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Do You Make Time For Your Angels?
Many of us lead very busy lives. We have families, work and other obligations. So we rush from one thing to the next. It just seems that life gets busier, harder and doesn’t ever let up.

But do you make time for your angels? Do you let the angels into your super-busy life so they can help inspire and guide you along the way? Do you let the angels walk beside you so things seem a little easier, even if they are going at warp speed?

Try these ways to make time for your angels:

Say “Good morning angels!” as you turn off your alarm clock
Talk to your angels while you take a shower
Send angels to be with your family and loved ones as they walk out the door
Talk to your angels as you go to work, school or start your day
Do a random act of kindness during the day in honor of your angels
Take a few moments out of your lunch hour to sit in silence with your angels
As you exercise, thank the angels for all they do for you and your family
When you sit down to a meal leave a place empty for your angels

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By Florence, Thursday, August 06, 2009 04:36:10 PM
I alwaysknew I was not the only one who talks to G-d anAngels adnsay prayers after i settle in forthenight and occasionally i fall asleep adndontrealize i havetil i wake up adntehn i continue on wihmy conversation,prayers adnalso for my pets.all of tehm crossedover,ones whoare withme anones who i have noidea whthappened tothem. adntimes I have fallen asleep after all o fthis acncried myself tosleep over My Sahadow. was timebefore whenon 9/11/02 yes yrs anniv of teho1 tehn i lost everythign but old trailer with laundry bags adndogs whowerenot in teh oteher trailer house i haved been living in adnlost all 45 ft of property plus what ws on porch adnpuppies andogswere in side adnoutside on porch adncouldnot savethose except for 1 fromn in side adnones thatsurvived who were outside took me a long time to recover but s i visited teh fire area everyday Iwoul d have aconversation of the spirit of one of my puppies who died in the fire tho died prior before the flames .That kept me from hurting as bad as id hurt haddnt Taffy spoke to me psychically . She even joked one time she says hey guys look Mommy camebacklooking for our bones hey1I dontneed my bones anymore.. adngave a little human voice chuckkle She spoke tome adni heard her in my mind adnin my language. I wouldcry adntalk to them and ters sort of calmed down. And had anoterh puppy i heard tell her litter mate about how when shedied shedied because seh became ill but you had togo through tehfire . adnsehwas Daisy who lost tehspring before when shebegcameill adni di everythin i could adnseh went quick . But Taffy spiooke evey time i would waklk intoteh fenced area where my trailer once stood adnwas in a crumbled mlass of metal letc. But tehspirits of my puppies still were ther to comfort me.Then one day when i had my heart healed as much as could be they knew id be ok adni never heard fromthen but later on here about 2yrs ago we had a puppy born looked just like taffy 1 adni named her after other taffy aand as i held her I sasked her are you my taffy? Shejustlookied intomy eyes an sort of cuddleed against me adn we still have her.She lives at my sons trailer which i only foew yards from my trailer we have travel trailers old one .We survived teh herart break. TAffy is still withus about 2 or 3 yrs old now.She rests whn wnts to in a crate that stays open adnwill find her there most of time when we lealve her door is hooked to keep her safe but i df i amsearching for her i donthave to she is eithr in here on bed or in thecrate napping. I have had dogs who i thenlost 2 sisters notlittermates who wehn were lost and that day adnin 2003 of of april 14th Lady had litter of 4 adnlost 2 of themnm but grizzie adntippie samenames as ones i lost prior crwled whn 3hrs old to a place tehyliked to sleep onmy bed grizzie at my head adntilppie at my back adnthis iswhre tehy crawled to adnwentto sleep mama at foot of bed. so they named tippie adnGrizzie I still have grizzie butlost tippie last lspring. But looked alkike adnacted tehsame adnas if they bothcaemback.?? NMaybe soemof our pets do love us so much they are willing to come back to us just to keep onloving us an being loved back. I have had a friend who iois gifted adntold me My Shadow crossed over soon after he was missing but by soemone whorelated to her adn a woman whosaid he crossed over swift,painlessly adnwithout harmful cause dniso wish stoget more ingfo Id like etoknow where id foind atleast hi scollar. or any of himlelft o bring hom eto bury .last nite his picutures i have 2 insmall frmae anditis a clock andmirror folds up buti had it up onshielf adnthis am oneoftimes i woke up adngot up andtehpic wslayingright whre i had myback ws against mybackwihtout touching it .so i never felt it fall never touched me or did teh spirit o fShadow put itether to tet me know.? I prayed id dream him to let mle knowwhat happened to him. Anyhow I just need more confirmation adnmaybe i will get it from this friend again when shereturns in almost a month tovisit again at neighbors. In past i confided trustingly to a psychic site dn of 6 of themn i got 6answers for where i could find him butlall but one agreed he wsalive. tehone sadi he was hbut had accident monts mayb yr later. Find out also that site is not as reputable. somust becareful .I get many letters in mail andi afterscan i tear up adndestroy ..This siste of Syllvias is only one i can trust fro the truth and a new friend who is truthful in her gift just tht i needed more info.Iamone who likes details adnwnt moreofans how why whre etc. This ws is my seweret baby i raised from birth practically andfull ltime at 3mos old tho hi smam left us few monthes before he dissappeareda dni still have his sister lil sis still have her.l born in august of 03 almost yr younger than him. I have already written a book here buthave not been writing in amy of teh places in ages so amback thoi read my emails daily. thehoroscopes are pretty accurate. May g-d bless you all andespecially Sylvia G-d gift to us. This is from Florence whois back here with my more than2 cents worth of my life stories.
By Robert, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 06:12:25 PM
I found that quiet place where my angels can communicate: them with me; I with them. It is a place wherever I am. Where moments might not be so sacred, nor quiet in that respect. But they have taught me to "steal away" from the maddening crowd, so to speak, and listen, talk, and be helped in many ways. They have often guided me to places where I can best help others. Words have been given me, to appease situations. In other situations warnings are given, preparation, and gentle persuasive tones.
By Anida, Friday, May 08, 2009 02:45:00 PM
I also usually always talk to mu angles and God right before I sleep. ONly on some ocassions when I remember I talk to them when i wake up. I do this for one raeson I want to be more spiritual.
By Madison, Wednesday, May 06, 2009 10:51:25 PM
I only make time for them right before I fall asleep and tell them thank-you for all that they've done. I also talk to them in my mind when I really need them because I don't want to talk to them out loud like a total freak. That's all.
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