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Angels In Times Of Crisis
There are many stories of people that have had wonderful experiences with angels during times of crisis. If you are going through a time of crisis, know and trust that your angels are with you during this time.

You can call your angels around you during times of crisis. This can help you feel your angels even more, especially during this time of crisis. Call to your angels aloud or inside of your mind. Ask that they surround you with one angel in front of you, an angel behind you and an angel at each side. Some people have even more angels with them, especially during a time of crisis – but trust that the angels will arrange themselves around you when you call them! Ask your angels to send you healing and love during this crisis and for anything additional that is needed.

Even if you don’t call your angels, they are always there. Calling upon your angels in my opinion, reminds us that they are there and often gives us a wonderful “blast” of that great angel energy. When you call upon your angels during a time of crisis this often fills you with peace, as you know your angels are hard at work for you – ready to help you to get through this time.

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By linda, Wednesday, May 27, 2009 10:32:25 AM
Last spring after returning from Florida with a brand new Rousch Mustang that my husband had bought me there , i was returning home after having lunch with my daughter. I was waiting at the lights and when it turned green i proceded to go, thats when this truck cam barrelling in front fo me and i new he would hit me. I said "Please God, NO! What happened after that was truly a miracle. It was like i was taken to another demention for a split second, i actually saw the truck go right thru the front of my car but with no damage. It was truly an angel and God Experience that i will never forget! Linda From Wisconsin
By Terry, Saturday, February 14, 2009 08:31:40 PM
Today is a sad day. We have four pets and today we had to put one of them down. Tinkerbell was 13 and extremely sick for the last two weeks. The doctors said she had "old dog disease" or cushing's disease or a brain tumor. The last three days of her life were horrible for her. She couldn't eat, she had diarrhea, and throwing up. She was a white shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. She was happy. Always happy, healthy and spoiled rotten. The last few days, she had not been happy. At a loss of what to do, my partner and I made the decision we wanted her to be happy once again. Nothing the doctors "could" do would bring her back to where we would see that happy dog. We will miss her terribly and I "hope" I did the right thing. I am asking the angels for an answer on this and if I get one... I will let you know. Tinkerbell... you are loved... and will be truly missed.
By Terri, Saturday, February 07, 2009 10:46:04 AM
It is very rarely that I share this moment. in the early 90's I was raising 4 children and my ex was breaking into my home and beating on me and i had turned to drinking . I remember sitting in the backyard crying and asking why God would not help me... next thing i knew I had fallen over as if dead and i heard a voice it really sounded like running water. When I looked up it was so bright in the head and hand area. but i could see a sash tied at the chest area in a white gown and i could see a lake of fire. It was as if the sounds filled my knowlege of an angel but I think it was an arch angel not sure how I know that but I just knew since that day I have strange dreams and I know certain things before they happen. Since then I have published a book called "Love Lies in the Palest shade of Green" and I will share this one one poem from those writings, it was if the the words poured from my hands and not my head to this day I read that book and am still learning from those writings always wondered who is writing this through me. Guardian Angel As the sudden stillness of reality fades And the heart begins to ache from within… And you begin to realize you are alone once again. All thoughts recede to life’s end… It is time to lean upon a friend. One who has been down the road… And who has learned to unburden the load. One who has walked and lived Among the valley of tears… And traveled on despite the years. This one friend, Stood silent within the shadow of time… And she will be whispering to you another parable rhyme She has magic within her midst That could surround your being… When pain is all your seeing. It is love so captivating So out of reach, But yet surrounding you She is your… Guardian angel. She will whisper a prayer or two When you knew not what to do She’ll smile, smile, smile, And you shall realize Someone had loved you all the while. -Terri King- Shortly after that i found a rosary dated 1830 and one day while my ex was breaking into my home i placed the rosary over my head and prayed for help. My ex never got in the door and he never hurt me again. Yes there ia poem for that maybe I will share that next time. Terri
By Bernice, Friday, February 06, 2009 11:45:44 PM
Two years ago I was stopped in a line of traffic to a red light when I noticed a car coming upon me too fast and I knew it was going to hit so I braced myself. Just before it hit me I had a vision of myself about the size of 9x12 picture that looked like I was dead. When I opened my eyes all the traffic was moving and I was about 50ft up the street from the car that hit. I know some sort of devine intervention happened that day as there is no other answer for it...I never hit anyone else.The traffic moved as I was hit. The speed she was coming upon me I should have hit the car in front of me and I am here living to tell you about it. I still having chiropractic/massage treatments but other wise I am well. Bernice in Newfoundland,Canada
By Nancy, Friday, February 06, 2009 06:39:51 PM
I too just had an incident yesterday. I was driving up to a stop sign. A car was instantly coming in my direction fast,face to face. I am ill with RSD, and in all an instant I thought of not stopping - to crash with the car face to face. I was told I would not die, so I instantly stopped and leaned on the horn. The car jumped the median to get on the right side of the road. Everything was fine. I know I communicated with my Angel. It all happened so fast. All so amazing! It just was not my time.
By Lisa, Friday, February 06, 2009 04:06:00 PM
When I was 16 years old. I was lost on the interstate and got into a horrific car accident with someone else. my car spun around a lot and my car bashed into the railing. The person I hit was a doctor. Not only did he help me out of my car, some random cars and people stopped by and they were fire fighters or some sort of helpers that way. I knew that was the a first sign that they were angels in disguise. Or their angels telling them to stop and help. Not only that, a cop told me that I should have rolled off the hill that I didn't see I was on and the railing was broken but my car didn't go over the hill. They said my car would have rolled off and caught on fire and I would have died. I believe my angels were their to help me. I didn't even need to call upon them. They were their to help me and I knew it wasn't my time to go because I still had things to do on this earth to finish and learn. They are always their with you, 24/7, no matter where you are and no matter what happens.
By Crystal, Monday, January 26, 2009 10:44:05 AM
I have had many things happen. When I was young my husband and I were driving on an expressway when the car in front of us suddenly pulled over because of a driver going the wrong way at highway speeds! We had a car on either side of us, so could not veer right or left. I closed my eyes and when I opened them we were safe and sound. I knew it was my guardian angel who had helped us get through that crisis. We were in Colorado and my husband of three years wanted to go horseback riding. I was filled with dread and had a strong feeling something very bad was going to happen but was unable to change his mind. This was unusual because I had ridden horses many times in the past. As I took each step closer to the horse my feeling of dread grew stronger and stronger until I got my left foot in the stirrup and my right hand on the saddle horn and attempted to pull myself up. And my shoulder immediately dislocated! I've never ignored that feeling again. I am disabled and finally one year found I could no longer drive because I couldn't keep the car in my lane. My husband would not believe me. His friends told him I was just too lazy to drive the dog to the groomer. I wound up driving the dog to the groomer, praying all the way there and back, which I explained to him. He still didn't beleve me. We moved to another location and this time the groomer was one mile away. He said "certainly you can drive one mile". I drove to the groomer carefully, slowly and praying and was successful getting her there and getting back home. However when I picked the dog up suddenly I lost control of the car, it had veered across the oncoming lane and was headed straight to a mailbox and fence in a farmer's field. At that point everything went in slow motion and it was as if someone else was holding the wheel. The car was set back in the correct lane and we were unhurt. I know that was my guardian angel! Finally I had my husband get in the car while I drove and within blocks he told me to pull over because I couldn't keep the car in my lane!! It took him years to believe me. He doesn't believe in guardian angels but I know they are with us. I have devoted my life now to helping those suffering from a little known affliction called ataxia. It is similar to Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis in that it is crippling, disabling and life robbing. We have no telethon and you receive a blank stare if you tell someone you have ataxia. Yet there are over 150,000 patients suffering with the disease in this country alone. Their are 27 strains of Spinal Cerebellar ataxia, some of which run in families for generations and are death sentences for each generation. There is no cure and all of them are hereditary. My objective is to promote awareness of this disease and find badly needed funding for research. Ataxia is only one of my diagnoses. I have been disabled 20 years and also have a form of Muscular Dystrophy, Marfan Syndrome, kidney failure, Crohn's Disease severe lumbar pain and other maladies. I spend every minute I can working on my cause because I know my guardian angel is working beside me. I have even had people call me an angel several times. To find out more about ataxia you can contact We have support groups all over the country. I happen to be the support group leader in Florida and I am going to "shout it out" like Horton in "Horton Hears a Who" and I hope to have my guardian angels spreading the word along side me. Sylvia I watched you on television for many years and want to send you my love and thanks for all the wonderful advice you have given and the many thousands you have helped. Crystal in Tampa
By Denise, Tuesday, January 06, 2009 06:22:01 PM
A couple of years ago I was in an accident with a semi truck.It was my fault,I panicked and turned at a high speed and slid into oncoming traffic.The driver had said if I had been traveling at a different speed I would have wound up under the trailer.When I was sliding and saw the truck all I could do was repeat saying "NO,NO,NO".I believe with all of my heart that an Angel was there and stopped my car from traveling into the truck.Sylvia,am I wrong?
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