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Easy Tips to Create An Angel Altar in Your Home
Many people love angels as we’ve come to know. A great way to express your love and appreciation of the angels is by creating an angel altar.

Does this mean that you are “worshiping” the angels? No! Simply that you wish to set aside a special place in your home to honor the angels. Your angel altar can be anywhere you wish. Choose a place where your angel items won’t easily get knocked over by young children playing or pets running through the room.

A great way to create an angel altar is to use part of your dresser top or bureau as your ideal angel altar location. Put a pretty scarf or tablecloth over the piece of furniture to dress your angel altar.

There are many things you can add to your angel altar. Try adding angel figurines, flowers and candles for a pretty look. You can also include postcards, posters or other artwork of angels. Even angel themed jewelry or other items could be ideal to add to your angel altar.

Spend time every morning or evening at your angel altar talking to your angels. Or leave your concerns and wishes for your angels in a note each day at your angel altar, knowing that your angels will read it. An angel altar is a great addition to your angel communication routine!

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By Mi Yeung, Saturday, October 13, 2012 10:25:18 PM
Archangel Michael is my favorite archangel
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