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Angels Surround You This Holiday Season
The angels are all around this holiday season….can you feel them? While the angels are around us every day and all year-round, many people say they feel the angels even more during the holidays. Why is that?

Maybe people feel the angels even more because there is an overall feeling of warmth and goodwill. The winter holidays are traditionally a time when people open their hearts just a bit wider. Often they express love to family and friends by celebrating the holidays and giving gifts. Many also open their hearts even wider by giving to those in need during the holiday. By opening your heart, you are likely to not only give love but also to sense that you are receiving love. Does this mean you weren’t receiving love at other times? Of course not! It simply means that during this time – you are more conscious of being aware of the power of love. Angels are pure love – so it would make sense that you would be more sensitive to pure angels.

Some people get a little sad when the holidays are over, thinking they can “only” feel this good feeling during the holdays. What they speak of is this heart opening and being sensitive to angels and angel love. But you can have this love in your heart year-round if you choose. Simply choose to be open to give and receive love – and be aware of all of the special people in your life. You can keep that special holiday feeling – and connect with the angels always!

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