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Angel Signs Are All Around Us
Some people wonder how they can learn to communicate better with their angels. I would counter that they are already communicating with their angels; they simply may not recognize it as such. Angel communication is often gentle and subtle. Many people expect something dramatic and bold -- like something from a movie or television show. Angel communication is usually gentle.

The first step to angel communication is noticing what is around you. The angels are probably already communicating with you. What has stood out recently? Do you keep running into people telling you the same thing over and over? Are you hearing the same song on the radio? What seems to stand out from all of the rest of your life?

Often people need to learn to trust that the angels are communicating with them. Angel messages are full of love, joy and hope. The message you receive should fill you with a sense of calm and peace -- and the feeling of being loved. This does not mean the answer is "yes" when you are hoping for a "yes" - sometimes we all hear "no" or a "maybe." But the feelings of love and peace remain no matter the content of the message.

Communicating with your angels takes practice. Try to communicate with your angels each day for a short while to get used to angel communication. Before long, you'll be like old friends having a conversation!

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By Angela, Monday, March 01, 2010 09:04:25 AM
I have been seeing the same numbers repeateing themselves everywhere I go. Driving to work, on a garbage pail, someones address on thier mailbox,when I turn on my computer or phone it will happen to be at that number on the clock.It has been freaking me out a little bit. I feel like something is trying to tell me something but I have no clue what it is supposed to mean. Has this happened to anyone else?
By Vanessa, Sunday, August 09, 2009 03:04:23 PM
Well I do believe in Angels, but they don't seem to talk to me or guide me. Is there some way to show me that I do in fact have an angel who is guiding me or helping me. I have been going through a very difficult time for the last 2 years and it seems that no one is there to help or to guide. Can someone explain it to me how to find out? Here alone waiting for a response....
By Nichole, Friday, August 07, 2009 02:09:11 PM
Sometimes I feel like my angels are around me in little ways. Like if I'm outside and the sun gets really bright, or if a pretty dragonfly idles near me. But there was this one time that really sticks in my mind. I was abou 14 and I was home alone and playing my radio in my room with the door shut. All of the sudden I thought I heared my mother calling me with a really urgent voice. When I turned down the radio and said what, she didn't answer. I went downstairs there was a guy trying to get into our front door. My 90 pound dog came down the stairs with me and started jumping up at the window and growling but the guy just kept telling me to open it. I kept screaming for my mom and he finally left. I was really lucky because that door automatically locks when you shut it, but our back door was unlocked. When I went through the rest of the house, I could not find my mom, she was not home. I really think it was an angel, but I'm not sure why I heared my mother's voice. I never saw that guy again either.
By robin, Friday, August 07, 2009 01:48:35 AM
Since my dad died a little over 2 years ago, I started waking up from sleep every morning at about 4:30 AM. I always sleep behind a locked bedroom door with my dog and pistol by my side. One morning I was awakened again at about 4:30 AM to see a dark figure, almost like a shadow, on the inside of my bedroom door. It was not threatening at all, but I was startled non the less. I screamed "what are you doing in here" and I turned on the light beside the bed and the figure was gone. My dog never barked or growled, so I beleive I was being watched by my father who must be an angel by now. I also, beleive that Angels speak to me in my dreams. My dad visits me from time to time in my sleep. And when he does, he is always sitting in a rocking chair and he talks to me. I have dreamed of an angel named Bartholomew. He spoke to me about gold and silver coins. Then last night I dreamed of an old shoe that was wooden or ceramic. I was told I could keep it, if I wanted it. I chose to keep it and turned it over to read a message that said "Let all men walk in the shoes of God". What a beautiful message. Just wanted to share. Cristal
By Kitty, Thursday, August 06, 2009 05:49:00 PM
I have had many occurances with angels. Two stand out in my mind the most. I was asleep in the passenger side of a toyota corolla back in the early seventies. My friend was driving and she went to sleep...I woke up to the noise of gravel under the wheels(not the road) and sat up to see a telephone pole coming right at us amongst other road signs and a fence. Here in texas, most of the fences back then were out of sturdy posts. I remember thinking oh god, this is it...and then I had the message to lay back and relax. We missed the telephone pole, as well as the signs, but the fence I remember seeing post as we rolled up and over(2 and 1/2 times). We landed on the top and slid out into the pasture. We opened the doors(I still have a hard time believing that one) and got out with only scratches and glass in our heads...or at least I did. The next happened while waiting to pull out of the back lot of a lowes. Across from us was a brand new 4 door F150 Ford truck that still had the paper tags on it. I was thinking how bad it would be for that truck to have a wreck since it had papter tags on it. We pulled out behind it and I remember looking up to the intersection and seeing a truck speeding down the highway that I knew was not going to stop as we already had a green light for our way. All of a sudden, it felt like we were pulled faaaaaaar back away from the intersection. And as I watched, the truck plowed into the new truck and spun around heading back the direction that he came from. Thw whole left front side and front of the new truck was totalled. As we pulled on through I stopped and handed a card to the man and said if he needed a witness, I had seenn the whole thing. I later asked my young son, who was with me if he had felt or seen anything and he said yes, it felt like we were pulled back into a tunnel way far away from the soon to be wreck. It was such a funny feeling, like being put into another dimention and being kept safe.
By Rachel, Thursday, August 06, 2009 05:12:06 PM
I have a few stories that i have kept tp myself out of fear of losing my mind. I lived alone in a very bad building where i was working non stop shifts. I knew the building was bad for break and enters and robberies but thought since i was not apart of that in anyway that nobody would bother me. One night i fell asleep on the couch and i heard a soft womans voice say "rachel, get up and go to the door!" over and over until the voice sounded paniky and frightening. I woke up to a woman shouting "GET UP NOW RACHEL AND RUN TO THE DOOR NOW! I jumped up in kind of a scared state and i heard it again, exept it sounded so terrifying and i was fully awake when i heard it and knew it was a direct action i was to take, so i walked to the door, kind of confused and something told me to put my hand on the lock so i did. At that exact moment, i heard a key slide into the keyhole! I was the only one that had keys that i thought! I started to scream for help and whomever it was, was not giving up, i remember holding that lock down as hard as i could as i struggled with whomever to keep it locked. I screamed in horror for help! They eventually ran away and so did i! i was terrified. I decided to move because god only knows what would have happened! confused and scared about this mysterious ladies voice and kind of spooked and who am i going to tell? Two days went by and i decided after work to go to my apartment to grab a few of my items becasue i was never going to live there again. As i went up the long dark stairway, I heard it again! RUN RACHEL! GO NOW! RUN! now i am terrified, confused and believe me! I RAN! i unlocked my door and slammed it and locked it. confused i sat on a chair that was facing my entrance door scared and the feeling that i was loosing my mind. All of a sudden, i seen foot steps under the door! I froze! i had no phone, no way out and no neibours that were home! whomever did not wait, they tried the handle as if they lived there or was there for a purpose! I knew right then and there i was a stalkers target and obviously in danger! This ANGEL has saved my life! I still dont know whom it was but it was an experience that has caused years of terror dreams andi still cant sleep at night thinking someone is trying to hurt me. It will take some time but, i tell you.....SHE SAVED MY LIFE!
By gina, Saturday, February 07, 2009 12:40:24 AM
hi Sheree I just finished reading your post, (a few times) I would love to hear more of your spiritual experience if you have any.God Bless and take care
By Joanne, Wednesday, October 08, 2008 11:37:16 AM
When my grandmother Viola, was in a coma from lung cancer, we knew it was the last stage before she would pass over to the other side. After looking after her for about 4 months at home, with other family members, I was so tired of seeing her suffer. My heart was filled with grief and just wished that God would take her home. So, I had 2 aunties in the hospital room with me, I prayed to God, please send a million Angels to take my granny home, I prayed intently for a long while, i was actually in a meditation, pleading with the Angels. When I opened my eyes, I could see these golden flickers of light all around the room, I asked my aunties if they could see that. They replied that they were seeing the flickers in all the room, you could feel the love and the energy in that room was of Angelic Energy. I finally felt at peace, knowing that soon, my granny would in Gods Peace in Love. Jo
By Sheree, Thursday, September 11, 2008 09:33:55 AM
Ok so here I go I started really noticing my angels and spirits around me about 5 years ago. I got kind of confused at first but things started happening so fast around me i thought it was my grandma. One mothers day this voice kept tellin me Chanel for my 3 girls--over and over and over So I did (the 3 girls were me, my sister, and my mom) My mom cried because my grandma always gave her chanel # 5 for christmas.It really made me feel good and close to her again. #2. I had a little ferret and i never let him out without his bell on Kept the bell on top of his cage. Came home from work one day and went to let him out but couldnt find his bell. Put him back in his cage and went to the kitchen mad.(Thought the kids had lost the bell)..Then I kept hearing this ting ting ting--I thought I know that noise. Walked in there and omg. he had that bell on in his cage. Wow #3. One day in the kitchen washing dishes ---Someone blew my hair over my shoulder. I mean i felt the breath. No one there. #4. This one really got me. Setting in my back yard one day and out of the corner of my eye. I saw the solid black butterfly. His wings all torn. It really caught my eye and as i watched it --it came closer about 2 feet away. IT sparked like a match and was gone. I mean gone I looked for it. But it was gone. Well by now I was thinkin --Hey i must be loosing it. I prayed to God that someone else would see some of what im seeing so they wouldn't think im crazy. My son came home late one night. Was setting in the back yard smokin (Midnight) looked at the back door and a figure was lookin out of the house at him. He was tired, finished smokin went in and sat on the couch. Looked over to my side of the couch and there she was. Setting there--He frecked out walked over to it-put his hand thru her and she was gone. He described her to the t It was my grandma. Well thank you for listen to me I would love to read other people stories God Bless Love and Peace Sheree
By Lois, Sunday, September 07, 2008 06:55:03 PM
I think of the angels every day . I've had so many miracles happen to me since I was a little child . I never died. Came close though. I am 63 yrs .old . And , I always believe in the angels . God sends them to protect us. I even thought to write a book on all my experiences throughout my life. I really could go on and on. I even had a spiritual experience in church. I always keep that in my heart.

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