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Connect with Your Angels in an Instant
Just about everyone feels like they don’t have enough time for the things they want to do in today’s world. Even when it comes to angel communication – you may wonder if you really have the time to talk to the angels. “Talk the angels?” you may think “Where is the time for this?”

But you can always make time to connect with the angels – even if it is for a few minutes a day. You don’t need a long time to connect with your angels, though it feels wonderful to connect angelically and you’ll likely not want to stop once you’ve started!

Try these three easy ways to connect with your angels anytime:

1. Surround yourself with angels. This is a great thing to do as you start your day, when you feel your mood shift or if you’d like a little extra confidence/support. Envision an angel in front of you, behind you, to the left of you and to the right of you. You may be surprised at how visual this exercise gets as you start to do it!

2. Ask an angel to be with you. This is very simple and only takes a moment. Just ask your guardian angel to stand next to you: that’s it. You’ll feel their sweet, loving and angelic energy connect with you.

3. Anytime you have a few free moments use this as “angel time.” Talk inside your head or out loud to your angels. I’ve often had conversations with my angels as I drive my car! (I’m sure other drivers just think I’m using a hands-free cell phone) Any free moments – doing the dishes, riding in an elevator – can easily be your angel time.

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By Laura, Thursday, April 01, 2010 09:35:16 PM
I heard a "GHOST BABY" crying several time in my home in the country. Although there was no children/infants/babies in my home, one afternoon, my husband, myself and my now deceased brother-in-law who died approximately 2 months after hearing the "GHOST BABY" cry at the exact same time as myself and my husband with no prior knowledge of any sort of these events, that day, I heard the "GHOST BABY" cry again, and my maternal/paternal insticts compelled me to rise and go across the house to check on and see about the non-existent, or rather absent baby who was crying at the time, when my husband said "Laura, sit down, there are no children in the house", as my eyes widened in disbelief, my then 27 year old brother-in-law said aloud with great amazement; "Oh my God!; both of you heard it to?" and I replied "Heard What?"; and he replied, "A baby crying in the 2nd bedroom across the house!; so why are you getting up to check?; and Why is Jason telling you to sid down, don't worry, because there is no children in the house?". I then said, "So both of you heard the exact same thing;, the sound of an infant baby crying in the 2nd room across from the living room"?; and so I'm not losing my mind, or going crazy?; you actually, really heard it too? He replied yes and , no, you are not crazy or hearing things, my husband heard it as well. Although I have heard it several times before, along with my husband hearing it too, but now my brother-in-law heard it too! We all heard it at the exact same time, The exact same thing! My Question is: "What is the purpose of hearing a "GHOST BABY" infant crying?, "Who, What is it?; and What does it want? What is it's purpose?, What do I make of it all?; Is it actually a "GHOST BABY", and ANGEL, deceased SPIRIT of an INFANT BABY crying as a lifelong IMPRINT; or is there a message related to the event, or hint of one I should be looking for? PLEASE HELP ME FIQURE THIS OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!, This has NEVER, EVER happened to me before in my entire lifetime and so it must have meaning, need something, or be trying to tell me something? I NEED HELP ON THIS ONE AND ADVISE ABOUT IT ALL! Your support, replies, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated., Sincerely Yours, Laura Denise Thomas-Haley from Houston, Texas
By BEVERLY, Saturday, October 10, 2009 05:23:53 PM
I FEEL SORT OF LONELY TODAY AS I GO ABOUT MY CHORES. I AM SINGLE, DIVORCED SINCE 1984. I Hve 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. ihave an indoor cat. i love god and all the many blessings he has bestowed on me. I hsve lately been trying to catch up on some fallo cleaning which i didn't get done thru spring and summer and sometimes it bothers me as i am a capricorn, considered the workaholic, which i wish i wasn't under this sign as i have a hard time learning to relax and enjoy the moment sometimes. so i am asking the angels to help me to relax and not worry about keeping up with the cleaning of my condo so very much. thank you angels for helping me to relax and enjoy all of my many blessings!!
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