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Have You Ever Met An Earth Angel?

Sometimes someone crosses your path at exactly the right time. They say the right words without even realizing just how much they mean to you. Being in their presence somehow makes you feel different in a good way. And sometimes you don’t even realize just how important they are—until after the both of you have parted ways.


I remember one particular earth angel in my life—she was a volunteer at the eldercare center I worked at. She looked very much the way my grandmother had looked about twenty years ago when she had bright red hair. I was very startled to meet this volunteer to say the least! When I left the job—I kept running into this volunteer when I was dealing with times of stress. She never knew what I was dealing with but somehow always said something meaningful. I believe in many ways she is an earth angel!


Have you had an earth angel experience in your life? Do you believe in earth angels?  

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By maylin, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 06:21:42 AM
Yes it is true Amber. we can only feel that they are with us when we experience such things. sometimes we do not know if our angels are watching us. we will only realize it if something already happened and they helped us get out from a certain situation.
By maylin, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 06:19:34 AM
Crystal, for me it is really rare to meet people like them. you are lucky because you also have a husband who is a good person. Green and her friend really made a great friendship even if that guy was just a stranger when she first met him.
By maylin, Tuesday, July 15, 2008 06:14:39 AM
wow, great friendship you have there Green. do you think he is really sent to you by God for him to guide you? he is really a blessing to you. and i hope that your friendship will last. people like him is very rare in this world.
By maylin, Wednesday, July 09, 2008 01:23:06 AM
Well Julian, i think that there are many people around you which you can consider as earth angels. you many not notice it but you are right when you said that you will be more attentive. try to feel and see what the people are doing for you. although you are a believer, you just need a little recognition.
By Iulian, Tuesday, July 08, 2008 06:49:14 PM
I have never experienced anything like that.Although i am a believer , nothing like that has happened to me.It is very interesting to read about it , now i can be more attentive to where when and who i meet.It has never reached my ears that someone i know encountered this situation.Quite interesting and makes you wonder now.
By Amber, Sunday, June 29, 2008 12:47:47 PM
angels can come to earth for short periods of time in human form. When we ahve experiences with them we realize they communicated with us through teleapthic thought or infused thought. So strong that it seems they were talking to us.
By Crystal, Wednesday, June 25, 2008 07:23:32 AM
It's not so rare Green. And it sounds like you 2 are kindred spirits. My husband is my very best friend, and we are 24 years apart in age. I know that sounds like so much, but to me it really isn't. And I am very satisfied with our life. Sometimes you can form some really good friendships with people that are not your age. I have several friends that are quite a bit older than me.
By Green, Wednesday, June 25, 2008 05:30:01 AM
Maylin, it is indeed an amazing and rare experience. I always thank God for bringing him into my life. If it weren't for him and God's will, I wouldn't be where I am in life today. And can you believe he is older than me by 25 years. It is a rare and very strange friendship but we have known each other for 9 years now and never fought or even argued.
By Green, Wednesday, June 25, 2008 05:25:56 AM
Melvin, its nice that you have many earth angels. It is always important to have people who love you and who make you feel important around you. They really make life worth living and reduce the amount of stress it your life. Good for you
By maylin, Tuesday, June 24, 2008 10:00:11 PM
Me too, i really hope i could meet an angel. i think that it feels really great to have one. you do not need to ask for help when you need it. help will just come when you really need it. there are people who are really special to me but i think it is still nice to meet a human angel.

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