. Just believe things will, keeping positive always helps. I was in the same sort of position as you, I lost my job and my boyfriend and I were unable to pay our bills or rent. We were soo scared about how we were going to eat or live. But we both stayed positive even when it was really hard. Now finally things are getting better. Your just going through a rough patch, its usally meant to teach us something. Things will get better, just stay positive and strong.. Love & Light. I will pray for you!
By Bobbie, Monday, January 05, 2009 10:45:39 PM
I talk to God, Mother God, and my Angels every night. I always ask them to watch over and protect my children but not me, I did'nt want to seem so desperate. biut now I am for I am afraid I may be without a home and it really scares me, I am not putting this on here to have anyone feel sorry for me thats the last thing I want.I am a strong person last few days I just feel beaten down. So PLEASE Angels help me.
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