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Bless Your Home With Angels
Whether your home is a 6-bedroom mansion or a 1-bedroom apartment – it is truly your castle. We all know the feeling that there is no better place to be than home, that is for sure!

So why not bless your home with the company of angels? I had mentioned in an earlier post that you can send angels to people – well you can also send them to places! Consider sending some angels to your home and ask them to surround your home with their love and protection. These angels will happily keep a careful watch on all that live and enter your home.

You can ask for as many angels as you wish. Ask for one or for one hundred! There is no limit to how many angels you ask for. Simply close your eyes and envision angels surrounding your home with their love and light. See their wings spread open and a circle of white and golden light surround your home, knowing that this circle is their love and protection.

Remember that you can send the angels to other places that you go as well. Send the angels to your office or other family or friend’s homes. You can certainly never have too many angels here on earth!

Have you felt the presence of angels in your home? Do you feel that your home is blessed by angels? What angels bless your home now? 

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By Kittay, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 05:31:36 PM
I heard also that you can place little figurines of angels in your home too, to help protect, and ward off evil. I have a bunch in my bathroom, because I sometimes get scared to go to the washroom in the night. It helps me feel safe.
By maylin, Wednesday, July 16, 2008 06:22:31 AM
I really believe that the angels are watching over our home and my loved ones. i think this is a great idea because you can just ask them to guide and bless your home and the people living in there. so i you have already asked a lot to your angels for your loved ones. but i still think that it is good to send angels to the people you love because wherever they go, their angels will always watch them.
By Dartz, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 07:25:25 PM
To call upon angels is such a simple task. It's hard to believe that all these vile things happen in our world. A single thought it all it takes huh?

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